Thursday 25 June 2015

Anti-Aging Creams Or Serum—Which Is Better?

Choosing between an anti-aging cream and serum for you skin can be quite confusing. You don’t often find literature that tells you which one of the two would be more suited for your skin. So how can you tell what sets them apart?

You use skin products so that you provide your skin with hydration and nourishment. Anti-aging skin products also offer treatment for issues such as wrinkles, sun damage, dryness, etc. Everyone has a preference for either anti-aging creams or serum, but are not aware of which is better. The primary difference between them, however, lies in the way they work.


Serums are made of finer particles which are better at being absorbed by your skin and penetrating through the epidermis. The molecules present in serums reach deep into the underlying layers of your skin and work their magic. Skin creams and serums practically offer the same benefits, but the thickness of their compositions differs. The composition of serums allows them to soak in through your skin layers and work immediately.

Skin Creams

Skin creams treat your skin at the surface because their molecules are larger by comparison. They are incapable of penetrating past the epidermis and extend their effects only as far as the top layer of your skin. Creams have a thicker texture which will work slowly in having a beneficial effect on your skin.

Application Of Anti-Aging Products

You can only apply a small amount of an anti-aging serum, but creams must be applied in thicker measures for them to work. Serums generally cost more as they are carefully crafted through a process of clinical testing and evaluation. But creams are more in your reach if you have a lower budget.

Skin creams are a cost-effective way of making you look younger as you age, but serums are more effective in their function as an anti-aging product.

For more information on which anti-aging product would be best for your skin, contact a specialist at a skin clinic. But learn about the effectiveness of their services before booking an appointment through links like Kaya reviews.

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