Monday, 17 December 2018

No More Dry Skin This Winter with These Great Solutions from Kaya!

Winter is harshest on your skin. With the drop in humidity levels and cold weather, your skin is the one that suffers silently. Skin hydration is the need of the hour but it becomes increasingly difficult in winter. Your dry skin not only looks bad but feels bad too but there is a solution to overcome dry skin in winter.

If you already have dry skin then you are aware that winters have no mercy on your skin. While you may love the relief that winter brings, your skin does not share the same thoughts. You must have seen your skin starts to become dry and you may even develop other skin problems that refuse to go away. Your skin can become rough when you touch it. You may see that patches start to develop on your skin and you may even notice that cracks are starting to appear on your skin. Hydration of your skin is the most important part but in winters sometimes even the best products fail to show the effects that they are supposed to.

Does that mean that you should give up altogether and think ‘this too shall pass’? Of course not! Winters can actually cause some pretty serious problems to your skin. When you feel that your skin is becoming dry or it is not hydrated enough, it is better to start taking care of it right away. This will ensure that the problem does not escalate into something bigger and other skin disorders. You want to avoid all that! So how do you go about taking care of your skin during winters? Remember that you need a different skin care routine during winter than the one you used in summer.

Valuable Tips To Combat Dry Skin This Winter

The following skin care tips ensure that you have a wonderful winter with supple and soft skin.

     You must dedicate time and make a proper routine to take care of your skin. You should start bathing in warm water instead of using water that is too hot. Hot water dehydrates your skin which can take away the moisture that is required.

     Make changes to your diet during the winter. You want to increase the amount of water that you drink during winters. You can easily become dehydrated without realizing. This is why you should increase the water intake and avoid other drinks such as coffee and sodas.

     You need an excellent moisturizer to take care of your skin on your body and your face. As you know the skin on your face is more sensitive and requires greater care than the skin on your body. But you need to ensure that you regularly moisturize both during the winters for best results.

You must be wondering with so many moisturizing creams and lotions in the market, which should you choose? Want to choose the best? Then choose Kaya’s products: Anytime Moisturizing Cream and Intense Hydration Body Lotion are your best bet! These are perfect for your winter skin care regimen as they provide the moisture that your skin needs during winter. You will begin to notice your skin is softer, tighter and your skin tone is even.

The Anytime Moisturizing Cream by Kaya is made with Shea and Kokum butter. These special ingredients give your skin the smoothness you need during winter by hydrating it. This everyday use cream ensures water retention is optimal. The Intense Hydration Body Lotion ensures your skin feels good all the time. Apply it daily and see the results for yourself. The moisturizers have a non-greasy formula as they absorb in your skin perfectly giving your skin the protection it needs during winter.

You can consult Kaya skin care specialists for a thorough examination of your skin if you want. They give you personalized answer to your skin queries. Kaya has expert dermatologists who ensure that you know how to take good care of your skin. As Kaya clinic has some of the best skin care products in the country, it is relieving to know that Kaya’s experts can help you find the solution that will work wonders for you.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

How Makeup Causes Clogged Pores

Clogged pores are at the root of a variety of skin ailments such as acne, a rather common problem that most people are in a constant battle with. If you are experiencing regular breakouts, then a simple acne treatment may not suffice as you may have to treat clogged pores, an underlying cause for acne.

What are Clogged Pores?

Clogged pores occur when oil (sebum) produced by your skin’s sebaceous glands and dead skin cells get trapped in the skin pores, the tiny openings on the surface of your skin. This, in turn, leads to acne breakouts, that can wreak havoc in the appearance of your skin.

Though this skin issue can affect any type of skin, it is found to be more common among individuals who have oily or combination skin type. If you have any of these skin types and are experiencing acne breakouts, then there is a high chance that the breakouts are a result of clogged pores. And, in order to tackle acne, you will have to take proper measures to treat clogged pores.

Kaya Acne Treatment

There are a plethora of factors that can cause the impurities to get accumulated in the pores. Some of the most common factors are toxins in the air, lack of proper hygiene like touching your face with dirty hands, sweat and use of makeup. That’s correct, your makeup can be the reason why there is a build-up of impurities in the pores that cause your skin to break out. 

How Can Makeup Cause Clogged Pores?

Makeup products like foundation and concealers help you camouflage the prominent pimple marks and spots and attain a brighter complexion. However, using makeup can also adversely affect your skin’s health and an appearance by making it susceptible to various troubling skin conditions like clogged pores. This further leads to acne, a long-term inflammatory problem.

Nowadays, a majority of makeup items are loaded with harsh ingredients like silicone, mica, zinc oxide, facial oils. Though these are the common culprits, there are many other chemicals that can lead to the unpleasant clogged pores problem.   

That is the reason why you should maintain caution while buying makeup. If you have acne-prone skin, then it is best to buy makeup items that have ‘non-comedogenic’ stated on the label. Furthermore, make it a habit to purchase makeup that is specially formulated for your skin type to prevent the skin pores from getting blocked.

How To Get Rid Of Clogged Pores?

The internet is chock full of information about remedies that can be used for treating clogged pores and keeping acne at bay. However, if you need a treatment that is both effective and safe, then you should consult with the skin care specialists at Kaya. From best cream for pimples to treatment for acne scars, Kaya clinic offers a wide array of skin care products and services that can help improve your skin’s appearance.

Kaya Advanced Acne Care Kit

Kaya’s Advanced Acne Care Kit is considered to be highly effective in treating clogged pores. The products in this kit can cleanse open pores and prevent a build-up of dirt and oil. It offers a 4-step solution that can bring a huge difference in the condition of your skin by keeping the pores clean and clear.

In total, there are 4 items in this exceptional acne care kit. A cleanser, toner, nourisher and a spot corrector. You will have to start with the cleanser. It gets into the deep layers of the skin and removes impurities, dead skin cells, and sebum from the pores. Pat your skin dry and apply the toner which acts as an exfoliating agent and unclogs the skin pores.

After using these products, you will have to gently apply the purifying nourisher to the skin. It will soften your skin’s texture and make it smooth. At last, smear the spot corrector on the area affected by acne to not just reduce the inflammation but also to lighten the scar. By using this kit on a regular basis, you will be able to deal with these unpleasant skin problems.

By using proper makeup items and this Advanced Acne Care Kit by Kaya you will be able to keep the pores clean and clear. Take these measures to improve your skin’s health and appearance. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Skin Care Regimen To Follow To Protect Your Skin From Pollution

Pollution can be more damaging to the skin than many people realize. But sitting back and not doing something until something big happens is not the best way to go about it. There are toxic gases and other factors that pollute the environment you are living in. But you have the choice of following a skincare routine that will safeguard your skin and its gorgeousness.

You can’t sit at home all day. You have got to move at some point. This is why sitting at home is not the solution to avoid pollution and its adverse effects on your skin. Pollutants are everywhere as they are part of the air. No matter how much you try to avoid it pollution will get you and it will have a negative impact on your skin. The question is what are you going to do about it? You can follow a strict regimen if you don’t do so already. This will ensure you take proper care of your skin, which is crucial for your skin’s health.

Skin Care Tips To Save Yourself From Pollution

Research has found that there is a correlation between pollution and skin problems which is why you need to start taking preventative measures as soon as possible. You just cannot delay any longer. The following tips will help you save your skin from getting damaged any longer.

     Always treat your skin gently. You don’t want to rub or massage it too much as that can cause skin irritation. You must pat dry whenever you have washed your face.

     You need to cleanse your skin thoroughly with wipes. This will help remove any dirt caused due to pollutants and other harmful bacteria from the surface of your skin.

     Pollution can strip your skin from moisture which is why investing in a moisturizer is a great idea. You need an everyday moisturizing cream so your skin is always hydrated and soft.

     When you step out into the sun, you need to protect your skin from the UV rays such as UVA rays and UVB rays. The sunscreen helps to protect against skin issues as well.

     You should clean your skin in the morning after you wake up and at night before you go to bed. This ensures your skin is always clean.

How Kaya Skin Care Helps

Kaya is aware of pollution and its impact on your skin. Kaya clinic is a leader in the skin care and beauty services sector, which is why Kaya’s range of products can help you stay protected from pollution always.

You can use Kaya Everyday Cleansing Wipes which are gentle on your skin and ensure that your skin has been cleaned completely. These wet wipes are handy as you can easily carry them wherever you want and get clear skin in a jiffy. The wipes have aloe vera goodness which gently cleanses your skin while being gentle at the same time.

Kaya’s Anytime Moisturizing Cream can be used to ensure your skin does not become rough and dry. The hydrating formula absorbs in an instant into your skin and moisturizes from within. The formula is light and it won’t show. You can apply this cream during the day or at night to hydrate your skin. It helps protect against pollutants and other damaging agents.

If you step out of your house then a sunscreen is a must-have. A sunscreen can protect your skin from the most harmful UV rays and can save you from pollution too. Kaya’s Daily Use Sunscreen is a broad spectrum sunscreen that maintains your natural skin tone and ensures you don’t get tanned when in the sun. It is a fantastic product that can be used every day.

The Kaya skin care routine is more than simply giving you solutions to protect your skin from pollution. When you book your appointment with Kaya, you learn so much more. You learn about your skin, how you can take care of it, and what treatments are best suited for you if required. You get a holistic solution to ensure you look your best!

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Why Choose Kaya for Hair Transplant Treatment

If you find yourself suffering from hair fall, thinness, and splitting- you aren’t alone. If you’re tired of trying every shampoo, serum, and oil there is with no tangible result- then this Kaya hair transplant treatment may just be the one for you.

Hair Transplant: What and How

We all know that hair loss is a more complicated issue than we can ever paint it to be. There are simply too many possible reasons and causes that it can become an overbearing issue in our lives. We also know that it impacts all of us- whether we like to admit it or not. The good news is that hair fall is curable and reversible even. But if your timing is off, then the severely damaged follicles may simply refuse to allow growth for new hair. This is when you should seek out hair regrowth by hair transplant at Kaya Clinic.
The process essentially involves taking healthier hair follicles less resistant to hormonal changes and placing them in areas where hair growth has slowed or stopped. This process is way quicker and less invasive than anything else. The hair transplant method that you pick will be used to encourage your hair regrowth. And there are two for you to choose from.

Kaya Clinic Hair Transplant

What is the procedure like?
The procedure is undoubtedly time-consuming and can last anywhere between 6 to 8 hours. Since extraction and transplant are involved, the patient is given sufficient local anesthesia to ensure that they feel no pain. This anesthesia might cause a numb or sore sensation at the site of transplant, however, all of it goes away in a day or two.
The timing for the new transplant to start working differs in each individual. This is dependent on age, hair regrowth ability, and a range of hormonal and environmental factors. However, a general consensus is that within 3 to 5 months, new hair should start showing up. In a majority of Kaya hair transplant reviews, patients state that the new hair is often thinner and gradually gains thickness as it grows. Anyhow, in about 10 odd months or so you’ll have a full head of new hair ready to keep growing as long as you care for them.
The Hair Transplant Methods Available
There are two advanced methods that Kaya offers- The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and the Follicular Unit Extraction for Hair Transplant (FUE).
The FUT method is a surgically performed procedure that involves taking a strip of healthy hair, usually from the sides and the back as they’re less prone to damage and thinning, and placing this strip in the balding or damaged/thinning area.
The FUE method involves harvesting or even extracting, healthy donor hair in a larger hair transplant procedure. Essentially, individual follicular units are cut from the surrounding tissue and placed in the transplant location. The place this is extracted from usually ends up having a tiny white scar that gets covered under hair growth and heals in about 7 days. All of this is done with a fine needle leaving no damage.
Are my results permanent?

This is ultimately the question you or anyone seeking the procedure will have. Regardless of the method you choose, the scientific surgical procedure ensures that your hair keeps growing provided you care for it and the tender scalp in a healthy way. Avoid any unnecessary contact and if needed, you can request your clinician to give you some anti-inflammatory tablets as well. You’ll find that within 2 to 3 short weeks the transplanted hair falls out and new hair growth starts. The Kaya hair transplant cost is well balanced, given the results the patients end up with.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Tired Of Repeated Waxing Sessions? Time to Switch to Laser

Raise your hand if you’re a woman (or a man) who’s felt immense insecurity over their body hair and has had to cancel or miss out on an important event solely because of that reason. There are so many people who can relate to this feeling. It can feel incredibly difficult to find any self-confidence or feel comfortable in your own skin and whatever you’re wearing- since unwanted body hair can really feel like a burden. This is why laser hair removal is important. It takes away the stress of constantly having to align your events with your body hair cycle.
We all draw confidence from different parts of ourselves. And body hair is something most people find to be a downer. And eventually, you’re going to get tired of constantly having to up your waxing appointments and sometimes having to miss out on important occasions. You might be tempted to try laser hair technology to find a way around this solution. And now is as good a time as any- with Kaya you can be sure you’re getting only the best treatment in all of India.

How Laser Technology Works

So, what makes the Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch the best of the lot? Well, for starters laser hair removal is a commitment that ensures you have nothing to worry about post a few sessions. The laser has been approved by US-FDA and is safe for use, specialized for Indian skin. This means regardless of your skin type or hair growth style and length- this laser will give you a satisfactory result.
You start the treatment by sitting with a dermatologist and trained laser technician to further ensure that the laser does its job well and meets the demands you have out of your treatment. Your skin type and hair type are thoroughly analyzed and then the laser is set to the specific level that makes it most efficient for you.
A noticeable point about this approach to permanent hair reduction is that it works two-fold- it only targets your hair follicle, and leaves the skin unaffected. Secondly, it only targets hair that’s currently going through its growth phase. This is why you’ll need a few sessions before the hair completely winds down its growth. You’ll see that after one or two treatments, the hair starts to fall out. This is why the sessions are spread out between two to three months- or depending on your hair growth speed.

Why Laser Works

You probably don’t need any reason to convince you why laser is a hair removal method that works. But the method is effective enough to get more and more people on board. You’ll find that every Kaya Skin Clinic laser hair removal review mentions how, despite the time the procedure takes, it is incredibly thorough in its results.
However, calling it permanent hair removal is misleading since most customers find that their hair grows back- albeit it’s invisible and takes months to even grow to the point of visibility. This does reduce over time, however. It is this ease and convenience that provides great value, even with the affordable Kaya Skin Clinic prices for laser hair removal. See it as an investment- and you’ll never have to actually pass up on an event because your body hair decided to pop in.  

Laser hair removal is a timely process that pays off for a lifetime. You’re going to be greeted in every event you visit while looking and feeling your best. Visit the nearest Kaya Clinic and book an appointment to know exactly how long the process will take for you and how it will truly change your life for the best. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Dealing With Chronic Dandruff? Let Kaya Help You Care For Your Scalp

The health of your scalp determines the quality of your hair. One of the most common scalp problems is dandruff. Dandruff can lead to loss of hair at a rapid rate that can be frightening to many. Kaya’s expert products that are designed by dermatologists help you get your real hair back.

You must have heard about the notion of massaging your scalp before shampooing for great results. But simply massaging your scalp is not going to help especially if you have had dandruff for quite some time. Dandruff comes in the way of your hair and scalp, which means you don’t benefit and you still experience problems of dandruff. This reduces the effectiveness of the massage altogether. Dandruff is one of the main causes of hair fall. The problem is that dandruff not only looks bad but it hinders hair growth. Dandruff must be treated as soon as possible to ensure that your hair grows healthily.

But how do you do that exactly? Have you tried all possible home remedies that supposedly work but didn’t work for you? Then it is time to look for holistic solutions that have been created by experts.

Kaya to the Rescue for Your Hair Treatment

Kaya Clinic offers the best service for hair fall as it ensures the root cause is targeted in order to expedite the growth of your luscious and luminous hair. Whether you have just started getting dandruff or you have severe dandruff problems, Kaya’s range of dandruff products will help to ensure that hair loss is a thing of the past for you. There are two products for hair fall by Kaya that ensure your dandruff is treated from the root and you get your shiny and silky smooth hair back. These hair care products are formulated to ensure they work to cleanse your scalp from dandruff forever. They are more effective when used together as they complement each other.

Kaya Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Kaya hair care shampoo for dandruff ensures that your scalp stays healthy. It helps to clean your scalp from dandruff. The shampoo is gentle on your scalp which is why you can use it multiple times in a week. It is formulated with Vitamin B5, Piroctone Olamine and seaweed extracts. These three ingredients ensure that the itching caused by dandruff is reduced tremendously within a few washes and your scalp is nourished. This gives way to growth of healthy hair that is strong from the start. The shampoo has a fresh fragrance that is mild so that you can use it more frequently whenever you deem fit.

Kaya Anti-Dandruff Lotion With OT Complex

The anti-dandruff lotion needs to be applied on your scalp overnight. This helps with proper nourishment for your scalp while you sleep. It helps keep your hair moisturized and ensures that you don’t become a victim of dry hair any time. This scalp tonic by Kaya helps to soothe your scalp so you feel refreshed when you wake up and your scalp feels much better. You will notice a reduction in itchiness too. Kaya’s hair thinning solution works fantastically even for you if you have severe dandruff problems that have haunted you for years. The fresh smell ensures that your scalp and hair follicles are able to breathe.

Now you know whom to consult for hair loss treatment that really works for every type of hair. Try Kaya’s range of products today and visibly see dandruff reducing at a rapid rate than ever before. Like any product, you need to take it one step at a time. Do not expect results in a day. Depending on dandruff severity and other factors that contribute to dandruff, dandruff reduction can take some time. But be patient and keep using Kaya’s anti-dandruff products for best results that you will love. Now you can confidently go out wearing that black dress without worrying about dandruff flakes!

Friday, 16 November 2018

The Most Effective Way To Be Confident After You Start Balding: Hair Transplant

When you bald at certain areas in your scalp, you might brush it off as a one-time problem. However, over time you might be losing more hair than you expected. The surefire way of tackling the problem of hair loss and baldness is with hair transplant solutions offered by Kaya.

Hair transplant is a fantastic procedure that you can use if you are suffering from hair loss and baldness. Whether you have been losing your hair consistently for the past few months or you have developed patches suddenly, a hair transplant can be your solution. It enables you to get back your hair that you lost due to stress, pollution, genes, and many other reasons. The hair transplant procedure transplants hair from the part of your head where there is proper hair growth. Thereafter, after a certain period of time, hair grows naturally giving you your hair back and confidence back.

Is Hair Transplant Method The Solution For You?

It is true that hair transplant is not for everyone. Before you start to venture into hair transplant, it is better to know whether you should opt for it to begin with. However, this question can be difficult to answer as people and their situations are different. Some of the factors to consider are your age, hair loss severity, and scalp condition. These form the basis of whether you are eligible for hair transplant or not. You can get a hair transplant even if you are old and although you will have to wait a bit for the results, it is totally worth it. Hair transplants are for those with rapid receding hairlines and if you think you are losing more hair than necessary, you might need a transplant. If you are unable to anything about it then hair transplant can help you out.

You should note that you should try to relax more and ensure you have only healthy habits. Sometimes the smallest things are what cause loss of hair. However, if you have tried and tested all the solutions and feel like nothing is working out, hair transplant might be the only solution for you. Hair transplant is not a major surgery that takes months for you to recover from. In fact, you should be alright within a week or two. You will not experience any problems with hair transplant as it is an effective yet safe procedure. The procedure is practically painless due to the anesthesia is given. Hair transplants must be performed by experienced experts and this is why the clinic you choose for a hair transplant is crucial for best results. 

Hair Transplant In Mumbai

One of the best places to get your hair transplant procedure done is at Kaya, Mumbai. It provides you with the most comprehensive hair transplant solution that helps you get your hair back! The treatment used is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction for Hair Transplant). This is where removal of grafts takes place usually from a part of your scalp that is more prone to hair growth. Then these grafts are placed, through the help of the hair transplant procedure, to the places where you are experiencing baldness and hair loss. It is a painless procedure as anesthesia is given to you. Kaya Clinic keeps it real by telling you what you can expect, during and after the procedure. It can take up to 5 months for hair to regrow on the bald patches. 

The other procedure used at Kaya for a hair transplant is FUT which stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. Both of the procedures help your hair to grow back. This ensures you don’t feel like you have any fake hair sticking to your head. Your hair will grow naturally. You can read the Kaya hair transplant review from hundreds of people who have had success in getting their hair back. Hair transplant procedure from Kaya has enabled them to be more powerful than ever. You can be too! Don’t let hair loss or baldness hold you back. Take the power back and visit Kaya for best hair transplant solutions that transform your hair which in turn transform your life.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Why Is Chemical Peel A Good Treatment For Acne Scars?

Every person suffers from acne breakouts at least once in a lifetime. Though acne subsides within a week, the scars it leaves behind can affect the self-esteem and confidence. A chemical peel is a good option since it works by exfoliating the skin, leading to the removal of the affected skin and blemishes.

Acne affects people of all age groups, mostly teenagers. Though short-lived, acne can leave a permanent mark impacting the texture and appearance of the skin. The scars could range from pits in the skin to elevated scar tissue, affecting the self-esteem and confidence of the person. For scars of lesser intensity and color, over-the-counter creams and spot correctors do work well. However, for deeper and more prominent scars, chemical peels do come as a savior.

Why Is Chemical Peel A Good Acne Treatment

A chemical peel is a kind of gel applied onto the skin, that causes the skin to exfoliate. This process eventually peels off the top-most layer of the skin, showing up the inside, smoother and fresher layer. This layer is lighter and has lighter or no blemishes. The chemicals usually used are Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and are proven to have very little side-effects on the skin. The type of treatment involved depends on the intensity of the scar. The three major classifications of chemical peels are - superficial feel, medium peel, and deep peel.

Kaya chemical peel treatment

Superficial Peel

The superficial peel exfoliates only the epidermal layer of the skin. This best works when you want gently exfoliate the skin and address the faint blemishes and freckles. Using superficial peel evens out the skin tone. It is made up of gentle acids which might cause mild stinging and burning sensation during the application.

Medium Peel

All anti-aging and age-corrector therapies use a medium peel to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, long-term spots, and blemishes. This peel works on both the outer and the middle layer of the skin, thereby bringing in slightly deeper exfoliation. The concentration of the acid used is slightly higher than that used in superficial peel and stinging might be considerably more too.

Deep Peel

A deep peel, as the name suggests, penetrates deeper into the middle layer of the skin. It works well in reducing wrinkles, freckles, discoloration, and shallow scars. The changes after a therapy using this peel are greatly noticeable. Due to strong concentrations of the acid used in this peel, it might cause burning and stinging more than the medium peel.

While superficial and medium peel can be done multiple times, the deeper peel can be done only once, owing to the chemicals and process involved.

 Who Can Get A Chemical Peel For Treatment Of Acne Scars

Adults of all age group can opt for the chemical peel. However, due to the chemicals used, pregnant women and breastfeeding women are refrained from undergoing such treatments. People with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea should also avoid treatment. You shouldn’t opt for the peel in case your skin is broken or cut. In case one chooses to get the treatment during these phases, the results would be permanent skin damage, discoloration, and scarring.

At Kaya Clinic, we understand the needs of your skin and there is an unique solution to each of the problems. Kaya’s Black Peel treatment is one of them, which makes your skin look clear and fresh. The advanced care kit further assists you with maintaining a daily skin-care regimen for managing the acne and acne scars better.

Kaya Black Peel Treatment

Made with black vinegar, minerals, and high concentration of amino acids, the black peel treatment helps exfoliate the outer layer of the skin and reduce pimple marks. Though a superficial peel, it works well to reduce acne marks, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, nodules, cysts, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Advanced Care Kit

The advanced care kit is perfect for people who have acne prone skin. Following the four steps of a perfect skincare routine of cleansing, exfoliating, spot correction, and moisturizing, this kit best suits someone who is busy and wants exfoliation on the go.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Guide to Pre-Wedding Laser Hair Removal

Started your preps for the upcoming nuptials? Have you started waxing, plucking and threading sessions to get that smooth silky look to stun both the groom and the guests? What about the man? Has the groom started planning for a flawless look to match the beautiful bride?
Laser Hair Removal Before You Tie the Knot
If you haven’t started your beauty regime, have you considered going in for laser hair removal? Enquire about laser treatment for hair removal cost and start researching your choices. Kaya Clinic is always a safe choice for any skin and hair care treatment.
Laser Hair Removal
Many hair removal techniques like waxing and threading are very painful and need regular lifelong repeat sessions. Regular shaving or plucking can make your skin rough and the hair that grows back can become coarse. There is always the risk of ingrown hair.
Laser hair technology effectively removes hair at the roots and prevents regrowth. It eliminates ingrown hair problem because the hair shaft and follicles are destroyed, so there is no issue of the hair turning back on itself. It is an effective hair removal technique for both men and women.
Laser hair removal can be used for many purposes. For men who sport a beard and mustache, it can be used for good beard shaping, to achieve that perfect trim outline that you desire. It can be used to tame down ear hair.
If you are a man who prefers a clean-shaven appearance, you may want a less hirsute look on the rest of your body too. Perhaps you do not want hairy arms and legs on your body during your wedding day. Smooth hair-free arms and legs and trimmed body hair help you present a clean-cut, well-groomed look.
What You Need To Know Before You Go
Laser hair removal can be done on many areas -  above the lips, chin, neck, sideburns, around the nose, ears, arms, legs, bikini lines, and upper body.
Plan your permanent laser hair removal/reduction treatment well in advance before D-Day. Your sessions will be spaced weeks apart to achieve effective permanent hair removal. Depending on the area and the hair density and texture, your skin type, tone and sensitivity, the type of laser used and the number of sessions might vary.
Laser hair removal provides longer lasting results than most other techniques. After your prescribed sessions, you will achieve a high percentage of hair reduction so that any hair that grows back will be light, delicate, and unnoticeable.
Do a lot of research in selecting a good clinic and a good FDA-approved laser technique suitable for your skin type and tone. Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch is a safe procedure ideal for Indian skin types. At Kaya, trained and experienced technicians perform the laser hair removal procedure, under the observation of dermatologists. Look up some Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews online to get a better sense of what’s in store for you.
Select a clinic that offers more than one laser hair technology. Kaya Clinic dermatologists examine your skin and you can choose between the ND-Yag laser and the Diode laser, depending on your particular needs.
Preferably, have the treatment done in the winter when the sun is less harsh. You should also plan to stay out of the sun for a few days after each session and stock up on good sunscreens. Kaya Clinic offers a range of sunscreens suitable for different skin types.
You should avoid strenuous activities like running, rigorous workouts etc for a few days after the treatment. You should also avoid sunbathing, artificial tanning, saunas, and steam baths.
No other hair removal methods like plucking or waxing can be used on the treated area between sessions. There’s no need for them either.
Use sunscreens, gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and soothing aloe vera creams to protect, soothe and nourish your skin. Kaya has a selection of moisturisers and sunscreens. Kaya also offers good cleansers and a skin protection cream with aloe vera.
Once you have done your research and are assured that Kaya Clinic is your best choice for laser hair removal procedure, fix up a consultation. If the Kaya expert you consult with decides you are an ideal candidate for this procedure, you are ready to go. Ensure you ask about Kaya skin clinic prices for laser hair removal. Don't worry about the cost, you can pay by session. Kaya also offers a financing option for your treatment, allowing you to pay off the cost of the entire treatment in easy EMIs!

Monday, 29 October 2018

Suffering From Hyper-pigmentation? Kaya’s Q Switch Laser Treatment Is What You Need

When you notice age spots or patchy skin, you know your skin is producing more melanin than necessary. If you are going through skin darkening that refuses to improve despite your sincere efforts, Kaya Clinic can help you out. Kaya’s laser treatment provides the solution for flawless skin that is truly yours.

The problem of hyperpigmentation, or simply pigmentation, is that it strips your skin off the natural skin tone. It makes your skin look darker and duller due to the production of melanin for protecting your skin. Melanin prevents the melanoma development. In most cases, it makes your skin patchy in various areas which makes your skin tone look uneven. It is not your fault because there are so many factors that cause the production of melanin to increase to very high levels. For example, problems such as melasma occur due to the hormonal changes that a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. But that does not mean pigmentation is untreatable.

You can use Kaya’s innovative skin lightening treatment to help your skin become patch-free and even toned.

Kaya’s Skin Whitening Solution For Pigmentation

Kaya’s Q Switch Laser Treatment gives you results that last for a long time. This is the answer to hyperpigmentation that actually works better than products which are aimed at decreasing darkened spots in your skin. It helps to drastically reduce dark spots from various areas in your body. This is why Q Switch Laser Treatment is recommended for you if you have hyperpigmentation that has affected your skin deeply. You get even complexion, smoother skin that is supple, and glowing skin as well. The Q Switch Laser technology works by aiming concentrated beams that are targeted at particular spots on your skin.

The Q Switch Laser helps with the production of collagen. The dermal layer of your skin is heated when the laser light goes into your skin during the treatment. What happens next is your body prepares for battle because of the in-built defense system. It perceives the heating of dermal layer as an attack from an outside particle. Since your body sees this as an injury, more collagen is produced on a rapid basis to help with skin healing and repair at the earliest. This has another added benefit to it. It helps to improve the elasticity of your skin by ensuring that crow feet and wrinkles are decreased.

How does the Q Switch Laser technology help reduction in pigmentation?

What the Q Switch Laser does is that it gives away pulses that are made up of light energy. This is in fact what is converted into heat. This, in turn, has the effect of releasing the pigment into your skin after it has been broken down into various fragments. These pigment fragments are re-absorbed into your body. The lymphatic system is what ensures that these are disposed of in the correct way. This helps to ease the dark spots that are found in your body. This helps bring back your naturally glowing skin color back while ensuring your skin becomes firm and aging of skin is delayed.

Kaya provides you with the best route to achieve your true fairness without any pain at all. The Q Switch Laser Treatment is great for all skin types and is perfectly fine for the Indian skin type. This is what makes it absolutely effective and ensures that your true beauty comes to the fore while detanning you in the process. You get additional benefits such as luminous skin that look moisturized and soft skin that you are going to be proud of. Speak to Kaya’s dermatologists today to book an appointment and to fully understand the Q switch laser treatment for reducing pigmentation visibly.

Friday, 26 October 2018

A Guide to Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair

When a woman sees unwanted hair growth on her face, she is not happy. A woman’s face is supposed to be smooth and hairless except for her eyebrows and eyelashes, so, can laser hair removal for the face prove to be a good solution?
Unwanted Facial Hair and Laser Hair Technology
A faint line of a mustache, chin hairs, sideburn hair, neck hair - these are the main areas of concern for women. Waxing, threading, tweezing, shaving, epilators, hair removal creams - women try everything to get rid of this hair.
All these methods need repeat sessions to prove effective. Methods like threading and waxing can be very painful, though they may give more lasting results than shaving. These hair removal techniques also need expert handling, so women visit beauty parlors frequently and the costs add up.
Is there a better solution? Yes, there is, in laser hair technology. Laser hair removal is very effective and the effects last much longer than with other traditional methods like waxing. You also need not wait for hair to grow out of the skin’s surface for the next session.
Laser Hair Removal for Face
Kaya Clinic is the leading skin care center for every skin and hair care need. Kaya offers US-FDA approved laser hair removal techniques, deemed safe for use on Indian skin, like the ND-Yag laser Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch.
Traditionally, a laser was used mainly on fair-skinned people with dark hair. This is because the laser needs high contrast between skin and hair tone to correctly target the darker hair pigment and avoid damaging the skin.
However, newer technologies like the ND-Yag laser also work on dark skin with darker hair. The slight difference is enough for these lasers to hone in on the dark hair shafts emerging out of the hair follicles deep within the skin. The laser beams heat up and destroy the follicles, preventing hair regrowth.
At Kaya - Laser Hair Removal For Face
Kaya uses two FDA-approved laser techniques - ND-Yag, and the Diode Laser with DualChill tip. When you visit Kaya, a dermatologist examines your face.  Depending on the treatment area, hair coarseness, hair density, skin type, skin sensitivity and other factors, the doctor determines which laser technique will be appropriate.
A laser is a highly effective technique, but you need to attend more than one session because laser only works on hair that is in the Anagen or growth phase. Many of your hairs may be in the intermediate Catagen phase or the resting period known as Telogen. When these hairs start to grow, you will need another session. Generally, depending on the area, three to six sessions are needed at a minimum for the best effects.
The Permanent Laser hair removal/reduction Procedure
You will change into a hospital gown and lie down comfortably while the trained technician prepares to give the treatment. First, she cleanses your face to remove any dirt, makeup etc. The target area is shaved. This is done to ensure there is no hair growing out of the skin, which might cause the laser to damage your skin.
After this, the technician places a protective cover over your eyes to shield it from the laser light. She highlights the treatment region with a marker to act as a guide when using the laser. Then, a cooling gel is applied to the marked areas. She picks up the laser machine and applies the laser in a circular motion slowly moving across the marked region.
When the process is over, she wipes off the gel. Then a cool, soothing post-treatment cream is applied. This also contains sunscreen, which is extremely important after you have had laser treatment because your skin becomes very sensitive for a few days. You are then free to leave and resume your normal routine, but you have to shield the treated area from the sun. You will also be given instructions for post-treatment care that you will have to follow.

At Kaya, the treatment is conducted by trained, certified and experienced technicians, under the guidance of a dermatologist. It is done in a safe and hi-tech clinical setting. So you may rest assured of the safety and efficacy of the therapies. Read Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews on the web. If you are worried about Kaya skin clinic prices for laser hair removal, Kaya can arrange for financing to let you pay the cost in EMIs.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

How Does Sun Exposure Cause Skin Ageing?

Ageing is a natural process, there are several intrinsic causes of ageing. However, many studies have shown that the major cause of the external signs of ageing is exposure to sunlight. It is the UV rays that cause the harm.

Why Should You Shield Yourself From the Sun?

The sun is the giver of light and life on earth, without the sun, nothing can survive. However, when you expose yourself too much to direct sunlight, it can cause a lot of harm.
It is the ultraviolet rays from the sun that are the culprits here. The sun’s UV spectrum consist of three rays that reach the earth’s atmosphere. UVA, UVB, and UVC. Fortunately for us, the ozone layer is still up there to filter out the UVC rays. However, the A and B rays still reach the earth’s surface.
UVB rays are short wavelength rays that have long been associated with skin cancer. UVB rays are more intense and also cause sunburn. UVA have a longer wavelength and penetrate deeper into the skin.

The Effects of UV Rays

When the ultraviolet rays enter your skin, your body has a natural line of defense in the form of the pigment called Melanin. This pigment is the chemical that gives color to your skin, hair and eyes. It also protects you by absorbing and dissipating the UV rays.
Too much sunlight drives up melanin production. This causes tanning and hyperpigmentation. When the amount of UV rays entering your body exceeds the capacity of the melanin to protect it, it causes further damage. It leads to pigmentation issues as melanin gets unevenly distributed across the skin, causing age spots, dull and dry skin
The UV rays also begin to breakdown structural proteins like collagen and elastin. Collagen in skin gives structure and firmness. Elastin makes the skin smooth and supple, the sign of a youthful skin. Together, these proteins give your skin shape, volume, and elasticity. When they breakdown visible pores, crow feet, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. The skin begins to lose its firmness, resulting in sagging skin, bags and folds. UV rays even have the capacity to damage DNA. The rays also cause Telangiectasias, a condition where tiny blood vessels called capillaries dilate and become visible under the skin.
The sun also increases the amount of free radicals in the body that causes cell damage and mutations, suppresses the body's immune system and reduces antioxidants. All these can together lead to skin cancer and other damaging effects.
The WHO published a report that outlined the dangers of too much time spent under direct sunlight. It concluded that around 90% of the visible signs of aging is caused by the sun’s UV rays. There are other independent studies conducted in many countries, across different ethnic groups that also prove this to be true. While dark skinned people are believed to have higher resistance to UV rays, they can also be severely affected by too much sunlight.

The Solution

The solution to this problem is not to hide yourself away in a dark room with all the windows shut and curtain pulled closed. The sun is the primary source of Vitamin D, and our body clock works based on sunlight, it is attuned to the rhythms of the sun. Just use sunscreens, wear protective clothing if you have to go out in the bright sunshine. If you want to enjoy the sunshine out in the beach or just standing under a tree in your garden, do it before 10 am or after 4 pm. Even then, wear sunglasses and sunblock if you intend to spend a lot of time under the sun.
Reverse the Signs of Ageing with Kaya Dramatic Renew Day Cream
The sun’s harmful effects on the skin makes you look older than you are. So, is there a way to erase these marks imprinted on the skin by UV rays? Kaya Clinic provides a solution through a cream that acts as an anti ageing treatment.
The Seven Signs of Photoaging
  1. Dull skin
  2. Open Pores
  3. Dark spots
  4. Patchy skin
  5. Sagging skin
  6. Dry skin
  7. Lines and Wrinkles
Kaya Dramatic Renew Day Cream contains Niacinamide and Vitamin B3 that work to lighten skin, and reduce dark spots and discolored patches. Zinc Lactate helps regulate sebum production, preventing your skin from looking dull and lifeless.
This skin tightening day cream hydrates your skin and kickstarts collagen production. This in turn improves skin firmness, gives your skin a better texture, and fills out wrinkles/ fine lines. Your skin soon begins to look smooth, blemish free and youthful, within just 8 weeks of using this cream daily.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Men, Are You Confused About Hair Care? Here Are Some Tips And Tricks To Help You Out!

Do you want to always look your best? Don’t forget, proper hair care can give you that extra boost to look super-handsome always. There are some tips that can help you manage your hair in the best way possible without breaking the bank.

Hair fall is one of the most common problems that people suffer from every day. However, it is also one of those problems that one cannot get rid of quickly. While some people are lucky to get back their hair quickly, others suffer due to genetics or other problems. When the problems of hair fall occur, it hampers your self-confidence and the way you perceive your life. It can make you stressed out and can cause problems that affect you every day. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can use some tips and tricks for hair care.

Tips And Tricks For Best Hair Care

The following are some of the best hair care tips for men to reduce hair fall and other hair problems.

   Try to keep styling and drying to a minimum because these can damage your hair beyond repair. The chemicals and the way you treat your hair when you style can damage your hair from within.

   Dry your hair without rubbing it. Many of you have the tendency to roughly handle your hair. Yanking it is not going to help you out. You need to softly dry it and this is a hair care tip that can make quite a difference.

   It might be a good idea to stay away from chlorine for a while as it can cause scalp problems. Chlorine can make your hair dry and hair fall will eventually occur.

   You should use lukewarm water when you wash your hair. This will balance the natural oils on your scalp and ensure that your capillaries are not blocked. This hair care tip will help your hair remain healthy.

   You should stay away from frequently getting treatments that consist of chemicals in some form. Sometimes these cause irreversible hair fall.

   Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been undermined. If you eat right, avoid junk food, meditate and exercise, then your hair will reflect that care. This will make it easy for you to accomplish hair care.

   It is advisable that you avoid wearing tight hats. The reason is that it can cause hair fall as hair is pulled. This problem can become a permanent problem.

If you want to fully ensure that you are giving the best treatment for your hair, then don’t fret because Kaya is there to help you. You can use Kaya products alongside these hair care tips for best results. Kaya hair thinning solution products for hair fall will help your hair become healthy again. You don’t have to go in for expensive treatments to treat your hair when you have Kaya. Kaya hair care treatment for men is sufficient.

Kaya Hair Care Hair Treatment

kaya Clinic can help give your hair salon-like treatment and reduces hair fall. Kaya provides the best hair care for men in the form of Nourishing Shampoo and Hair Care Gel. The fantastic products can help solve your hair problems.

Kaya’s Nourishing Shampoo has been developed for everyday use. It has Almond oil and Hibiscus extracts which help your hair become healthy without any damage. The fragrance is soft and soothing to you and your senses. This shampoo has been formulated to reduce hair fall by ensuring your hair does not break. The dirt from your hair is effectively removed, making your hair smooth and silky.

Kaya’s Hair Care Gel is the best product for hair loss treatment without any complicated procedures. The gel has been specially formulated to work at the root of your hair to strengthen it from within. One of the main causes of hair fall is deficiency is certain minerals. The gel ensures your hair gets all it needs thereby ensuring a healthy scalp and a formula that is so light you won’t feel as if you have applied anything.

When you use these two products by Kaya, your hair will feel and look healthy. They are perfect for hair care of any type of hair. Kaya provides the best service for hair fall and enables you to become confident every day. The products are developed by dermatologists and specialists to ensure safety and effectiveness in controlling hair fall.