Monday 1 June 2015

How You Can Benefit From Kaya's Holistic Skincare Solutions

Kaya Skin Clinic believes in transforming lives by providing holistic and customized skin care solutions to its customers, keeping in mind the growing need for beautiful and healthy skin.

The atmosphere at a Kaya Skin Clinic is unique and innovative. The doctors and other professionals working at Kaya understand your needs and are ready to help you deal with the diversity and intensity of your skin care problems. With this in mind, Kaya brings to you custom designed services.
How Kaya Works

Kaya houses a team of more than 140 trained dermatologists. When you walk into a Kaya Skin Clinic, you will be asked to fill up a questionnaire, which enquires about  your skin condition and medical history. Thereafter, you will be greeted by the resident dermatologist who will examine your skin using a skin sensor. After a thorough analysis, the dermatologist will let you know which treatment and services are best suited for you.
At this point of time, you can either choose to avail the service or come back later after you have given it some thought. Kaya believes that every one’s problems are unique and so their treatments should be unique too. This way, you can give your skin the benefit of therapy that is tailored to fit your needs.
How Kaya Combines Its Products And Services
A lot of procedures at Kaya include the integration of specialized services with its products. You can do a follow up skin care regime on your own after the clinical process is over. For example, a skin peel combines natural skin lightening and depigmentation ingredients with derma-peels to give you a radiant skin tone. This is a safe and effective formula that works deep into your skin to lighten pigmentation marks.

You can follow up this clinical procedure with the application of a night cream or serum, which contains skin lightening ingredients. This will solve your uneven skin tone issues and gives amazing results in less than 2 weeks. The whole procedure has been combined to give you the best possible solution for your skin.
How A Kaya Skin Bar Will Help You

Kaya Skin Bar is another initiative by Kaya, which aims at providing skin and hair care solutions to men and women who are always on the go. It may not be possible for you to attend a specialized skin care regime at Kaya Skin Clinic; Kaya has solved your problem by bringing a quick and easy solution. Kaya Skin Bars are located in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and New Delhi.
When you visit a Kaya Skin Bar, a dermatologist will analyse your skin using an advanced diagnostic tool, the first of its kind in Asia. Depending on the result of your test, the right kind of product will be recommended to you. This way you don’t pick a random product but actually use the right formula for your skin. It is a more realistic and wholesome approach to treating your skin and hair related woes.
If you’re looking for additional information about any of Kaya’s services or products, you can seek information by looking up a Kaya Skin Clinic reviews written by our fellow customers who have provided good reviews about the Kaya Services. Kaya has more than 6,00,000 satisfied customers across the globe.

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