Friday 30 March 2018

The Suitable Areas Over Which Laser Hair Reduction Techniques can be Used

Usually, you prefer to opt for hair removal in areas like the arms, legs, and underarms. It is safe to choose Laser Hair Reduction Services for your whole body as well. The biggest benefit of laser hair reduction techniques is its quick and covers a larger area in one sitting, making it apt to sport a smooth back as well. However, it’s important that you get it done from the right place.
The versatility of cosmetic lasers lies in the fact that they are suitable for the diverse skin types. In fact, the Nd-YAG laser is the most suitable for all Indian skin. Unwanted body hair can make its appearance anywhere, the arms, legs, underarms, back, or bikini. And if you desire freedom from unwanted body hair, laser for hair removal is your best choice. In fact, laser treatment for hair removal cost is far less compared to what you would spend on wax strips, and safety razors lifelong.
Of course, laser hair reduction does not promise instant results. Over multiple sessions spread over weeks or months, depending on your rate of hair growth, there is a gradual reduction in hair growth.

Why Laser Hair Reduction?

Hair removal methods like waxing and shaving promise results, but their efficacy is limited to a matter of weeks. You need to go through these procedures on a regular basis. Unlike the above hair removal techniques, whose results are temporary, laser hair reduction offers permanent relief from unwanted hair.
Waxing can leave behind burns while shaving leaves behind a stubble. Laser hair reduction offers you absolutely smooth skin, like a baby. Post a few sessions of the laser, you begin to see visible results.
Especially for brides, who need to look gorgeous on the days leading up to the wedding, on the D-day as well as later, laser hair reduction is the best choice. Plan for the hair reduction treatment well in advance (before 6 months) with a qualified person. You can, in fact, opt for a package to take care of the skin and hair issues in the run-up to your wedding. Kaya Skin Clinic prices for the bridal package are quite affordable and what you get is a one-stop destination that can make you feel like a queen at your wedding.

Extent of safety

Laser hair reduction is a safe procedure when performed under the supervision of a qualified person. The laser can be used just about anywhere on the body, save the area close to the eyes. In fact, you can get one for a smooth upper lip as well.
In the normal course, you can opt for Facial Hair Laser Hair Reduction or Legs Laser Hair Reduction. If you’re the bride, treat yourself to a full Body Laser Hair Reduction, Spread over a 6 to 8 month period preceding your wedding, you get smoother skin compared to any other method of hair removal. Its large coverage area helps in significant reduction of hair growth in areas like your back.

Nd-YAG laser

The Nd-YAG laser has brought about a revolution in terms of hair reduction. The earlier lasers were not efficient enough on the dark and tanned skin. The USP of Nd-YAG laser is its suitability for all skin types, especially the typical Indian skin and the FDA approval tag that it carries.
The laser performs at a higher wavelength, ensuring that the laser beams directly hits the targeted hair follicle. Faster repetition rates and the ability to cover larger areas ensures that the procedure is quick with just a bit of pain.
The laser eliminates ingrown hairs and results in smooth skin. The downtime of this laser is low, making it easy for the technician to subject the area to a number of laser beams. No matter what is your skin tone, the desire for smooth skin is accomplished through laser hair reduction.


  1. I am planning for laser hair removal treatment can you please suggest me what all things should be taken care of before this treatment?

  2. You can visit Kaya clinic and consult expert dermatologist they will give you all required information about pre and post precautions of the treatment.