Thursday 26 April 2018

UVA and UVB Rays - What’s the Difference? What Does the SPF Rating Mean in Sunscreens?

Light and the heat from the sun help sustain life on earth. Yet, sunlight can also be harmful. Sunlight is composed of different rays, these include ultraviolet rays that can be harmful to humans. UVA and UVB are two types of ultraviolet rays that can affect skin health and cause other problems.
Sunscreens help protect you from the harmful effects of theserays. However, before you go shopping for a good sunscreen to add to your summer skin care kit, you need to understand some of the basics about UV rays and sunscreen ratings.
This will help you choose the right sunscreen for skin protection like the Kaya Youth Protect Sunscreen SPF 50. Let’s take a look at what UVA and UVB rays are and the different kinds of sunscreens available in the market.

UVA Rays and UVB Rays

Sunlight consists of both visible light and lights that are not visible to human eyes. Ultraviolet rays are in the invisible light spectrum. Most of the light that reaches the earth is filtered through the atmospheric layers and most of the unhealthy rays do not reach the earth's surface. However, some do, like the UVA and UVB rays.
UVB rays are short wavelength rays. The intensity of UVB rays is not uniform. It can vary by season, region, and altitude. They have a wavelength (in nanometers) of 290 nm to 320 nm. They do not penetrate the skin deeply. Yet, they are potentially more harmful as they are directly linked to skin cancer. They cause sunburn and over exposure can even lead to cancer. This is why most sunscreens focus on blocking out UVB rays more than UVA rays.
UVA rays are long wavelength rays. They have a wavelength of 320 nm to 400 nm and so are capable of penetrating deep into the skin. They do not cause any quickly obvious outward effects like UVB rays do in the form of sunburn.
UVA rays can darken skin, damage skin cells, and collagen. All these lead to skin damage like sunspots, wrinkles, and skin discoloration. Collagen damage caused by UVA rays can cause the skin to lose its firmness and suppleness.
So, it’s important that you protect your skin while being out in the sun, even if you are out for a few minutes. Use a product like Kaya Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30 for daily protection against UV rays.


Sunscreens are designed to provide a protective coating on the skin that can block the UV rays and prevent skin damage. They are also specially formulated to provide maximum protection against the cancer causing UVB rays which also cause painful sunburns.

Sunscreens and SPF

Sunscreens come with an SPF rating. SPF is an acronym for Sun Protection Factor. The SPF number indicates the level of protection the sunscreen can provide against ultraviolet rays. As sunscreens are optimized for protection against UVB rays, you should look for products that also shield you against UVA rays which are always present irrespective of season. Look for sun protection creams that are labeled as “Broad Spectrum”. These have been specifically designed for blocking out UVA rays as well as UVB rays.

SPF Numbers

The SPF ratings are indicative of the level of protection they can provide against sun damage. The numbers also indicate the percentage of UVB rays the sunscreen can shield you against.
If a sunscreen has an SPF of 15, it can enhance your resistance to UVB rays by a factor of 15. For instance, if your skin can resist the harmful effects of UVB rays for 10 minutes, an SPF 15 sunscreen can potentially help you resist sun damage for 10 x 15 minutes, that's, 150 minutes. This is just a rough estimate. The sunscreen protection can be affected by many factors like your skin type, how much sunscreen you have used, and so on. Choose a sunscreen like Kaya Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin SPF 15 if your skin type is highly sensitive.
The SPF numbers can also indicate the percentage of UVB rays they can block. SPF 15 indicates that the product can keep out 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 rated sunscreens can keep out 97%, and SPF 50 can block out 98% of UVB rays. For optimal protection, buy broad spectrum sunscreens which also block out UVA rays. The Kaya Ultra-Light Aquagel Sunscreen SPF 25 is a broad spectrum sunscreen for oily skin and for combination skin types.
Choose the best sunscreen products that suits your skin and your lifestyle. Protect yourself against the harsh rays of the sun. Stay free of sunburns and other sun damage during this summer.

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Paraben-Free Kaya Root Regen Range: All that You Need

Most people are looking for paraben-free hair and skin care products. And why not? Parabens are chemicals that cause more harm than good to your skin and hair.
Paraben can rob your hair of its moisture and make it dry and dull. And when you can reap the benefits of natural ingredients, why go after products that contain chemicals?
Yes, with Kaya Root Regen Range, your hair gets to enjoy the goodness of superfoods. Read on to know more.
The Root Regen Range is a hair fall routin e that has NO parabens and sulfates, and so, won’t dry out or damage your hair. It’s a complete hair care kit that nourishes and moisturises your hair and gives it a natural shine.
Before taking a look at the Root Regen Range, let’s first take a look at what harm do paraben and sulfates cause.

How Parabens and Sulfates Affects You

The roots of your hair are its building blocks. If the roots aren’t cared for, the rest of the hair slowly falls apart. The overall strength and quality of the hair comes from the roots. So, you need to choose hair care products that target the roots. The Root Regen Range does just that.
So, what do sulfates and parabens do? Well, sulfate is a surfactant. It reduces the surface tension between the hair and the shampoo, allowing the sulfate to seep in and clean the oil, giving you the squeaky clean feel. Parabens are preservatives. They allow your shampoo to stay on the shelf for months together.
Recently, they’ve been proven to be more damaging than previously thought. Parabens cause allergic reactions and often irritate the skin. Sulfates dry out the scalp and make your hair dry. Dryness can make the hair strands brittle thereby leading to hair fall.

What can you do?

The first and the most important thing that you need to do is replace your hair care products. Opt for an oil, shampoo, and conditioner that contain zero percentage of paraben and sulfates.
You can also visit the nearest the Kaya clinic and talk to one of their hair doctors. The hair doctor will examine your hair and find out the causes of hair damage. He or she will then recommend the suitable hair care products or the treatment, depending on the extent of your hair damage.
You don’t need to treat your hair unless it’s severely damaged. If you’re experiencing hair fall, you can simply use Kaya Root Regen Range at home to your hair strong and healthy. 

The Kaya Root Regen Range

Kaya Root Regen Range consists of 4 different products that you need to use on a regular basis.

All the products are enriched with the goodness of basil root, lemon extracts, sugarcane, and apple extracts. All of these ingredients add to the health of your scalp, by nourishing the roots, and encouraging hair growth. Let’s take a look at these products in detail:

Scalp Nourishing Oil

Besides being lightweight and non-sticky, the oil makes a visible difference to the feel and quality of yourhair after just a few uses. Massage your hair with this oil before using the revitalizing shampoo.

Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo

Made with a bundle of superfoods, this shampoo is mild at its very best, and works as an exfoliator. It promotes cell renewal and reduces hair breakage.

Deep Conditioning Masque

It serves to give your hair a visible shine and makes it manageable, thereby reducing breakage. It gives up to 2x smoother hair.

Hair Protect Serum

This is the final step towards strengthening your roots. This serum protects your hair by nourishing the hair roots.
Investing in a good hair care routine will ensure that you have beautiful hair. Welcome good hair days with Kaya Root Regen Range.

Wednesday 18 April 2018

Benefits of Facials for Pigmentation and Skin Blemishes

Your face is the most recognizable part of your body. It is unique and gives you identity. However, sun exposure, ageing, hormonal changes and other factors can affect your skin and cause dark spots and other blemishes on your face. And the first line of treatments for these is a good facial.

Facial Treatments for Pigmentation

Uneven distribution of skin pigments is often the main cause of skin blemishes, so, special facial treatments are designed to focus on removing dark spots andblotches on the skin.

Skin Pigmentation

Skin colour is determined by the skin pigment called Melanin. Darker skinned people have a higher concentration of melanin in their skin. However, whether you are dark or fair, a disruption in the even distribution melanin can cause skin discoloration. High concentration of melanin in specific spots creates dark spots or patches. Whatever the reason for this, skin blemishes of this type are referred to as Hyper pigmentation.

Kaya Skin Clinic Pigmentation Solution

Besides constant exposure to sunlight and pollution, there may also be other causes for dark patches, like the Melasma which is a result of hormonal imbalance. Acne and pimples may also leave behind scars and dark spots. When the dark spots develop in the deeper layers of your skin, they are harder to treat. You then need to consult a dermatologist for a proper remedial treatment to reduce this kind of hyperpigmentation.
Pigmentation Reducing Facials
Facial treatments like chemical peels, dermabrasion, face masks, and hydration gels are some of the methods used to deal with skin blemishes. Consult a Kaya expert dermatologist to get some suggestions on the right treatments for you. Their treatments and services range from chemical peels to deep cleaning and nourishing facials, to laser treatments.
Kaya offers several facial treatments to reduce skin pigmentation:
Kaya Intense Clarity Peel
This is a tri-active chemical peel that has been designed by dermatologists as a safe and gentle cleaning peel to reduce skin blemishes. This peel combines chemical agents with botanical actives. The Glycolic Acid and other similar ingredients work to clear the dark spots. They exfoliate the skin, unblock pores and clear the skin of sebum and other built up impurities.
The botanical ingredients help control melanin production, and give your skin an even tone and smooth complexion.
When you go for this facial, you will also get a skin care product for home use - Pigmentation Reducing Complex. This is a gel-based product that is lightweight and suitable for all skin types. It further helps you clear and nourish your skin, keeping it clear of hyperpigmentation and promoting a clean and even-toned complexion.
Kaya Lighten and De Tan Facial
This is a deeper treatment than the chemical peel. It is meant to treat more stubborn marks that are harder to remove. It starts with a Micro-Dermabrasion procedure that clears dead skin cells and other blemishes in your skin.
After this, a cooling Aloe Vera Gel is applied to soothe the skin and hydrate it. The Aloe Vera Gel also helps heal the skin. After this an Antox Vit-C Serum is applied on the skin. Together, the gel and serum help heal the skin, nourish it, and promote cell renewal and they also rejuvenate the skin. This treatment helps get rid of blemishes like age spots or patchy skin, post acne blemishes, and dark spots.
Kaya Aqua Fairness Luxe
Using the Aqua Jet technology, this service exfoliates the skin and clears it of skin blemishes. The water jet also creates deep channels for the Glycolic Acid to get through and clear the skin of dark spots and other pigmentations. Then the aqua jet stream clears the skin pores of oil and other impurities.
After this, a gentle massage with Aloe Vera Gel follows. This cools down the skin and also helps revive and rejuvenate it. Finally, an Insta Brightening Mask is applied over the face. This breaks down melanin in the darker patches, which the body eventually flushes out. This lightens and evens the skin tone and gives your face a radiant glow.
Get flawless skin with a pigmentation reducing facial treatment from Kaya. Fix an appointment at a Kaya Clinic near you. Your skin will be examined and you will be given a suggestion on the best facial therapy for your issues. The services and products from Kaya are all researched and developed by dermatologists, and the treatments are performed by expert dermatologists themselves. Follow up the facial sessions with associated skin care products to keep your face looking smooth, even toned and radiant for a long time.

Tuesday 10 April 2018

Summer Acne: Stay Away!

Summer is practically already here. This is the right time to head to the beach and give your body the much needed vitamin boost before it gets much hotter. But we know all too well that with summer heat comes sweat and acne breakouts. So, what’s the solution?
Sweat and humidity during the summers can take a toll on your skin. You might turn to sunscreens for protection the harmful rays of the sun, but is that all?
A lot of the times, sunscreens leave your skin extremely greasy. They even clog your pores, leading to skin problems like stubborn acne and pimples. If left unaddressed, this can lead to chronic breakouts and scars, forcing you to look for a good treatment for acne scars.

The Acne Cycle

Preventing acne from appearing on your skin is altogether a better option than looking for a good acne treatment, but that simply isn’t possible for everyone. What your skin calls for is an all-round skin treatment and routine that gives it the best possible care in the long summer days.
Skin care routine for summer should ideally have 3 to 5 steps that take into account all the different kinds of care your skin needs. This should include everything from exfoliating to cleansing.
Enter the Kaya Skin Clinic Advanced Acne Care Kit. This is a potent combination that rids your skin of acne, blemishes, and clogged pores, which are the root cause of the problem. You end up with a smoother, cleaner acne-free skin, and open pores that allow your skin to breathe. The kit not only deals with acne but also stops the cycle, so you have acne-free skin. So, how does this kit work?

The 4 Step Process

The Advanced Acne Care Kit comes with four separate products that work together and visibly reduce acne marks/pimple marks, and the clogged pores that cause them. Here’s how it works.
Purifying Cleanser: During summer, it is important to have an efficient cleanser. As the name suggests, the cleanser works to clean your pores from the inside. It removes excess oil and dirt, along with other impurities that seep into your pores. This one doesn’t dry up the skin like soaps do. The cleanser also contains salicylic acid, which is potent for acne causing bacteria.
Purifying Toner: The cleanser is followed up by the toner. It exfoliates the skin by getting rid of dead cells, which might also add to clogged pores. The toner also refreshes your skin, making it soft and supple.
Purifying Nourisher: The nourisher works like a moisturizer, giving your skin the nourishment it needs after the cleanser and toner have done their work. The best cream for pimples, or acne prone skin, is an oil-free one. This doesn’t lead to excessive oiliness on the skin, keeping it smooth while it keeps the pores from getting clogged.
Purifying Spot Corrector: This special weapon in the kit is not only an instant solution to sudden breakouts but is also a pimple marks removal cream. This is a great go-to option for when you wake up and find an unpleasant pimple popping up out of nowhere. This formula dries the acne inside out, preventing the acne from scarring.

Alternative Treatments for Acne

Acne is an experimental problem. What works for someone else may not work for you. This is why it’s important to understand the different treatment options available to you, so you can pick one that gives you the best results.
Peels for acne might work better for those who have stubborn acne. The Salicylic Peel Treatment or the Black Peel Treatment are specifically designed by expert dermatologists to target acne and pimple scars. The Black Peel has anti-bacterial and and anti-inflammatory properties, all of which make it a potent acne clearing solution. It is especially helpful during the summer since the sweat and clogged pores can give rise to bacteria on the skin.
Another good treatment is the derma roller for acne scars. This is best used for those who have a darker complexion. The thin needles penetrate the dermal layer of the skin and make small tears in the epidermal and dermal layers. This causes small blood cells to rupture under the skin. This creates an immune response to heal these microscopic tears and encourages collagen production in the skin. This also helps you look youthful and reduces scars and wrinkles while curing the acne. 
The best way to know what your skin needs is by visiting an expert dermatologist and understanding all the options you have.

Monday 9 April 2018

Is Laser the Best Hair Removal Method?

Women struggle with hair removal from a very young age. All traditional hair removal methods give results that last anywhere between 3 days to 4 weeks. Is there really a hair removal method that has permanency or can slow down body hair growth?
The options for body hair removal are many. From tweezing to waxing, most women probably have experimented with one or more of these methods.
If you’re looking for more of a permanent solution, you can opt for Laser Hair reduction services offered by Kaya. Let’s take a look at what it is exactly.
Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Reduction is a method of hair removal that destroys hair follicle using laser lights. The results last for a long time and it’s one of the most trusted method of permanent hair reduction. 
But permanent laser hair removal/reduction might seem like a huge step to take if you’ve only shaved or waxed. This is where Kaya can help you. There is no reason to be afraid or be apprehensive of the treatment, as it is tailored to suit your needs.
This laser hair technology eliminates all ingrown hair and gives you a much smoother skin than any other conventional hair removal methods available today. So if permanent hair free skin is your goal, then look no further than your nearest Kaya clinic.

The Gold Standard for Laser Hair Removal at Kaya

Having an expert dermatologist telling you what your skin needs are and how compatible the laser is for you, really helps in knowing if the treatment is best suited for you and your skin. Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch laser is US-FDA approved and is perfectly suited for the Indian skin.
But that’s just one of the many reasons. The Kaya laser hair removal reviews will leave you stunned. Having served more than 100,000 happy clients successfully, Kaya is one of the best choices you have as far as permanent hair reduction is concerned.
The process starts on a small patch of the skin and the strength of the laser is adjusted accordingly. The laser beams address the hair follicles that are in their active growth phase. They target the hair follicles to reduce hair growth from the roots without affecting the surrounding skin.
You may require about 5 to 6 sessions to eliminate body hair. A lot depends on the hair type, skin type, and the hair growth phase. So, you might need more than 6 sessions as well. The effects will last for years to come and after that all you will need are touch-up sessions.

Cost and Maintenance

Read reviews to know about laser treatment for hair removal costs at Kaya. You can book an appointment with your nearest Kaya clinic as well.
The initial cost might seem a bit high. However, if you consider the long-term benefits, the cost is worth it. You don’t have to spend thousands every month for waxing. And moreover, this is a permanent solution.
Once you get your body hair  removed, you will need to take a few measures to keep your skin healthy. The expert dermatologist at Kaya will tell you everything that you’ll need to do post laser hair reduction. Applying a good quality sunscreen without fail is one of the basic things that you’ll need keep in mind.
So, visit the nearest Kaya clinic and opt for laser hair reduction to say goodbye to painful waxing and tweezing. You deserve nothing but the best and Kaya ensures just that.

Thursday 5 April 2018

Prevent Early Skin Aging with Kaya Youth Brilliance Range

Aging is a natural process that is inevitable, but premature aging isn’t. That is something undesirable. The mind plays an important role in deciding whether you age slower or faster. Healthier and happier people tend to live long and age gracefully with low risk to any kind of health issues.
Unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet, overexposure to environmental conditions like harsh weather or harmful sun’s rays, stress, depression, or anxiety can lead to premature aging. The first signs appear on the face in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots and slowly spread to the other areas.

Premature Skin Aging

Skin is inevitable with age. However, if you’re experiencing fine lines and wrinkles on your skin from an age as early as 30s or before, then it’s a result of premature aging.

Early Signs of Premature Skin Aging:

     Dry skin
     Appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots
     Skin sagging

Causes of Premature Skin Aging:

     Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption
     Overexposure to sun and cold
     Dryness of the skin
     Unhealthy lifestyle
     Constant frowning

Kaya Skin Clinic Youth Brilliance Range to prevent early skin aging

All these factors result in dark spots, patchiness, dryness, acne, wrinkles, and fine lines. It makes the skin look tired, dull, and unhealthy. Besides these common agents, there are three constant factors that influence skin aging. These are,
     Biological: Characterised by genetics, biological clock modifies the skin as it starts to age. It is natural as it occurs due to hormonal changes and is hence, unavoidable.
    Mechanical: Repeated facial behaviors like cringing, frowning, smiling, or squinting that becomes a permanent habit that results in early skin aging.
 Environmental: Pollution, harsh weather, constant exposure to sun’s harmful UV rays, and extreme cold can also lead to premature skin aging.
Natural skin aging can’t be avoided. However, with Kaya, you can treat the symptoms of unnatural premature skin aging. The Kaya Youth Brilliance Range contains a chain of products that help treat skin aging  and ensures a youthful-looking skin that is free of any spots and marks. It has been developed by expert dermatologists and ensures effective results.

Kaya Youth Brilliance Range

It specifically targets fine lines and patchy skin and makes use of a highly effective chemical peel that restores radiance. It consists of a range of services that make your skin supple and corrects all the early signs of aging.
The procedure includes:
Intense Clarity Peel: Designed by Kaya expert dermatologists, it is a tri-active peel that decreases visible fine lines, wrinkles, and restores skin radiance and uncovers a clearer looking skin. It makes use of the following:

     Derma Peels

It boosts cell turnover and exfoliates your skin gently. It reduces patchy and uneven skin.
     Botanical White Actives
It minimizes age spots and unwanted pigmentation caused by light.
     Wrinkle Lift Mask
This works by making your skin soft and smooth for a radiant looking skin. It reverses the signs of skin damage and gives you youthful skin that is soft and supple. Premature skin aging is becoming a common problem and the best way to treat this is by opting for this Kaya's anti-aging treatment.
Kaya has millions of satisfied customers. Read some Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews given by their customers to understand this treatment better. It’s highly effective and is one of the best that you can avail. Kaya has its branches in all of the major cities in India. Book your appointment here.

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Fight Skin Aging with Kaya Dramatic Renew Day Cream

Aging is a natural process and it is something that is bound to occur. There is no treatment for skin aging but you can control it with the right products.

Skin aging is associated with symptoms like wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. The symptoms are the same in the case of premature aging. Premature aging can be prevented with a proper skin care regime, a healthy lifestyle, and sun protection. However, if the damage has already been made, you can reverse it with Kaya Dramatic Renew Day Cream.
Let’s take a look at some of the common causes of skin aging first, before taking a look at how this cream works.

Causes and Symptoms of Skin Aging

The causes of skin aging are many. From an unbalanced lifestyle to overexposure to the rays of the sun—all can cause your skin to age faster than it should. 

Kaya Clinic Anti Aging Treatment

Sun Exposure and Skin Aging

Exposure to sun is considered to be one of the main causes of skin aging, premature or not. It weakens the elasticity of your skin and degrades the texture. It damages the skin that leads to its sagging and appearance of wrinkles. The rays of the sun affects all the layers of the skin.
Chronic overexposure makes the skin susceptible to bruises as well. The skin takes longer to heal from tears and visible pores. The effects may not be visible immediately. But you will eventually get to see them.
Overexposure to UV radiation may affect the functioning of your body’s immune system as well. For instance, the skin generally mounts a protection against outside invaders, for example: diseases and contaminations. Overexposure to UV radiation can debilitate this system, lessening the skin's capacity to fight with the foreign invaders.
Premature aging is an unfortunate skin condition that occurs due to excessive sun exposure.
Symptoms of skin aging include:
       Fine Lines
       Coarse wrinkles
       Unwanted skin pigmentation
       Telangiectasias: where the skin’s small blood vessels start to dilate deep inside
       Age spots
       Dull and dry skin

Kaya Dramatic Renew Day Cream

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, doing regular exercises, getting sufficient sun protection, and a proper skincare routine ensure that you age gracefully.
For all the damages that have already done, Kaya has a range of products and services for you. The Dramatic Renew Day Cream is one of them.
It’s a dermatologically-tested skin care product developed by the expert dermatologists at Kaya. It works by boosting collagen production and offering protection from the rays of the sun.

What does Dramatic Renew Day Cream do?

This potent formulation offers results in less than 8 weeks and is suitable for all skin types.
Here’s what it does:
       Stimulates collagen production
       Encourages renewal of cells and its turnover
       Reduces signs of aging like fine line, wrinkles, age spots
       Boosts skin hydration
       Enhances skin elasticity
       Provides firmer and smoother skin
Niacinamide and vitamin B3 help in sebum regulation and lighten the skin tone. Zinc reduces excess sebum.
It fights all the seven signs of aging  and they are:
  1. Sagging skin
  2. Dark spots
  3. Wrinkles and fine lines
  4. Dullness
  5. Open pores
  6. Patchy skin and
  7. Dryness
Kaya is a well-known brand and offers effective products and services that actually offer results. Trusted by millions, Kaya believes in making you look beautiful naturally. Expert dermatologists diagnose the concern before recommending any product or service.
Visit your nearest Kaya clinic to avail customized services based on your skin and hair needs. Make an appointment here.