Monday 16 October 2017

The 4-Layered Approach to Youthful Skin

Growing old is a concern among many women but it is something that is beyond our control. As we grow old our skin loses its supple healthy elasticity and tends to become dry and patchy, giving it a dull and wrinkled look. You can now stop worrying about aging skin with the new Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy that heals your skin from within.
In the current age of urban living and fast-paced lifestyle, pollution takes a toll on our health. The most common manifestation of this is dull and damaged skin. To make your skin look smooth and supple, you not only need to protect your skin, but also heal the inevitable damage that the sun, dust, and dirt does to your skin.
Treating and protecting your skin sometimes backfires when you don’t use the right products. It is quite common to hear people complaining about skin allergies and breakouts caused due to harsh chemicals present in skin products.

It is advisable to stick to products that have natural active ingredients and are gentle on the skin. Look for treatment options like Kaya Skin Clinic Derma Regen 4 Layer therapy that is known to be very gentle and yet effective. You can reassure yourself from the Kaya feedback on the Kaya Skin Clinic reviews present on the Internet. This therapy not only heals and makes your skin firm but also rejuvenates it from within to give a natural glow and makes you look young. Let’s look at what this therapy actually does.

The 4 Layered Therapy

Kaya Skin Clinic’s 4 layer facial is its signature therapy to restore aging skin. Together the four layers work on different problems at the same time to give wholesome rejuvenation. These are dryness, dullness, damage, and fatigue. Let’s dig in one by one.
First layer
European seaweed is this therapy’s active ingredient and is formulated by filtration. It deeply hydrates your skin while balancing the skin tone. Moreover, it reduces or softens the fine lines seen on the skin as well.
Second Layer
After the first layer has dried completely the second layer is applied. This layer is an amalgamation of natural moisturizing ingredients. It is skillfully massaged into the skin. The skin absorbs the moisture in the active ingredients and becomes supple, soft, and elastic.
Third Layer
The third layer works on improving your skin tone. This layer is rich in fresh seaweed. It deeply nourishes your skin improving the tone and clarity of your skin. This therapy is very soothing, and you will definitely feel calm and relaxed.
Fourth Layer
The last part of the therapy is a mask that is rich in minerals which emits heat. The heat stimulates and promotes the effect of the seaweed mask underneath. This helps your skin get the full benefit of all the nourishing ingredients.
The Kaya 4 Layer Therapy is fully natural and is not a cosmetic treatment. It does not involve the use of any machinery but the magic of the hands of expert dermatologists. Prior to this therapy, your skin is completely cleansed to prepare a clean base for the mask to sit on. This cleansing procedure starts with an exfoliating regime that removes any impurities present on the skin.
The desire to look youthful is universal. With growing age, it becomes all the more difficult to achieve this. Ageing is a natural process that is unstoppable. It is nothing to be dreaded, rather something to be accepted with grace. However, skin aging is something that sets in by 20s due to pollution and other lifestyle habits. With the Kaya 4 Layer Derma Regen therapy, you don’t have to worry about looking old.
Kaya’s customized age arrest solution is very advanced. They make use of FDA-approved technology to ensure the best results without any side effects.
This therapy makes use of micro derma peels to remove impurities and collagen building. Masks used in the layers tighten your skin. Further layers rich in seaweed and minerals brighten the skin while improving the tone and texture. Overall Kaya’s products help to heal back your skin and regain youthful, supple skin that glows from within. Know more about this Kaya treatment from Kaya reviews.


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