Saturday 30 April 2016

Summer Is Coming: Protect Your Skin With These 5 Easy Steps

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to get your sunscreens out and fight off acne and heat rashes. Your face and hands, being the most exposed parts bear the brunt of the blazing sun. But, you can enjoy the bright sunshine while protecting yourself from the heat. Here’s how.
Come summer and we all begin dreading the heat and
humidity, which not only makes us uncomfortable but also turns our skin and hair oily and greasy. Being outdoors exposes you to harmful UV radiation as well as pigmentation. In fact, studies have proved that long hours of exposure to sun rays can cause skin cancer.
Here are a few easy steps that will protect your skin during the hot summers.
1.     Hydration Is Key

Dehydration can play havoc with your skin, making it dull and dry. As you sweat profusely in summers, there is excessive loss of water from your body. While it is recommended to drink a minimum 8 glasses of water per day, you can, in fact, drink more in summers to keep your body and skin well-hydrated.
2.     Apply Sunscreen Liberally
During summers, it’s best to remain indoors, especially between 10 AM and 4 PM when both the heat and UV radiation are at their peak. However, if you cannot avoid going outdoors, make sure that you apply sunscreen on all the exposed parts of your body. In case you suffer from pigmentation, you can visit a salon like Kaya Skin Clinic for remedy.
3.     Moisturize And Cool Your Skin
A splash of cold water, once you come back home or a dip in the pool, offer welcome relief in the summer. A water-based moisturizer works best for your skin during this time of the year. With acne breakouts being quite common in summer, a steaming routine will open up the pores and clear up your skin. If you happen to get acne, you can read up a Kaya Skin Clinic Review to know about their acne treatments.
4.     Watch Your Diet

To make up for the loss of water in your body, include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eating natural foods with high water content like cucumbers and watermelons can work wonders for your skin.
5.     Wear Protective Clothing
Cover well with light-coloured clothing and big hats. Protective clothing work like physical sunscreens that protects you from harsh and carcinogenic sun rays.
To protect your skin from damage, remember to follow these tips when the sun is at its peak. Get a de-pigmentation treatment done if you happen to get a bad, ugly sun tan. You can read kaya skin clinic reviews given by Kaya's customers before opting for pigmentation treatment.

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Why Q-Switch Laser Is The Best Therapy For Pigmented Skin

Getting a Q-Switch treatment will help you get rid of unwanted brown spots and pigmentation. But, after the completion of the procedure, you need to provide proper attention and care to your skin. This article will inform you about the procedure and its after-effects.

Skin pigmentation often leads to sun freckles, unwanted brown spots, and coloring of the skin, thereby creating a subtle difference in your skin tone. It’s mainly caused when the melanin pigment gets deposited under the skin layers.
Q-switch laser is often used to get rid of these blemishes. Many skin clinics like Kaya Skin Clinic offer this effective treatment. You can visit their website or go through a Kaya Skin Clinic review to know more about the quality of their treatments.
What Is Q-Switch Laser?
Q-switch therapy makes uses of several beams of laser that are focused on your skin. The laser then scatters the pigment around the skin, which is naturally re-absorbed and disposed by the body.
When Is Q-Switch Treatment Beneficial?
The Q-switch laser is appropriate for removing diffused and restricted pigmentation. This treatment is best used for small or big isolated color spots, acne marks, and skin rejuvenation. Reading a Kaya Skin Clinic review will give you a clearer idea about the efficacy of this treatment.
Pregnant women and individuals who have had a regular intake of Accutane for the last six months are advised not to undergo this treatment. Individuals who often complain of cold sores should also avoid this procedure.

Benefits Of The Procedure
When the procedure is being performed, the pigment color might intensify, followed by little swelling and even bruises. After the procedure, the treatment can reduce pigmentation by almost 75% and in some cases 100% success is also possible.
It might take more than a single consultation for some spots to completely offset the color. For women looking forward to getting this treatment, you can go through a Kaya Q Switch Laser review to know more about the benefits.

Usually, after the treatment is done, a red or brown spot may appear but this is temporary and can be treated if it persists. Proper skin care is very important for the treated area and also you should avoid sun exposure as much as possible.

Wednesday 13 April 2016

5 Ways To Keep Your Tresses Protected From The Summer Sun

Summer is the season to have fun and be carefree! However, if there’s one thing summer doesn’t do quite well, is to protect your hair from the sun. Here’s a look at some useful hair care tips to keep your tresses damage-free this summer.
If you’re someone who loves to spend time outdoors, then don't forget to protect your hair from the sun. The UV rays damage the protein cover of your hair, thereby turning your tresses into a dry, dull, and frizzy mess. So, what should you do to protect your hair?
Here’re 5 easy tips that will certainly help you keep your hair nourished, moisturized, and shiny.
1.     Go For A Haircut!
Begin the season with a trim. When your hair is cut, it sends the entire system into shock, thereby stimulating the growth of new hair cells. The new strands will be healthier and stronger.

If you’re facing extreme hair fall or hair thinning, then you may want to consult an expert. You can read a few Kaya Skin Clinic review online to know about their hair treatments.

2.     Cover Up In Style
The easiest way to protect your tresses from the sun is to cover your head when you are outdoors. This also helps to keep the moisture in your scalp intact. Buy some fancy hats and scarves and you’ll look like a diva every time you step out of the house.
3.     Fight Frizz
Water molecules from the humid air seep into hair strands and make them swell up. You can use natural oils to keep your hair in place. The alternative is to use anti-frizz serums like Kaya Hair Health Gel. These hair serums smoothen out your hair cuticles and seal the strands.
4.     Avoid Hot Tools
Avoid using curling irons and strengtheners in the summer as these tools further dry out your hair. Just let your hair air dry after a wash.

5.     Use Correct Hair Care Products
We usually wash our hair very frequently in the summers to get rid of grease and sweat. Unfortunately, the scalp increases its oil production to counter the dryness. Thus, it is best to use mild and gentle hair products that clean your hair without stripping off the natural oils.
Follow these five tips to have hair as beautiful as Rapunzel’s and also to keep it protected from the scorching sun.

To read customer experiences regarding Kaya’s wide range of skincare and haircare products and services, visit Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews.

Monday 4 April 2016

Prepare Your Skin For A Warmer Weather In These 4 Easy Ways

Winter is making an exit and the sun is all set to brighten up your mood. But, it also brings along heat, which gives rise to prickly heat and excessive sweat. Here are some ways in which you can protect your skin from sun tans and allergies.
With the change in weather, you’ll need to make certain changes in your skincare routine too. The UV radiation is going to be high and long hours of exposure to the sun can result in an ugly tan.
Listed below are 4 easy ways that will help with your skin care routine as the weather gets warmer.
1.     Increase Your Water Intake
Don’t quench your thirst with a can of carbonated beverage. Plain water is the best antidote to dehydration. You must drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily. This will flush out toxins from your body and keep your skin well-hydrated and glowing.
Including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in water content can prove beneficial for your skin during summers.
2.     Exfoliate

You’ve to get rid of the dry and flaky skin left behind by the harsh winter. Exfoliation using a natural scrub is the best way to do so and restore the glow on your skin. You can also opt for exfoliation treatments offered at Kaya Skin Clinic Bangalore and make your skin summer-ready. In fact, soon after exfoliation, you will see a visible glow on your skin
3.     Make Sunscreen Your Companion
A sunscreen lotion should be used all round the year. For the summers, a sunscreen with an SPF 30 must always be carried in your handbag and reapplied every few hours. This will prevent pigmentation and blemishes.
4.     Get A Full Body Beauty Treatment
Indulge yourself in the luxury of a full beauty treatment. To decide on the best place, read up online on Kaya Skin Clinic reviews and fix up an appointment accordingly. With a glowing skin, you’re all ready to take on the summer heat.

As the summer season approaches, it’s advisable to get a skincare routine that will tackle itchy rashes and acne breakouts. Apart from that, a healthy diet and regular exercise will keep your skin fresh and glowing.

Read reviews of various Kaya products and services and give your feedback in the comments. Visit Kaya Clinic Review for more!