Wednesday 14 March 2018

Pigmentation: Know the Ways to Get Rid of it

The Holy Trinity for any woman is flawless skin, a clean complexion, and an even tone. But there are several factors waiting to take those joys away. These can be free radicals or any hormonal changes you go through. Or it could just be the sun and your endless exposure to its rays.
No one would like to look older than they are. A patchy and uneven skin tone, along with some dark spots that dot your face, can all add to you looking older and more stressed out than you might be. These are all different forms of pigmentation which mainly manifests itself in two ways -- hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. So, which one do you struggle with and what can you do about it?

The Beginning of Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation usually means that your skin is darker than its actual tone in some parts of your face. Hypopigmentation means the opposite, in that, the skin gets lighter than its actual tone in certain areas. If you’ve been using any over-the-counter skin products, for longer than a few years, then you’ve probably come across the phrase, ‘get even skin tone in 7 days’ or something along those lines. There are x number of products waiting for you to finally give in and attempt to fix the problem of discoloration or patchiness.
Your skin is one of the most important and sensitive organs you have. How much can it take before microscopic damage begins to dot its surface. A healthy person’s skin starts breaking down starting in his/her late 20s to middle age. Lifestyle choices seriously dictate this number, but stress and other factors, which are out of your control take a toll. So what can you do?

Causes and Effects

Starting from seasonal allergies, dust, pollution, your own genes, and going all the way up to your diet and exposure to the sun, pigmentation is an inevitable outcome. Age spots and melasma may double your chances of getting pigmentation that is more stark and visible. Even freckles sometimes suffer due to too much sun exposure and become pigmented.

Things You Can Do

Start by identifying the level and extent of pigmentation you may have. Reflect on your skincare routine and lifestyle, and don’t forget to factor in your exposure to the sun. This will make you better-equipped to  deal with it in an effective way.
Try and stay off using makeup or other cover ups, and avoid any and all products that recommend bleaching the pigmentation out of your skin.
If you’re looking for a long-term and healthy way of getting rid of pigmentation, Kaya Skin Clinic comes through with some effective treatments that target all kinds of pigmentation, for whatever reasons they might have developed.

Pigmentation Treatments

Kaya’s Intense White Luxe Therapy is one such pigmentation treatment that gives an all-round solution. It is the quickest way to pamper your skin and see almost instant results. It’s a multistep process that starts with cleansing and ends with a sunscreen.
The cleansing is followed by a toner and then a peeling cream, which is the star of this entire therapy session. As the name suggests, the cream is left on the skin and then peeled off upon drying. This is when one starts to see the tan wearing off. It’s followed by a face cream that brightens your tone and a serum that makes you glow. Finally, a vitamin C enriched mask, followed by sunscreen, and this concludes your facial.
Depending on what exact results you need, dermatologists at Kaya will tell you which service you need. The Aqua Eye Rejuvenation is another treatment, specific for under-eye circles. It combines three specific ingredients -- aqua jet, glycolic peel, and micro-current, which work quickly to rid your eyes of puff and dullness.
Make sure to go through Kaya Skin Clinic reviews on the web to know about this treatment and the other treatments Kaya offers. You can book an appointment with the nearest Kaya skin clinic today.

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