Thursday 30 November 2017

Your Best Options to Treating Skin Aging With Kaya Skin Clinic

Fine lines and wrinkles making you look older than your age? Don’t know how to get rid of those stubborn lines and age spots on your face? The Kaya Skin Clinic has solutions to all your skin problems.
Do you know that the first signs of aging appear on your skin? Aging is natural, and it’s bound to happen. For some, it happens at the correct age, and for others, it sets in early. Regardless of that, skin aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and patchy skin make your skin appear dull and saggy.
Healthy and glowing skin is every woman’s desire. And you get so by opting for Kaya Skin Clinic’s anti-aging treatment. Kaya has a holistic approach to skin problems as it understands how important it is for you to look beautiful.

Kaya’s Approach to Skin Aging

At the Kaya Skin Clinic, the dermatologists not only diminish the signs of aging but treat the causes ensuring longer results. They follow a three-step procedure, and the steps are as follows:
  1. Analyzing your skin so that the needs of your skin can be understood.
  2. The suitable treatment is recommended.
  3. A skin maintenance and protection regime is prescribed that involves the use of specialized Kaya products at home.

Treatments Kaya Skin Clinic Offers

Kaya recommends the following services and products for skin aging problems:

Youth Brilliance

This is a combination of services and products that involve the use of both natural ingredients and modern technology. It reduces the visible signs of aging and gives your skin a natural glow. It is a great choice for correcting the early signs like age spots, patchy skin, pigmentation, and fine lines.
The Intense Clarity Peel Pro Youth Plus exfoliates your skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This peel with botanical actives have been developed by the experts at Kaya and offer instant results. It effectively reduces the age spots and gives your skin an even tone.
The cell turnover is increased that keeps the signs of aging at bay, naturally. The Wrinkle Lift Mask makes your skin firm and gives it a flawless appearance.
It is a safe and gentle procedure that doesn’t take much time. All you need to do is manage few hours from your busy schedule, and you’ll come out of the clinic look all young and beautiful.

Restylane Vital

Our skin contains hyaluronic acid (HA), and this is responsible for maintaining its elasticity. The secretion of this acid decreases, as we grow old and our skin starts becoming rough and saggy.
Kaya recommends the use of Restylane Vital for photodamaged skin. It rejuvenates your skin from deep within by hydrating it and making it firm and elastic. It also makes your skin radiant.

Kaya Derma Regen 4-Layer Therapy

This is an anti-aging facial that offers great results. Fresh European seaweed is used in rejuvenating your skin cells and making your skin firm. As clear from the name, this is a 4-step therapy that deeply moisturizes your skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and also protects your skin.
This 4-layer facial offers instant results, and you’ll see drastic changes just after one facial. The Kaya Skin Clinic reviews about this facial say a lot about how it is. Read on the internet to know what the customers experienced.


There are a couple of home-use products from Kaya Skin Clinic that are effective in preventing wrinkles and fine lines and also reducing them.
Super Orange Bloom is their anti-aging range, and it has a couple of products under it. The range consists of products with a multivitamin complex that purifies your skin and makes it radiant. The range improves the health of your skin and keeps it moisturized.
       Skin Awakening Rinse: The multi-vitamin present in this face wash that removes all the impurities from the deep layers of your skin. Vitamin B helps revive your dull skin and give your skin a fresh bloom.
       Skin Awakening Gel: This lotion is suitable for oily skin. It rejuvenates dull skin and even helps in epidermal skin cell renewal.
       All Day Detoxifying Complex: It consists of Red tea and works by reducing damage and boosting the growth of new cells.
       Overnight Skin Replenisher: It works while you’re asleep and recharges stressed and tired skin.

Read Kaya product feedback of the Super Orange Bloom range to know more about how these products work.

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