Monday 20 November 2017

Kaya Hair Health Boost System for Shiny, Healthy Hair

Have you ever faced a situation where you had the sudden urge to scratch your scalp? Do you often notice white flakes on your clothes? The culprit can be your dry scalp. Read on to find out how to add some essential nutrients to your scalp to make your hair stronger and your scalp healthier.

Our scalp produces natural oils that maintain the hair health. In case you have a dry scalp, the production of these natural oils is inadequate, making your skin flaky and itchy.

What Causes Dry Scalp?

Hair health doesn’t only depend on the health of your scalp but your general health as well. For strong and shiny hair, there should be an adequate balance of natural oils on your scalp. Dry scalp can be a cause of embarrassment as it leads to your scalp becoming flaky and crusty. It can be caused due to environmental factors like pollution or extremely cold weather and even due to other medical conditions or due to stress and old age.
Getting rid of dry scalp isn’t easy. However, with Kaya Clinic, you can do so.

Kaya Hair Health Boost System for Dry Scalp

Dry skin and the problems it brings with itself can be treated by providing the nourishment your scalp lacks. The Kaya Hair Health Boost System is specifically designed to boost your hair health and make your hair strong, smooth, and healthy. It focuses on rejuvenating and nourishing the scalp and hair with all the essential nutrients they need.

The Three Step Nourishment Process

Kaya Clinic offers some of the best hair care procedures and services. If your scalp is dry and your hair feels undernourished, treat it with Kaya’s Hair Health Boost System, which is suitable for every hair type and texture.
The process is divided into three levels. The first level is the ‘Diagnosis’. The expert dermatologists at Kaya, examine your hair and scalp to find the root cause of dry scalp and dull hair.
The second step is called the ‘Treatment’. The in-clinic services are targeted to treat the problematic areas of your hair and to restore its health and natural shine.
The third step is called ‘Maintenance’. It is focused on maintaining the results achieved through the in-clinic services. The major part of this step is maintaining and monitoring the results through dietary advice, products, and supplements.
This three-step process helps in reducing the hair problems you face due to dryness of your scalp and ensures that they don't come back.

Boost Your Hair with The Kaya Ultimate 360° Hair Elixir Therapy

The secret of healthy and shiny hair lies in a healthy scalp. Healthy hair doesn't only look good but also feels good. The environmental and medical factors sometimes disrupt the natural functions of the body and affect your hair health.
Kaya Ultimate 360° Hair Elixir Therapy is a one-stop solution to all your hair problems. It is a blend of nature and technology which offers the much-needed boost to your scalp to promote hair growth. The therapy provides essential nutrients like oils, minerals, vitamins, and plant peptides which promote hair growth and scalp health.

The 360° Approach

This therapy provides a complete hair care procedure to moisturize your dry scalp and make your shafts healthy. The minerals and nutrients give your scalp the nutrition it requires and make your hair healthy and beautiful.
Keep in touch with the expert dermatologist after the procedure to make sure that you get the best results.

Kaya Scalp Exfoliate and Revitalize Therapy

Another therapy from the house of Kaya Clinic, this therapy is specifically meant to focus on your scalp. The process contains unique 3-staged action - Revive, Nourish, and Reinforce. The scalp is revised back from its condition, nourished properly, and the results are reinforced by follow-up. The Kaya feedback for this procedure has been positive and so you can expect the results you are looking for.

Grab the Opportunity

The Kaya Clinic offers an exciting range of procedures and products specifically focused on providing nutrition to dry scalp and undernourished hair. Choose the procedure that is the best for your hair type and the level of damage.
Read the Kaya reviews to find out more about these procedures and their costs.

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