Tuesday 22 May 2018

What are the different types of Skin Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is a common problem faced by everyone. Pigmentation can be a particularly difficult problem to treat. Pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle often contribute to it. It surfaces as uneven skin tone which can become difficult to mask. If you’re looking for a treatment option, then here are a few candidates.
The first step in treating pigmentation is to understand the kind of pigmentation that has affected your skin. Pigmentation can be classified into 3 types: epidermal, dermal and mixed. All of this can lead to unwanted skin tanning. If left untreated for long, pigmentation can lead to more permanent skin issues, including the general presence of age spots or patchy skin, and skin dullness. Understand which one you’re at a risk for, and what treatment option best suits your needs.

What is Pigmentation?

On a basic level, pigmentation exists in more than 50 forms. This may seem overwhelming, but understanding the classifications will make things clearer.
Epidermal: This is also known as superficial pigmentation. This pigmentation is on the outermost layer of the skin and comes in the form of age spots, freckles, and sun spots. These dark spots have well defined margins, and are light or medium brown in colour.
Dermal: This kind of pigmentation is known as deep pigmentation. It includes skin conditions like post-inflammatory pigmentation, nevus of ota, etc. These marks include post acne blemishes are lighter in colour without defined lines.
Mixed: When pigmentation affects both the dermal and the epidermal layers, it becomes a mixed kind of pigmentation. This is known as Melasma and affects most women who are well past their middle ages.

What treatments work best

On the basis of how severe the skin problem is, your dermatologist would recommend a variety of treatments. Here are a few treatment options depending on the extent of your pigmentation.
Epidermal Pigmentation can be reduced in intensity with timely use of topical treatments that address the main issue. They must be dermatologically made with ingredients that work with your skin and reduce the discolouration over time. This is most commonly used to treat dark circles.
Some common effective treatments for pigmentation include Kaya’s Brightening and firming under eye serum. A more intense topical therapy is the Insta Brightening Micro Mask. Each of these treatments require time and dedication, but the payoff is definitely worth it.
A healthy skin care routine should ideally also include a face cleanser and serum, which is more applicable for those who have oily or combination skin. The Brightening Beads cleanser is a safe option, as it maintains the moisture content of your skin. It cleanses skin without leaving it too dry. The Pigmentation reducing complex brighteningserum can help you maintain a youthful glow.
Dermal Pigmentation goes deeper into the skin, and is more long lasting. This kind of pigmentation calls for a different treatment. And facials and laser treatments are often more effective in this case. Kaya’s Q-Switch and Insta Clarity Laser can help you get clearer skin in just a few appointments.
As for Mixed Pigmentation, it occurs when your skin is a combination of both epidermal and dermal pigmentation. In this case, it is best that you visit one of Kaya’s expert dermatologists to help you determine the best combination of treatment.

What Kaya can offer to do away with Pigmentation?

Lasers and facial treatments are procedures that require skill, and it is best that you reach out to certified doctors using safe techniques and treatments for your skin.

Insta Clarity Laser

Kaya Skin Clinic  has a popular laser treatment, Insta Clarity Laser/Q-switch that has garnered much buzz lately because of its efficiency. This is particularly used to treat hyperpigmentation. The invisible beam of light is concentrated directly on the melasma to remove the pigmented portion, without leaving any negative effects on the surrounding skin.

Pigmentation Reduction System

This is a chemical peel specially crafted to reduce pigmentation, and it gives you results almost instantly. The formula is a gentle combination of derma peels and botanical actives that contribute to a better cell turnover and prevents excessive production of melanin, thereby maintaining an even skin tone.
Some popular facials from Kaya Skin Clinic include the Lighten and De-Tan Facial that is especially popular during summers. These five step facials include exfoliation, de-tanning, moisturisation, detoxification, and skin brightening. Some reviews by Kaya’s customers claim that the ill effects of the sun virtually disappear.
Depending on the extent of pigmentation on your skin, a Kaya expert dermatologist can either suggest one of these treatments or a combination of treatments to best help you get rid of pigmentation and help restore its natural beauty. 

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