Wednesday 13 June 2018

No More Breakouts - Use Kaya Advanced Acne Care Kit

If you have oily or combination skin, you are unlucky in that, your skin is easily vulnerable to acne. You may need a special arsenal in your skin care kit to combat zits and breakouts. The Acne Care Kit from Kaya Skin Clinic might provide you just what you need.

A Set of Products that Fight and Prevent Acne

Acne is caused by excess secretion of body oil that blocks skin pores. The oil, sebum, is essential for skin health. Still, when it's production goes into overdrive due to reasons like hormone fluctuation, injury etc., it can cause the very things it is meant to prevent -  skin eruptions, infections etc.
When excess sebum collects in pores, it also allows other debris like dead skin cells and hair follicles to stick to it. This slowly plugs the pores. This gives rises to comedones like blackheads and whiteheads. If ignored, this can progress into pimples, pustules and serious acne breakouts. You will then have to look for some of the best cream for pimples, and other remedies.
Good skin care routines like cleansing, use of scrubs, using water-based or gel-based skin care products instead of oil or cream-based solutions can all help mitigate the problem. However, you need some products in your kit that are designed to specifically deal with excess oil, acne, and related problems. Look at this set of advanced products from Kaya.
Kaya Skin Clinic Advanced Acne Care Kit

The Kaya Kit for Advanced Acne

What does your daily skincare routine involve? You cleanse your skin; you then apply a toner to tighten the skin. You also apply a moisturiser.
Many oily skinned people fall into the error of thinking; they do not need a moisturiser because of their oily skin. However, any kind of skin loses moisture through the day and needs it to be replenished. Also, every time you wash your face with water, it oddly enough, strips your skin of its moisture content. So, everyone needs a good moisturiser. Oily skinned people should just avoid those thick creamy ones altogether.
This set of products has been specifically designed for those suffering from advanced forms of acne, not just mild comedones.

What Is In It?

The kit contains four skin purifying products, three for daily use and one for targeted fast-acting treatment when needed. All the products in this set are free of added fragrance.
Purifying Cleanser: This deep cleaning yet gentle cleanser contains Salicylic Acid, which clears clogged pores and exfoliates your skin. This effectively removes the base cause of acne, clogged pores. The olive oil content in this cleanser ensures that all this cleansing and exfoliation does not leave your skin feeling dry and stretchy. Olive oil is also very beneficial for skin health besides being a good moisturiser.
Purifying Toner: This toner is lightweight, alcohol-free and easily penetrates into your skin with all its beneficial ingredients. It contains Mandelic Acid, which provides gentle exfoliation. This helps stimulate skin tissue renewal. Mandelic Acid also strengthens collagen. The Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3, also helps in fading away acne marks and pigmentation. This toner ensures that your skin is free of excess oil and helps close open pores and tighten the skin, providing a firm and youthful look.
Purifying Nourisher: This moisturising nourisher provides several benefits. A light, gel-based product gets absorbed immediately. The Aloe Vera present in it nourishes and hydrates the skin. Almond oil and Rose extract provide further nourishment and hydration, giving your skin a smooth oil-free look.
Purifying Spot Corrector: How many times have you identified a zit just before a party or a date with someone special, and wished you could point at it, say “off with you, you ugly spot” and make it vanish? Now, maybe you can, with the help of this spot corrector. Apply it over the zit, and you may notice that the swelling and irritation reduce quickly. A good acne treatment product to have on standby, just in case.
These products help to treat acne, reduce acne marks/pimple marks and prevent acne. In addition, you may also seek some special facials for acne prone skin, to keep your skin blemish free.

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