Monday 29 June 2015

Review Of Kaya's Pigmentation Reducing Complex

Kaya Skin Clinic has a diverse range of products that provide skin care, eye care, and hair care. These products include cleansers, toners, exfoliators, moisturizers, night creams, sunscreens, and serums. Each of the products has its own unique usefulness and provides solution to various skin problems. Here we’re going to take a detailed look at one such product: Pigmentation Reducing Complex.

Description Of The Product

Pigmentation Reducing Complex by Kaya Skin Clinic effectively fights pigmentation marks, age spots, dark spots, and tanning from your skin. It is composed of Azeloyl Diglycinate, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, and Trimethyl Phenyl Silsesquioxane. These ingredients not just fight the existing darkened skin but also prevent your skin from further darkening. The powerful combination of skin whitening substances present in the product, Kojic Acid, Azeloglicina, and Phytic Acid, will even your skin tone and reduce age spots.

Pigment Reducing Complex also has vitamin A and C, which help in cell repair, skin renewal, and healing the skin damage. This product can give you a clear and shiny skin in just 2 weeks. Its texture is creamy and thick, but it gets absorbed by your skin quite easily. Let’s now take a look at the pros and cons of this product.


  • It effectively fights skin darkening and pigmentation marks on your face. It is especially effective when used with other clinical products that can nourish your skin. 
  • This product is ideal when used as part of a skincare routine that has other products as well. But even when used alone, this product can help in lightening the pigmentation marks and keep your skin hydrated. 
  • The natural acids present in the product is very good in providing fairer skin. 
  • Blemishes and acne scars will also get lighter in its color. 
  • The quantity of the product makes it last longer, thereby giving your skin protection for an extended period of time. 
  •  Its full potential can be utilized only when it is combined with other skincare products, which restricts the product’s benefits.

Ease Of Use

Kaya’s Pigmentation Reducing Complex comes in a pump bottle, which means you can control the amount you want to eject. This lets you to efficiently use the product without any wastage. With right usage, this product can last for 3-4 months.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a product that acts quickly and efficiently to reduce dark spots on your face and give that essential glow it needs, then Kaya’s Pigmentation Reducing Complex can do the trick for you. You can read Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews to understand how customers have benefited from this product.

Monsoon Skincare Do's And Don'ts

Taking skin care lightly during monsoon season can be common but certainly not smart. Your skin is very unstable during this time, and you should take care of it like a baby. Otherwise, you will be left with damaged skin with no glow on it. There are some things you should do and some things you should definitely not do. Let’s now take a look at these do’s and don’ts.

What Should You Not Do?

Before educating you with the things you should do, let’s first warn you with the things you should not do. Stay away from these religiously! 

Alcohol: No, alcohol is not good for your general health and certainly not for your skin. Stay away from alcohol especially during monsoons, as it gets your body rid of all the essential vitamin A. This vitamin is an antioxidant that can help your skin with its elasticity. 

Hot Showers: As much as hot showers are cozy during monsoon season, it is not easy on your skin. Hot water will strip the essential oil in your skin and leave your face dry. If you need some warmth in your bath, use lukewarm water. 

Ignoring Your Feet: If there is one part that suffers the most during monsoons, it is your feet. Always wear shoes that have some opening for airflow to keep your feet dry. Also, do not forget to moisturize your feet. 

What Should You Do? 

Ah, finally we’ve come to what you should do. Read the list carefully and enjoy beautiful skin by following these tips. 

Cleansing: It is vital to cleanse your skin adequately and thoroughly, at least twice a day, during monsoons. This will maintain the glow of your skin and make you look healthy. 

Sunscreen: While many strictly use sunscreen during summer, they ignore it during monsoon season. The harsh rays from sun will affect your skin even during monsoons. So befriend your sunscreen all round the year, and keep it handy wherever you go. 

Diet: Maintain a healthy diet that is rich in fibers, micronutrients, essential fats, and antioxidants. Eat green, leafy vegetables and colorful fruits. This will give you not just a glowing skin but also keep you healthy overall. 

Read reviews of various Kaya products and services and give your feedback in the comments. Visit Kaya Clinic Review for more!

Thursday 25 June 2015

Anti-Aging Creams Or Serum—Which Is Better?

Choosing between an anti-aging cream and serum for you skin can be quite confusing. You don’t often find literature that tells you which one of the two would be more suited for your skin. So how can you tell what sets them apart?

You use skin products so that you provide your skin with hydration and nourishment. Anti-aging skin products also offer treatment for issues such as wrinkles, sun damage, dryness, etc. Everyone has a preference for either anti-aging creams or serum, but are not aware of which is better. The primary difference between them, however, lies in the way they work.


Serums are made of finer particles which are better at being absorbed by your skin and penetrating through the epidermis. The molecules present in serums reach deep into the underlying layers of your skin and work their magic. Skin creams and serums practically offer the same benefits, but the thickness of their compositions differs. The composition of serums allows them to soak in through your skin layers and work immediately.

Skin Creams

Skin creams treat your skin at the surface because their molecules are larger by comparison. They are incapable of penetrating past the epidermis and extend their effects only as far as the top layer of your skin. Creams have a thicker texture which will work slowly in having a beneficial effect on your skin.

Application Of Anti-Aging Products

You can only apply a small amount of an anti-aging serum, but creams must be applied in thicker measures for them to work. Serums generally cost more as they are carefully crafted through a process of clinical testing and evaluation. But creams are more in your reach if you have a lower budget.

Skin creams are a cost-effective way of making you look younger as you age, but serums are more effective in their function as an anti-aging product.

For more information on which anti-aging product would be best for your skin, contact a specialist at a skin clinic. But learn about the effectiveness of their services before booking an appointment through links like Kaya reviews.

4 Natural Facial Masks You Can Easily Make At Home

Wouldn’t it be great if you did not have to spend a fortune on face creams or masks that help restore the moisture of your skin? There are many skin treatments that cost so high that you give up and neglect your skin. But you can opt for many homemade masks that are equally effective and safe.

Home-blended masks can sometimes be the best solution for your skin problems as they are quite effective and mild. These concoctions are not laced with artificial substances that could potentially harm your skin. They cost almost little to nothing and can be put together with provisions that are perhaps in your kitchen right now. Read on to learn what these wonderfully refreshing masks are.

1.     Cucumber And Lime Juice Face Mask

This face mask is made of a cucumber juice and lime juice mixed with a touch of turmeric and glycerine. Apply this solution and leave it on for about 15 minutes.

2.     Milk Face Mask

Blend about a quarter of a cup of powdered milk with water to create a concoction of your preferred thickness. Apply this to your face in gentle, circular movements and let it dry. You can wash it off with lukewarm water after about 20 minutes.

3.     Banana Face Mask

This mask is one of the simplest in the books. You need only pull out a banana, mash it up till it has a creamy texture and apply it to your face. You can let it set for a little 30 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. This will leave your skin soft and supple.

4.     Vinegar Face Mask

Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water. You can use this as a finishing touch to your cleansing routine. It will remove excess oils from the surface of your skin and give it added elasticity.

To learn more about facial masks that help renew the freshness in your face, speak to skin experts who would be able to give you valuable suggestions. You can consider reading reviews about their treatments too. Here’s something you could start with: Kaya Skin Clinic reviews.

Friday 19 June 2015

Quick Tips on How To Keep Your Face Glowing

Do you love your skin? Would you love to keep it glowing and radiant? Are you looking for some easy and effective ways to keep your skin healthy? This article helps you in rejuvenating and keeping your skin soft and supple.
Who doesn’t love to have perfect skin? But, when you are always on the go, it can be a herculean task to take care of your skin. By developing a simple skin care regimen and incorporating certain lifestyle changes, you can do wonders to your skin. Read this article to find out how you can make your skin look beautiful and radiant in 4 easy ways.

Follow the steps below to keep give your face the glow it deserves -

1) Develop A Daily Skincare Regimen
A small change will go a long way to make your skin look radiant. Always follow the washing, toning, and moisturizing routine. Wash your face with a mild face wash and then apply a toner to clear your pores. Follow it up with a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

2) Always Use A Sunscreen
Going out in the sun without wearing a sunscreen can be the worst mistake of your life. The harmful UVA and UVB rays age your skin and sometimes the effects can be irreversible. Choose a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and apply it 20 minutes before you leave your house or office.

3) Eat Foods Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Some fats are good for your health as they make you stronger from within. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fats, and including it in your meal is an easy way of getting the skin you desire. Experts say that it prevents a lot of other skin diseases. So go ahead and have fish as often as you can.

4) Exercise Daily For A Healthy Skin And Body
Cardio exercises improves blood circulation, thereby making your skin glow naturally. Exercising daily will make you stronger and improve your health. After a few days, you will notice that your skin looks radiant.

If you are living in big cities, you will find a lot of skin care clinics, choosing the right one is important. For example, if you are a resident of Bangalore, you can try reading Kaya skin clinic Bangalore reviews to know more about them.

3 Tips on How To Prepare Yourself For Laser Hair Removal

If you’re researching on laser hair removal, you would have come across different machines and techniques available in the market. But before you finally zero in on an option and go for it, you need to prepare yourself well for that laser treatment. Shall we know how?

Waxing, threading, shaving, and other hair removal techniques are cumbersome and painful. But laser hair removal is painless and requires a fraction of the time. But it may be cumbersome if you are not well prepared for the treatment. Here’s all you need to do, just 3 simple steps, before you get it done finally!

Follow few simple steps listed below -

1. Opt For A Certified Doctor Or A Trusted Clinic

If you are going for laser hair removal then consider opting for a doctor who is certified in dermatology or cosmetic surgery. It will be added advantage if he/she has a prior experience with laser hair removal and a good skill in the same field. For example, consider opting for Kaya skin clinic hair removal treatments which is a credible and trusted brand in the cosmetic world.

2.  Don’t Go Out In The Sun

If you go out too much in the Sun then your skin may get sun-tan. And tanning increases the risk of side effects due to laser treatment. You are advised to keep your skin as light as possible during the treatment. So I would suggest you to avoid going out in the Sun for up to 6 weeks before the treatment. Also refrain from using any artificial sunless tanners.

3.  Refrain From Plucking And Waxing

Hair removal techniques like plucking and waxing disturb your hair roots and follicles. This in turn may interfere with the laser hair removal treatment. Hence, it is advised to avoid these hair removal procedures prior to your appointment. But shaving is recommended prior treatment so that laser does not target hair above the skin which may cause burns. Also shaving causes no agitation to hair follicles.

To read customer experiences regarding Kaya’s wide range of skincare and haircare products and services, visit Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews.

Saturday 6 June 2015

How Kaya Values Its Customers

Kaya Skin Clinic has been providing world class skin and hair care solutions since the year 2002. Kaya has a reputation for delivering customized skincare solutions to its customers. It understands that your skin problem is unique and must be treated accordingly.
Dermatologists At Kaya

When you walk into any Kaya Skin Clinic, you will be requested to fill in the details of your medical history and skin condition in a questionnaire. This is done to ensure that the doctors have an idea about your skin problem. Thereafter, you will be examined by the resident dermatologist. Your skin will be analyzed with a skin sensor, which will give a complete skin health report. Depending on the report, the doctor will advise the best services and products for you. This way, Kaya ensures that you have the right treatment for your problem. All the treatments are carried out by Kaya’s expert dermatologists.
Support Staff At Kaya

Kaya Skin Clinic has a team of trained staff who take care of your comfort. From keeping your personal belongings safe to maintaining hygiene, the staff ensure that you have a memorable experience at Kaya Skin Clinic. In order to keep the staff updated with the latest international skin care techniques, Kaya holds training-cum-refresher courses once in every six months. Kaya Skin Clinic maintains a high level of hygiene. All your personal items like wallet, keys, and bag are sanitized. The therapists and assistants explain each step of your treatment in detail and familiarize you with the procedure. If you are unsure of any product, you can always ask them for details.
Additional Customer Support

Apart from providing personal support to its customers, Kaya Skin Clinic also has an additional customer support program. If you don’t have time to visit one of their clinics, you can always drop an email at Or, you can also call on their toll-free number 1800-209-5292 to inquire about their product and services. Kaya’s customer care executives have been trained to guide you through their procedures and answer all your queries in detail. 

Monday 1 June 2015

How You Can Benefit From Kaya's Holistic Skincare Solutions

Kaya Skin Clinic believes in transforming lives by providing holistic and customized skin care solutions to its customers, keeping in mind the growing need for beautiful and healthy skin.

The atmosphere at a Kaya Skin Clinic is unique and innovative. The doctors and other professionals working at Kaya understand your needs and are ready to help you deal with the diversity and intensity of your skin care problems. With this in mind, Kaya brings to you custom designed services.
How Kaya Works

Kaya houses a team of more than 140 trained dermatologists. When you walk into a Kaya Skin Clinic, you will be asked to fill up a questionnaire, which enquires about  your skin condition and medical history. Thereafter, you will be greeted by the resident dermatologist who will examine your skin using a skin sensor. After a thorough analysis, the dermatologist will let you know which treatment and services are best suited for you.
At this point of time, you can either choose to avail the service or come back later after you have given it some thought. Kaya believes that every one’s problems are unique and so their treatments should be unique too. This way, you can give your skin the benefit of therapy that is tailored to fit your needs.
How Kaya Combines Its Products And Services
A lot of procedures at Kaya include the integration of specialized services with its products. You can do a follow up skin care regime on your own after the clinical process is over. For example, a skin peel combines natural skin lightening and depigmentation ingredients with derma-peels to give you a radiant skin tone. This is a safe and effective formula that works deep into your skin to lighten pigmentation marks.

You can follow up this clinical procedure with the application of a night cream or serum, which contains skin lightening ingredients. This will solve your uneven skin tone issues and gives amazing results in less than 2 weeks. The whole procedure has been combined to give you the best possible solution for your skin.
How A Kaya Skin Bar Will Help You

Kaya Skin Bar is another initiative by Kaya, which aims at providing skin and hair care solutions to men and women who are always on the go. It may not be possible for you to attend a specialized skin care regime at Kaya Skin Clinic; Kaya has solved your problem by bringing a quick and easy solution. Kaya Skin Bars are located in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and New Delhi.
When you visit a Kaya Skin Bar, a dermatologist will analyse your skin using an advanced diagnostic tool, the first of its kind in Asia. Depending on the result of your test, the right kind of product will be recommended to you. This way you don’t pick a random product but actually use the right formula for your skin. It is a more realistic and wholesome approach to treating your skin and hair related woes.
If you’re looking for additional information about any of Kaya’s services or products, you can seek information by looking up a Kaya Skin Clinic reviews written by our fellow customers who have provided good reviews about the Kaya Services. Kaya has more than 6,00,000 satisfied customers across the globe.