Monday 26 March 2018

The Importance of Applying Oil to the Scalp and Hair

The regular use of hair oil is vital to keep your hair healthy. The oil that you use on your head also helps to keep your scalp healthy and clean. The benefits of applying oil to hair and scalp have been explored and discussed in Ayurveda.
According to Kaya Clinic Review, applying oil to various parts of of the body and massaging with oil is a tradition that is given great importance in Indian medical systems. Scalp and hair massage with oil helps not just hair growth, it can also relieve stress, improve blood circulation, and improve vision.

The Practice of Applying Oil to Hair and Scalp

For centuries, Indians have maintained the tradition of applying oil on various parts of the body. Applying oil on the hair daily and taking oil bath after coating the hair and scalp with a lot of oil, once or twice a week, was a system that is practised all over the country.
For daily application, a small quantity of oil was used in ancient times. This was smeared over the hair and then worked into the roots and scalp. For the oil bath, the system is a bit different—you had to use more oil.
Heat a small quantity of regular oil like sesame or coconut oil in a cup. It should be slowly worked into the hair shafts, roots, and the scalp. The oil has to be left in the head for quite some time. You could wrap a warm wet towel (with the water fully squeezed out) around your head for a few minutes to let the oil penetrate into your scalp quickly.
When taking bath in the morning every day, you can rely on Kaya’s Root Regen Range which is completely paraben-free. After taking bath and drying the hair, a dry towel can be wrapped around the head to absorb all the remaining dampness in the hair.

The Benefits of Regular Hair Oil Use

The tradition of applying hair oil and taking oil bath is rewarding in many ways:
       It helps provide nourishment to the hair and scalp.
       It keeps the scalp hydrated, preventing dryness, itching, and dandruff.
       The oil provides essential nutrients that keep the roots healthy and the hair glowing.
       It helps prevent hair fall, greyness, split ends, and other problems.
       When you apply a little oil and brush it in daily, you provide a gentle massage for your scalp, that stimulates blood circulation. This in turn revitalizes the scalp and hair roots, promoting healthy hair growth.
       Weekly oil baths help to clean the hair and scalp, preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms.
       In Ayurvedic tradition, regular oil massage on hair, scalp, and the ears is said to improve visual acuity. It also helps in keeping the mind alert and free of stress.
       Use of special hair oils like bhringraj help to keep the hair healthy and reduce the loss of pigmentation, which aid in preventing greyness

Applying Hair Oil: A Few Tips:

       Choose the hair oil according to your hair and skin type.
       If you have oily hair, use lighter oils like olive oil, and jojoba oil.
       If you have dry hair and skin, use coconut oil, sesame oil, or almond oil.
       If you have normal hair, you can choose any kind of oil. You just need to be sure to oil your hair and scalp regularly.
       If you have issues like hair breakage, dandruff, greyness and so on, choose special oils like bhringraj oil. These oils contain a lot of herbs that provide additional nourishment to your hair.
       Develop a system for applying oil to your hair. Choose your brand and type of oil and don’t change it frequently. Set aside time once or twice a week for taking oil baths. You can apply the oil at night to save time and wash it off in the morning.
       Set aside some time to apply a little quantity of oil on your hair, and brush it in thoroughly all over your hair and scalp.
       Do not use too much oil just take one or two drops at a time and spread it slowly so that the oil covers a large part of your hair. Take a few more drops as needed so that your whole head and your hair is covered. Start working on this gently so that the oil on the surface penetrates into the hair roots and scalp.
       You can do this at night so that by morning, your head and hair would have absorbed all the oil so that your hair does not feel greasy and sticky
Buy a good oil like the Kaya Scalp Nourishing Oil and use it regularly. It comes enriched with natural ingredients that deeply nourishes your hair.
Regular use of this oil along with Kaya’s nourishing shampoo and conditioner can prevent hair fall and stimulate the growth of healthy and shining hair. Read Kaya Product Reviews to find other good hair care products. To find out what products are best for your hair, book an appointment with a Kaya skin clinic near you today. 

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