Monday 14 May 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Effective Acne Treatment

Everybody wants to look their possible best. But often due to various reasons such as dirt, sunlight, pollution, oil, weather, and skin type, acne and pimples are formed, which can affect your beauty. Acne and pimples are formed due to clogged pores that occur due to accumulation of oil and dirt in them. Dead skin cells, dirt and oil when retained in the skin, generally lead to skin infections, causing pimples. So it is necessary to get acne and pimples treated as soon as possible.
Acne treatment can not only clear pimples and acne but can also remove the scars and marks that are left behind by them. It is important that you choose the right treatment for your skin because sometimes, treatment for acne scars and pimples may not be effective and can even damage your skin.
Kaya Skin Clinic Acne Treatment Review

Kaya Skin Clinic is a pioneer when it comes to your skin needs. They are experts in dealing with skin problems and have several services available according to the needs of your skin. They have the best cream for pimples and also offer the best treatments for acne and acne scars. Read on to find out what causes acne and pimples and how Kaya Skin Clinic can help you treat them effectively.

What Causes Acne and Pimples

Acne or pimples are a common skin condition that occur usually during the onset of puberty. Various factors that contribute to acne, like age, lifestyle, atmosphere, stress, hereditary traits and hormonal changes. Unclean skin products when used can also cause pimples when used directly.
When sebum, a natural oil that is present in our skin to provide lubrication and protection, gets plugged to a hair follicle and gets entrapped, acne is formed. When left untreated, acne can give raise to multiple bacterial infections on the skin. Severe occurrence of acne requires medical attention because they leave scars before fading out.

How to Treat Acne and Pimples


When it comes to acne treatment, cleansing is the number one step. Cleansing your skin regularly opens up your pores and allows the skin to breathe. This prevents the accumulation of sebum within the follicles and encourages a smooth blood flow.
Kaya Skin Clinic’s Advanced Acne Care Kit has a series of products to provide the best treatment for acne and pimples. The first product in this care kit is a Purifying Cleanser. This gentle cleanser can be used every day to cleanse your skin from the roots and removes excessive oil and dirt, leaving your skin clean and fresh. The Kaya Acne Purifying Cleanser contains Salicylic acid which is known to moisturize your skin and prevent it from drying.


Exfoliation can be done with mild scrubs, peelers and other skin masks. This helps in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells to allow a fresh layer of skin cells to surface. This also removes dirt from your pores, keeping them clean.
Purifying Toner, the second product of Kaya Skin Clinic’s Advanced Acne Care Kit, exfoliates the skin and unclogs the pores. It contains mandelic acid that gently exfoliates your skin while removing excess oil. The niacinamide in the product also helps reduce acne scars.

Removal of Marks and Scars

Usually, the scars and marks left behind by acne and pimples fade away in time but sometimes they linger for a long time. One of the best solutions for pimple marks removal is the Purifying Spot Corrector of the Kaya Skin Clinic’s Advanced Acne Care Kit. It is specially designed to remove blemishes, scars and marks on the skin. It contains salicylic acid and glycolic acid that further help in treating acne. The zinc sulphate in it, clears and tightens the skin and increases the rate of skin healing.


Providing the right kind of nourishment, keeps your skin young, fresh and soft. There are various milk creams that are available in keeping your skin hydrated, but one of the best amongst them all is the Purifying Nourisher. This product is the final piece of the Kaya Skin Clinic’s Advanced Acne Care Kit. It contains sodium PCA that keeps your skin soft and supple.
While pimples and acne look like a severe problem, their treatment is fairly simple, especially with Kaya’s expertise in skin treatment. If you are doubtful of the effectiveness of this kit, you can even check the reviews of the product on the internet. This will not only help you understand the kit better, but can also help you understand its results.

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