Tuesday 24 October 2017

Get Thick, Strong, and Healthy Hair with Kaya

Dull and lifeless hair is a huge problem among both men and women, in today’s world. The different agents of environmental pollution coupled with the rampant use of chemicals do a lot of harm to the health of your hair, leaving it dull and frizzy.
Hair problems are aplenty. Regardless of the problem, you can opt for the Hair Health Boost System treats your hair from the roots and helps to restore its health. Backed by age-old science and modern technology, the therapy and the products aim at solving the causes leading to hair damage.
Hair damage isn’t uncommon. Pollution, dirt, dust, chemicals used for styling, use of hair colors, etc.—all affect your hair health adversely. Amidst all these harmful agents you might be wondering as to where can you find a therapy or treatment that can help you revive the health of your hair. The Kaya Clinic’s Hair Health Boost System is one such treatment or therapy that will help you get a mane of thick, dark, and shining hair that you’ll fall in love with.
A Hair Therapy Founded on Scientific Expertise - Kaya Hair Health Boost System
According to Kaya, all its skin and hair products have been developed with a rich and well-founded scientific research. The products and treatments offered by Kaya aim at finding answers to the root causes of the various skin and hair related problems.
A dry scalp has been a common problem among most people these days, due to various environmental problems and lifestyle issues. This is a condition that occurs when your scalp does not produce enough natural oils. This can make your scalp dry, dull, and itchy. A very common outcome of this condition is dandruff. Once dandruff occurs the quality of your hair will deplete at a fast rate. Hair loss is also a huge additional concern.
All the therapies and products offered by Kaya are aimed at treating the real problems and not just the superficial symptoms. One such example is the Kaya 360-degree Hair Elixir Therapy. This treatment process combines different rich nourishing oils, essentials minerals, and vitamins along with phytonutrients extracts, and plant peptides. The resulting product ensures that the hair roots are energized for a better quality of hair fiber. As a result, you can get thicker stronger hair with a glorious volume and bounce.
Boosted with anti-scalp aging formula, this therapy helps to prevent hair fall and also answers the problems of dry, lifeless, and dull hair. You can actually alter the very way your hair looks by opting for this treatment.
Say Goodbye to Dull & Lifeless Hair Permanently
As many as, three out of five girls (if not more) face hair loss leading to hair thinning. Some of the most common problems happen to be dandruff and hair loss.
It is crucial for to understand that both the problems are interrelated, the main culprit being your unhealthy scalp. You can take the help of the following products offered by the Kaya Clinic to make your scalp and hair healthy:
       A Good Quality Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – This is the most prime product that you require to maintain hair free of unwanted white flakes of dead scalp. However, choose the product with care as most anti-dandruff shampoos make your scalp and hair dry. A good quality product can be expected from a reputed brand such as from the products under the banner of Kaya Clinic. Kaya Anti-Dandruff shampoo is one of the best options you have. It contains Piroctone Olamine that removes dandruff effectively.
       Conditioner or Lotion – This is the product comes with OT complex and needs to be used after washing the shampoo off. This leaves your hair soft and moisturized. According to Kaya feedback, available on various review sites, the Kaya Anti-Dandruff Lotion ensures that dandruff doesn’t come back and this also nourishes the scalp and reduces itching.
       Nourishing Shampoo – This is the product that you need to use if dandruff is not responsible for your hair fall. This is a general product that provides your scalp with all the essential oils and vitamins that helps your hair to regain good health. The Kaya Clinic’s product - Nourishing Shampoo is a great example and can be used on a regular basis.
       Hair Gel – This is what you need to use after using the Nourishing shampoo. Apply the product on wet hair for best results. This helps to make your hair look shinier and more manageable even after it is dry.

With this, you can effectively control dandruff and maintain a healthy scalp and hair. If you’re getting the desired results, talk to the experts at Kaya for a detailed analysis and cure.

Monday 16 October 2017

The 4-Layered Approach to Youthful Skin

Growing old is a concern among many women but it is something that is beyond our control. As we grow old our skin loses its supple healthy elasticity and tends to become dry and patchy, giving it a dull and wrinkled look. You can now stop worrying about aging skin with the new Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy that heals your skin from within.
In the current age of urban living and fast-paced lifestyle, pollution takes a toll on our health. The most common manifestation of this is dull and damaged skin. To make your skin look smooth and supple, you not only need to protect your skin, but also heal the inevitable damage that the sun, dust, and dirt does to your skin.
Treating and protecting your skin sometimes backfires when you don’t use the right products. It is quite common to hear people complaining about skin allergies and breakouts caused due to harsh chemicals present in skin products.

It is advisable to stick to products that have natural active ingredients and are gentle on the skin. Look for treatment options like Kaya Skin Clinic Derma Regen 4 Layer therapy that is known to be very gentle and yet effective. You can reassure yourself from the Kaya feedback on the Kaya Skin Clinic reviews present on the Internet. This therapy not only heals and makes your skin firm but also rejuvenates it from within to give a natural glow and makes you look young. Let’s look at what this therapy actually does.

The 4 Layered Therapy

Kaya Skin Clinic’s 4 layer facial is its signature therapy to restore aging skin. Together the four layers work on different problems at the same time to give wholesome rejuvenation. These are dryness, dullness, damage, and fatigue. Let’s dig in one by one.
First layer
European seaweed is this therapy’s active ingredient and is formulated by filtration. It deeply hydrates your skin while balancing the skin tone. Moreover, it reduces or softens the fine lines seen on the skin as well.
Second Layer
After the first layer has dried completely the second layer is applied. This layer is an amalgamation of natural moisturizing ingredients. It is skillfully massaged into the skin. The skin absorbs the moisture in the active ingredients and becomes supple, soft, and elastic.
Third Layer
The third layer works on improving your skin tone. This layer is rich in fresh seaweed. It deeply nourishes your skin improving the tone and clarity of your skin. This therapy is very soothing, and you will definitely feel calm and relaxed.
Fourth Layer
The last part of the therapy is a mask that is rich in minerals which emits heat. The heat stimulates and promotes the effect of the seaweed mask underneath. This helps your skin get the full benefit of all the nourishing ingredients.
The Kaya 4 Layer Therapy is fully natural and is not a cosmetic treatment. It does not involve the use of any machinery but the magic of the hands of expert dermatologists. Prior to this therapy, your skin is completely cleansed to prepare a clean base for the mask to sit on. This cleansing procedure starts with an exfoliating regime that removes any impurities present on the skin.
The desire to look youthful is universal. With growing age, it becomes all the more difficult to achieve this. Ageing is a natural process that is unstoppable. It is nothing to be dreaded, rather something to be accepted with grace. However, skin aging is something that sets in by 20s due to pollution and other lifestyle habits. With the Kaya 4 Layer Derma Regen therapy, you don’t have to worry about looking old.
Kaya’s customized age arrest solution is very advanced. They make use of FDA-approved technology to ensure the best results without any side effects.
This therapy makes use of micro derma peels to remove impurities and collagen building. Masks used in the layers tighten your skin. Further layers rich in seaweed and minerals brighten the skin while improving the tone and texture. Overall Kaya’s products help to heal back your skin and regain youthful, supple skin that glows from within. Know more about this Kaya treatment from Kaya reviews.

Friday 6 October 2017

The Perfect Solution for Hair Loss: Hair Transplant

Thick and voluminous hair is something that everyone loves. But what to do when your hair starts falling and the premature baldness starts creeping in? If you’re lucky, your hair will grow again. However, if the baldness is due to permanent damages, hair transplantation is your only solution.
Kaya hair transplant review
A representational image of the effects of Kaya's hair transplant solutions
Hair loss may occur due to a number of reasons and some of them include hereditary factors, hormonal imbalance, and malnutrition. Too much of stress and pollution can also lead to hair fall. Permanent damage to the hair follicles or your scalp may lead to failure of growth of new hair. And this is when you need hair transplant.

What You Need to Know about Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant can be described as a procedure adopted to treat patients with baldness. In this procedure, hair follicles are taken from the scalp (specifically at back of your head as the follicles here are resistant to hormonal changes) where the hair growth is still normal and replanted at areas where hair growth is minimal or absent.
At Kaya Clinic, expert dermatologists will find the reason behind your baldness and also make sure that your hair starts growing back, naturally. Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions make use of the latest and safest technology (follicular unit extraction) to ensure that you get back your lost hair. It’s time to let go of that wig and make way for natural hair on your scalp.

Kaya Clinic Hair Transplant Procedure

Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions makes use of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique which is absolutely safe. As per Kaya feedback on the web, this is the most trusted method of hair transplantation available today.
FUE is a technique that involves extraction of hair follicles from the donor area i.e. the area on your scalp having normal hair growth and are replanted at the recipient region i.e. the part with no hair growth.
At Kaya Clinic, the dermatologists ensure the best results and combine FUE with the following therapies:
       Hair Nutri Infusion Therapy
       Natural Hair Rejuvenation with PRP
       Hair Root Activation Laser Therapy
The procedure of the therapy is as follows:
1.       A local anesthesia is induced so that the patient does not feel any pain
2.       A few hair follicles are removed from the donor area using special surgical extraction tools
3.       The recipient area of the scalp is then punctured using special micro surgical needles
4.       The extracted hair follicles are then inserted in the punctured scalp area in a way so that your hair grows back naturally in a symmetrical manner

Hair Transplant Results

Talking of results, FUE approach of hair transplant does not involve any complicated surgery as such and so is considered to be absolutely safe.
The scars get healed in a week time and you will see new hair growing in less than 3-5 months. In a span of around 8-10 months, the hair growth on the recipient area becomes thick and voluminous.

Post Hair Transplant Tips

Five post hair transplant tips to remember:
  1. Only use the shampoo recommended by the Kaya Clinic dermatologists to avoid complications
  2. Quit smoking and drinking
  3. Take in the prescribed medications on time
  4. Avoid exercise for the recommended time period
  5. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Why Choose Kaya Clinic?

Kaya Clinic has a team with all the required expertise. At Kaya Clinic, the dermatologists do not only find solutions to your problems but find their causes too and treat them.
Hair Transplant at Kaya Clinic is performed by experienced and their only aim is to ensure that your hair grows back naturally without any complications. Kaya Clinic is a well-known enterprise that makes use of FDA-approved technologically safe procedures for providing the best possible results.

Read Kaya hair transplant reviews to know more about all the services Kaya offers and the satisfactory levels of their customers. 

Monday 2 October 2017

An Overview of Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Every woman wants her skin to be smooth, flawless and unblemished. So much so that those enduring hours of painful waxing seem to think that it’s worth the effort. Women go through this on a regular basis because hair removal needs to done once a few months (depending on hair growth). Some even resort to using a razor when they don’t have the time to hit the parlor.
Having smooth and flawless skin removes the limitation on the types of clothes you can wear. You can put on a spaghetti top or a short skirt without a second thought.
You can put your worries behind you once you study Kaya Skin Clinic laser hair removal reviews. Many women have shared their experience on how effective and painless their experience was.
Kaya clinic reviews show the tremendous benefits of their hair removal service. You can stay away from hot and painful waxing sessions and escape from their side effects too. With them, you can show some skin and do it with confidence!

What Do The Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews Show?

Kaya Skin Clinic reviews show how a simple laser hair removal treatment has impacted a customer's life.
One of Kaya's clients from Mumbai revealed the experience. She shared a detailed explanation of the session mentioning the exact details of the treatments and the benefits. The experts at the Kaya Skin Clinic answered all her queries before the session and assured her that it is 100% safe.
The sessions themselves were conducted diligently by dermatologists. They were patient and resourceful throughout. She had 6 weeks of sessions which turned out to be extremely beneficial. She did not have any hair growth even after 6 months of the treatment.
Another Kaya feedback received from a young client for the laser hair removal mentions that the treatment was one of the best decisions she has made. Since she was young, she did not want any dark spots left due to waxing or laser. The procedure left her underarms looking smooth and clean. It also gave her the confidence to wear sleeveless clothing more often.

Everything You Need To Know About Kaya Laser Hair Removal Service

The laser treatment provided by this clinic will vary based on the growth. For those who have too much growth, more sessions will be needed. Hair growth is a natural process and hence it cannot be completely stopped. With one round of their hair removal service, you can be assured that 70-80% of your hair growth will reduce.

The Benefits

According to Kaya feedback, the benefits of this services are many. Once you get it done, you will have minimal hair growth. You will not feel much pain on waxing small amounts of hair off the skin. It includes maintenance sessions that take place few months after the procedure. This makes it further more effective and worthwhile.

Laser Hair Removal

You will not have to fret about going to the parlor due to excessive hair growth anymore. The laser makes the skin even and smooth. It ensures permanent hair reduction.

Your Options

There are different services that you can opt for, depending on the type of hair growth you have. Those with medium or low hair growth need to go for the diode type of hair removal treatment. Those with coarse hair need to go for the Nd-Yag type hair removal treatment. The latter is an intense laser that easily reaches and treats hair roots, decreasing hair growth. You can even opt for a test session to help you make up your mind.

The Experience

The Kaya Skin clinic laser hair removal reviews show that the customers have a pleasant and fruitful experience. The Kaya feedback shows that the treatment in itself can be painful for a few seconds. The experts at the clinic inform the patients about this before the procedure itself. The treatment has two or more 30-minute sessions.
The customers are being prepped with the details on what to expect during the treatment. According to the reviews, the ambiance in the clinic is good and the specialists are attentive too.  This treatment is recommended by almost all the people who undergo the hair removal treatment.

Why You Should Consider Kaya Hair Removal Service?

There isn’t a single person who does not dread a visit to the parlor for hair removal. However, since we all look forward to having smooth and hairless skin, hair removal is the only way out. With laser hair removal services, you can expect long-term results.
At the cost of a few seconds of pain, you can have the benefits of smooth skin for life. This procedure is definitely worth your attention considering the fact that you won’t have to deal with the horrors of waxing anymore.
The Kaya Skin clinic laser hair removal reviews show that it is highly effective even after 5 years of getting the procedure done. On a long-term basis, it is an investment worth making. Kaya is a reputable brand with intelligent and effective skin and hair care solutions. Their solution for laser hair removal treatment is worth the money.

You can find laser hair removal services by several other brands in the market too. The distinguishing factor can be spotted in the reviews themselves. The entire experience is tailored to give the customers what they deserve. Everyone wants to look their best to make a great impression- you’re sure to find a better version of yourself after the treatment.