Monday 4 June 2018

Get Blemish Free Skin with Kaya's Beauty Facials

Pigmentation results in patchy skin, dark spots, and so many other blemishes. You can treat these with good pigmentation reducing products. Still, to give your skin a kick-start in recovering its glow, you can try some of the special facials offered by Kaya Clinic.

Dealing with Pigmentation
The sun, hormonal fluctuations, some drugs - so many things can trigger an increase in melanin production. This results in dark spots, melasma, dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin tone and other problems.
Deep pigmentation is hard to get rid of. It may take a long time to fade away even if you use the right skin care products. Go to Kaya Clinic for a consultation and get the appropriate treatment for your needs.
Kaya Clinic Skin Lightening Facials
Kaya offers a range of facials depending on the issue you have - acne, pigmentation, oily skin and so on. For those suffering from pigmentation, Kaya’s solutions include the Intense White Luxe Therapy, Lighten and Detan Facial, and Aqua Radiance Facial.
Intense White Luxe Therapy
Whether you are having a major problem with skin blemishes or not, your skin needs some occasional pampering, especially your face. If you have not had a soothing facial in a long time, you may notice your skin showing sign of dullness and patches of discoloration that you have been ignoring.
Fix an appointment at your nearby Kaya Skin Clinic for this lighten and refresh therapy that helps get rid of uneven skin tone and skin dullness and makes your face look glowing again. It begins with the beauty technician gently cleaning your face and applying a toner.
Then your skin undergoes exfoliation. A peeling cream is applied over your face and left to dry. When it is peeled off, besides removing dead cells and dirt, it also helps in reducing the effects of pigmentation.
Next, a combination of a serum and a brightening cream is applied on your face, and then the therapist gives your face a soothing massage that lasts for around 15 minutes.
After this, another peeling treatment follows. This time, a peel-off mask is used. This mask contains Vitamin C which has many beneficial effects on skin health. After this second mask is removed, the skin lightening cream is once again applied. The facial ends with the application of a sunscreen to protect your skin against UV rays when you leave.
Your skin looks much brighter when the process is finished. As the good effects continue, your skin tone condition improves over the next few days.
Lighten and Detan Facial
It is not necessary to stay out in the sun for long hours to develop pigmentation issues. Cumulative effects of daily exposure to the heat and UV rays of the sun, even for a few minutes each day, can also contribute to hyperpigmentation. You face becomes discolored and dull over time. Rejuvenate the skin and acquire the radiant and silky-smooth looks you crave though this skin whitening facial.
The process starts with a deep exfoliation and skin resurfacing through a safe Microdermabrasion. Then your skin is soothed with an application of a cooling Aloe Vera Gel that also heals and nourishes your skin.
The next step uses an Antox Vit C Serum that is enriched with Vitamin C. This helps control the activities of free radicals and encourage cell renewal. Finally, to lighten your skin tone and reverse the effects of pigmentation, a special whitening mask developed by Kaya, with BioWhite for effective and quick results, is applied over your face.
Kaya Luminous Radiance Therapy
This facial does deep exfoliation and cleansing and then infuses your skin with many nutrients. This helps to restore brightness and vitality to tired, dull skin that has been exposed to various external forces that inflict damage like heat, dust and pollution.
The process includes a micro dermabrasion treatment. This step removes dead skin cells and dirt, thus providing effective exfoliation that clears up the pores. This makes them ready to receive the nutrients delivered in the next step.
The next step is a relaxing massage using a cream that is infused with tissue forming proteins, collagen and elastin. These are the basic building blocks of skin tissues that give it form, structure and flexibility. This soothing massage also helps revive your skin by increasing blood circulation in the region and by aiding in skin cells renewal. The old dull, discolored skin will soon get replaced by new and even toned skin. Finally, a thermal mask is applied, which gently warms the skin and helps it absorb all the nutrients and compounds in the cream that was applied in the previous step.
The effects of this facial can be felt even a few days after the session, as your skin tone improves and you feel your skin acquiring an even texture and glow that lasts for quite a while.
All these facials help you get rid of skin tanning, age spots or patchy skin, or any post acne blemish, and the skin whitening effects help you get a smooth, toned, and even complexion. Get rid of skin dullness and get flawless skin with Kaya beauty facials.

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