Friday 30 March 2018

The Suitable Areas Over Which Laser Hair Reduction Techniques can be Used

Usually, you prefer to opt for hair removal in areas like the arms, legs, and underarms. It is safe to choose Laser Hair Reduction Services for your whole body as well. The biggest benefit of laser hair reduction techniques is its quick and covers a larger area in one sitting, making it apt to sport a smooth back as well. However, it’s important that you get it done from the right place.
The versatility of cosmetic lasers lies in the fact that they are suitable for the diverse skin types. In fact, the Nd-YAG laser is the most suitable for all Indian skin. Unwanted body hair can make its appearance anywhere, the arms, legs, underarms, back, or bikini. And if you desire freedom from unwanted body hair, laser for hair removal is your best choice. In fact, laser treatment for hair removal cost is far less compared to what you would spend on wax strips, and safety razors lifelong.
Of course, laser hair reduction does not promise instant results. Over multiple sessions spread over weeks or months, depending on your rate of hair growth, there is a gradual reduction in hair growth.

Why Laser Hair Reduction?

Hair removal methods like waxing and shaving promise results, but their efficacy is limited to a matter of weeks. You need to go through these procedures on a regular basis. Unlike the above hair removal techniques, whose results are temporary, laser hair reduction offers permanent relief from unwanted hair.
Waxing can leave behind burns while shaving leaves behind a stubble. Laser hair reduction offers you absolutely smooth skin, like a baby. Post a few sessions of the laser, you begin to see visible results.
Especially for brides, who need to look gorgeous on the days leading up to the wedding, on the D-day as well as later, laser hair reduction is the best choice. Plan for the hair reduction treatment well in advance (before 6 months) with a qualified person. You can, in fact, opt for a package to take care of the skin and hair issues in the run-up to your wedding. Kaya Skin Clinic prices for the bridal package are quite affordable and what you get is a one-stop destination that can make you feel like a queen at your wedding.

Extent of safety

Laser hair reduction is a safe procedure when performed under the supervision of a qualified person. The laser can be used just about anywhere on the body, save the area close to the eyes. In fact, you can get one for a smooth upper lip as well.
In the normal course, you can opt for Facial Hair Laser Hair Reduction or Legs Laser Hair Reduction. If you’re the bride, treat yourself to a full Body Laser Hair Reduction, Spread over a 6 to 8 month period preceding your wedding, you get smoother skin compared to any other method of hair removal. Its large coverage area helps in significant reduction of hair growth in areas like your back.

Nd-YAG laser

The Nd-YAG laser has brought about a revolution in terms of hair reduction. The earlier lasers were not efficient enough on the dark and tanned skin. The USP of Nd-YAG laser is its suitability for all skin types, especially the typical Indian skin and the FDA approval tag that it carries.
The laser performs at a higher wavelength, ensuring that the laser beams directly hits the targeted hair follicle. Faster repetition rates and the ability to cover larger areas ensures that the procedure is quick with just a bit of pain.
The laser eliminates ingrown hairs and results in smooth skin. The downtime of this laser is low, making it easy for the technician to subject the area to a number of laser beams. No matter what is your skin tone, the desire for smooth skin is accomplished through laser hair reduction.

Monday 26 March 2018

The Importance of Applying Oil to the Scalp and Hair

The regular use of hair oil is vital to keep your hair healthy. The oil that you use on your head also helps to keep your scalp healthy and clean. The benefits of applying oil to hair and scalp have been explored and discussed in Ayurveda.
According to Kaya Clinic Review, applying oil to various parts of of the body and massaging with oil is a tradition that is given great importance in Indian medical systems. Scalp and hair massage with oil helps not just hair growth, it can also relieve stress, improve blood circulation, and improve vision.

The Practice of Applying Oil to Hair and Scalp

For centuries, Indians have maintained the tradition of applying oil on various parts of the body. Applying oil on the hair daily and taking oil bath after coating the hair and scalp with a lot of oil, once or twice a week, was a system that is practised all over the country.
For daily application, a small quantity of oil was used in ancient times. This was smeared over the hair and then worked into the roots and scalp. For the oil bath, the system is a bit different—you had to use more oil.
Heat a small quantity of regular oil like sesame or coconut oil in a cup. It should be slowly worked into the hair shafts, roots, and the scalp. The oil has to be left in the head for quite some time. You could wrap a warm wet towel (with the water fully squeezed out) around your head for a few minutes to let the oil penetrate into your scalp quickly.
When taking bath in the morning every day, you can rely on Kaya’s Root Regen Range which is completely paraben-free. After taking bath and drying the hair, a dry towel can be wrapped around the head to absorb all the remaining dampness in the hair.

The Benefits of Regular Hair Oil Use

The tradition of applying hair oil and taking oil bath is rewarding in many ways:
       It helps provide nourishment to the hair and scalp.
       It keeps the scalp hydrated, preventing dryness, itching, and dandruff.
       The oil provides essential nutrients that keep the roots healthy and the hair glowing.
       It helps prevent hair fall, greyness, split ends, and other problems.
       When you apply a little oil and brush it in daily, you provide a gentle massage for your scalp, that stimulates blood circulation. This in turn revitalizes the scalp and hair roots, promoting healthy hair growth.
       Weekly oil baths help to clean the hair and scalp, preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms.
       In Ayurvedic tradition, regular oil massage on hair, scalp, and the ears is said to improve visual acuity. It also helps in keeping the mind alert and free of stress.
       Use of special hair oils like bhringraj help to keep the hair healthy and reduce the loss of pigmentation, which aid in preventing greyness

Applying Hair Oil: A Few Tips:

       Choose the hair oil according to your hair and skin type.
       If you have oily hair, use lighter oils like olive oil, and jojoba oil.
       If you have dry hair and skin, use coconut oil, sesame oil, or almond oil.
       If you have normal hair, you can choose any kind of oil. You just need to be sure to oil your hair and scalp regularly.
       If you have issues like hair breakage, dandruff, greyness and so on, choose special oils like bhringraj oil. These oils contain a lot of herbs that provide additional nourishment to your hair.
       Develop a system for applying oil to your hair. Choose your brand and type of oil and don’t change it frequently. Set aside time once or twice a week for taking oil baths. You can apply the oil at night to save time and wash it off in the morning.
       Set aside some time to apply a little quantity of oil on your hair, and brush it in thoroughly all over your hair and scalp.
       Do not use too much oil just take one or two drops at a time and spread it slowly so that the oil covers a large part of your hair. Take a few more drops as needed so that your whole head and your hair is covered. Start working on this gently so that the oil on the surface penetrates into the hair roots and scalp.
       You can do this at night so that by morning, your head and hair would have absorbed all the oil so that your hair does not feel greasy and sticky
Buy a good oil like the Kaya Scalp Nourishing Oil and use it regularly. It comes enriched with natural ingredients that deeply nourishes your hair.
Regular use of this oil along with Kaya’s nourishing shampoo and conditioner can prevent hair fall and stimulate the growth of healthy and shining hair. Read Kaya Product Reviews to find other good hair care products. To find out what products are best for your hair, book an appointment with a Kaya skin clinic near you today. 

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Who Can Go for a Hair Transplantation?

Treatment of baldness and hair loss demands something more than routine hair care. If you are suffering from extreme hair loss or hair thinning and facing near baldness, then you can consider hair transplant. However, you should entrust only experts to transplant hair on your bald patches. You can go for Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions to treat your baldness, as they are trusted by many.

Lack of essential nutrients in your diet, pollution, age, and stress are some of the reasons that can lead to hair fall, hair thinning, and even baldness in men and women. You can hardly safeguard your hair against these factors with a routine hair care regimen.

You need a radical procedure to address the problem from its core—Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solution is one of them. Go through Kaya Hair Transplant reviews to get an idea about the efficacy of these solutions. There are two kinds of transplants- Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation. However, you first need to find out whether you are a fit candidate for hair transplant or not.

Prerequisites for Kaya Hair Transplant

You are fit for hair transplant if:
        You are having profuse hair loss for last five years, but don’t have any other ailment.
        You have lived with balding for many years, but the problem has subsided to some extent in the recent time and you now want to add some volume to it.
        You have lost hair due to some kind of trauma or as a byproduct of some cosmetic procedure.

Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions

If you are a fit candidate for hair transplant, the doctor will assess your hair condition and discuss the available treatment options with you. You can make an appointment with an expert hair doctor at Kaya to find out which is the best option for you.

According to Kaya Hair Loss Treatment reviews on the internet, this happens to be one of the best and has benefitted loads of people. To get an idea about Kaya Hair Transplant costs, you need to discuss with an expert hair doctor.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

In this procedure, the surgeon will remove a strip of hair from the back of your head. This area usually contains stronger hair follicles and is called the donor site. The follicles are removed in strips containing multiple follicles. This is done repeatedly until required numbers of good quality grafts are obtained.

After this, very small holes are made on the bald areas of the scalp, called the recipient site. The harvested grafts are meticulously placed onto the recipient site by experienced Kaya Hair Transplant doctors. The procedure is carried out under high magnification so that the chances of survival of the graft are high. The look of your transplanted hair would depend on the skill, knowledge, and experience of the doctor, apart from the quality of donor follicles. The result can often be a very natural-looking hair which can grow and can even be styled or cut like natural hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction

In this method, first recipient sites are made on the bald areas of the scalp with the help of fine needle-like tools. After this, active follicular units are selected on the back of the head, from the donor site. Small, circular incisions are made around individual donor sites and follicular units are extracted from there.

These are then transplanted one by one on the recipient sites created beforehand. This is a time-consuming process and can take upto two days to complete. The tiny holes at the back of your donor site heal completely within seven to ten days. If there is any left, it gets buried in the dense tuft of hair at the back of your head.

Read more about these processes in detail in Kaya Hair Transplant reviews on the web. If you want to talk with an expert regarding the processes, you can book an appointment with a Kaya Skin Clinic in your city.

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Pigmentation: Know the Ways to Get Rid of it

The Holy Trinity for any woman is flawless skin, a clean complexion, and an even tone. But there are several factors waiting to take those joys away. These can be free radicals or any hormonal changes you go through. Or it could just be the sun and your endless exposure to its rays.
No one would like to look older than they are. A patchy and uneven skin tone, along with some dark spots that dot your face, can all add to you looking older and more stressed out than you might be. These are all different forms of pigmentation which mainly manifests itself in two ways -- hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. So, which one do you struggle with and what can you do about it?

The Beginning of Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation usually means that your skin is darker than its actual tone in some parts of your face. Hypopigmentation means the opposite, in that, the skin gets lighter than its actual tone in certain areas. If you’ve been using any over-the-counter skin products, for longer than a few years, then you’ve probably come across the phrase, ‘get even skin tone in 7 days’ or something along those lines. There are x number of products waiting for you to finally give in and attempt to fix the problem of discoloration or patchiness.
Your skin is one of the most important and sensitive organs you have. How much can it take before microscopic damage begins to dot its surface. A healthy person’s skin starts breaking down starting in his/her late 20s to middle age. Lifestyle choices seriously dictate this number, but stress and other factors, which are out of your control take a toll. So what can you do?

Causes and Effects

Starting from seasonal allergies, dust, pollution, your own genes, and going all the way up to your diet and exposure to the sun, pigmentation is an inevitable outcome. Age spots and melasma may double your chances of getting pigmentation that is more stark and visible. Even freckles sometimes suffer due to too much sun exposure and become pigmented.

Things You Can Do

Start by identifying the level and extent of pigmentation you may have. Reflect on your skincare routine and lifestyle, and don’t forget to factor in your exposure to the sun. This will make you better-equipped to  deal with it in an effective way.
Try and stay off using makeup or other cover ups, and avoid any and all products that recommend bleaching the pigmentation out of your skin.
If you’re looking for a long-term and healthy way of getting rid of pigmentation, Kaya Skin Clinic comes through with some effective treatments that target all kinds of pigmentation, for whatever reasons they might have developed.

Pigmentation Treatments

Kaya’s Intense White Luxe Therapy is one such pigmentation treatment that gives an all-round solution. It is the quickest way to pamper your skin and see almost instant results. It’s a multistep process that starts with cleansing and ends with a sunscreen.
The cleansing is followed by a toner and then a peeling cream, which is the star of this entire therapy session. As the name suggests, the cream is left on the skin and then peeled off upon drying. This is when one starts to see the tan wearing off. It’s followed by a face cream that brightens your tone and a serum that makes you glow. Finally, a vitamin C enriched mask, followed by sunscreen, and this concludes your facial.
Depending on what exact results you need, dermatologists at Kaya will tell you which service you need. The Aqua Eye Rejuvenation is another treatment, specific for under-eye circles. It combines three specific ingredients -- aqua jet, glycolic peel, and micro-current, which work quickly to rid your eyes of puff and dullness.
Make sure to go through Kaya Skin Clinic reviews on the web to know about this treatment and the other treatments Kaya offers. You can book an appointment with the nearest Kaya skin clinic today.

Monday 5 March 2018

Celebrate This Women's Day with Kaya Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual

Did you ever wonder that your face is the most overexposed part of your body? The pollutants, harmful rays of the sun, harsh weather conditions and free radicals affect the health of your skin. Along with that internal factors like an unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal changes, and side effects of certain medication can also make it dry and dull. All these can rob your skin of its hyaluronic acid content and lead to premature skin aging as well.

Causes of Unhealthy Skin

There are many factors that can make your skin unhealthy. Some of them include:
  1. Dehydration of the skin and this can happen due to both external and internal factors
  2. Poor nutrition
  3. Irregular blood flow
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle
  5. Environmental pollutants
  6. Unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking
There are a plenty of skincare products available on the market and most of them are loaded with chemicals. What you need is a dermatologically-tested product that offers effective results.
Dull and unhealthy skin can lead to premature skin aging as well. Here are some of the signs that you need to be on the lookout for:
       Dry and rough skin texture
       Visible pores
       Age spots
       Fine lines/ wrinkles
       Loss of volume
       Sagging skin muscles
       Dull and uneven skin tone
If you’re experiencing any one or more of these symptoms, it’s time that you treat your skin. This Women’s Day, pamper yourself with Kaya Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual that offers anti-aging benefits and makes you look younger.

An Insight into Kaya Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual

Kaya Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual is a luxury facial that offers youth renewal. Suitable for women with normal to dry skin, this facial offers instant results and is highly recommended for anyone fighting the signs of skin aging.
Characterized by a three-dimensional treatment method, Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual makes your skin smooth and helps to maintain its firmness.
Here’s what it does:
       An unusual skin hydrating treatment that elevates the skin’s natural defense system and offers lymphatic drainage.
       A 90-minute facial performed by expert dermatologists that includes signature face lifting and firming massage. The products that are used during the facial treatment are rich in hyaluronic acid, omega 3, and silk protein. These enhance your skin’s hydration and offer cell renewal. The squash extract, royal jelly, and milk proteins soothe your skin.
       After the long and relaxing massage, Complexe Restructurant et Lissant is applied followed by a modulating massage on the re-balanced skin, making your skin firmer and clearer.
This treatment is a result of a collaboration between Kaya and Biologique Recherche, a luxury French brand. The treatment gives an instant glow and makes your skin firm. It offers proven benefits and getting this facial done will give you the results you are looking for.
Book an appointment at the nearest Kaya clinic and get your skin tested. An expert dermatologist will test your skin first and then recommend the suitable course of action. If your skin isn’t too much damaged, a few home products will do the trick.
Are you celebrating Women’s Day? The need of a Women’s Day is debatable but there is no harm in dedicating a day to you being a woman. It’s difficult to find time out for oneself as most of today’s women spend their time in balancing professional and family life. Regardless of that, every woman needs some pampering. Gift yourself a pampering day-out at the nearest Kaya clinic. Every woman is beautiful and they deserve to feel the same.