Monday 5 March 2018

Celebrate This Women's Day with Kaya Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual

Did you ever wonder that your face is the most overexposed part of your body? The pollutants, harmful rays of the sun, harsh weather conditions and free radicals affect the health of your skin. Along with that internal factors like an unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal changes, and side effects of certain medication can also make it dry and dull. All these can rob your skin of its hyaluronic acid content and lead to premature skin aging as well.

Causes of Unhealthy Skin

There are many factors that can make your skin unhealthy. Some of them include:
  1. Dehydration of the skin and this can happen due to both external and internal factors
  2. Poor nutrition
  3. Irregular blood flow
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle
  5. Environmental pollutants
  6. Unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking
There are a plenty of skincare products available on the market and most of them are loaded with chemicals. What you need is a dermatologically-tested product that offers effective results.
Dull and unhealthy skin can lead to premature skin aging as well. Here are some of the signs that you need to be on the lookout for:
       Dry and rough skin texture
       Visible pores
       Age spots
       Fine lines/ wrinkles
       Loss of volume
       Sagging skin muscles
       Dull and uneven skin tone
If you’re experiencing any one or more of these symptoms, it’s time that you treat your skin. This Women’s Day, pamper yourself with Kaya Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual that offers anti-aging benefits and makes you look younger.

An Insight into Kaya Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual

Kaya Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual is a luxury facial that offers youth renewal. Suitable for women with normal to dry skin, this facial offers instant results and is highly recommended for anyone fighting the signs of skin aging.
Characterized by a three-dimensional treatment method, Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual makes your skin smooth and helps to maintain its firmness.
Here’s what it does:
       An unusual skin hydrating treatment that elevates the skin’s natural defense system and offers lymphatic drainage.
       A 90-minute facial performed by expert dermatologists that includes signature face lifting and firming massage. The products that are used during the facial treatment are rich in hyaluronic acid, omega 3, and silk protein. These enhance your skin’s hydration and offer cell renewal. The squash extract, royal jelly, and milk proteins soothe your skin.
       After the long and relaxing massage, Complexe Restructurant et Lissant is applied followed by a modulating massage on the re-balanced skin, making your skin firmer and clearer.
This treatment is a result of a collaboration between Kaya and Biologique Recherche, a luxury French brand. The treatment gives an instant glow and makes your skin firm. It offers proven benefits and getting this facial done will give you the results you are looking for.
Book an appointment at the nearest Kaya clinic and get your skin tested. An expert dermatologist will test your skin first and then recommend the suitable course of action. If your skin isn’t too much damaged, a few home products will do the trick.
Are you celebrating Women’s Day? The need of a Women’s Day is debatable but there is no harm in dedicating a day to you being a woman. It’s difficult to find time out for oneself as most of today’s women spend their time in balancing professional and family life. Regardless of that, every woman needs some pampering. Gift yourself a pampering day-out at the nearest Kaya clinic. Every woman is beautiful and they deserve to feel the same.

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