Friday 29 May 2015

Kaya—Skin Care Expertise At Its Best

Kaya’s team of highly qualified in-house experts go to great lengths to ensure that you undergo only the safest methods of skin treatment. If you’re on the lookout for quality skin care services but nervous about the treatments used, at Kaya, you will find reputed dermatologists to help you put aside unwarranted fears.

It’s wise to a be a little skeptical when it comes to matters concerning health—you can’t go about relying on the judgements of all.  This is why Kaya ensures that you interact only with the most trusted professionals in the field. Just book an appointment at any of the Kaya skin clinics to quickly meet a renowned expert to elaborately discuss your skin woes.
Kaya’s Capable Team Ensures Smooth Sailing

The Medical Services wing of Kaya skin Clinic has been headed, since 2009, by the highly competent dermatologist, Dr. Sangeeta Amladi. With over 25 years of experience in clinical dermatology, she is also in-charge of Kaya’s research and development. This renowned medical practitioner has over 100 scientific publications to her credit.
Dr. Amladi and her team constantly innovate existing services and products, while not compromising on meeting FDA approvals. Kaya has over 160 dermatologists who actively work towards developing cutting-edge solutions related to skin care. These experts have together created more than 50 personalized products that provide amazing benefits.
From pigmentation and aging to acne and hair loss, the products developed by Kaya’s in-house team effectively address a variety of skin concerns.
Raising The Bar With Training Workshops

All Kaya’s in-house skin practitioners and dermatologists are given the opportunity to continuously improve with the help of frequent training programmes. Once in every six months, refresher courses are held to discuss the latest advancements made in international skin care techniques. 
Kaya not only provides cutting-edge technology, but also ensures its internal team comprises of talented, intelligent, and action-oriented specialists and dermatologists. 

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