Monday 17 December 2018

No More Dry Skin This Winter with These Great Solutions from Kaya!

Winter is harshest on your skin. With the drop in humidity levels and cold weather, your skin is the one that suffers silently. Skin hydration is the need of the hour but it becomes increasingly difficult in winter. Your dry skin not only looks bad but feels bad too but there is a solution to overcome dry skin in winter.

If you already have dry skin then you are aware that winters have no mercy on your skin. While you may love the relief that winter brings, your skin does not share the same thoughts. You must have seen your skin starts to become dry and you may even develop other skin problems that refuse to go away. Your skin can become rough when you touch it. You may see that patches start to develop on your skin and you may even notice that cracks are starting to appear on your skin. Hydration of your skin is the most important part but in winters sometimes even the best products fail to show the effects that they are supposed to.

Does that mean that you should give up altogether and think ‘this too shall pass’? Of course not! Winters can actually cause some pretty serious problems to your skin. When you feel that your skin is becoming dry or it is not hydrated enough, it is better to start taking care of it right away. This will ensure that the problem does not escalate into something bigger and other skin disorders. You want to avoid all that! So how do you go about taking care of your skin during winters? Remember that you need a different skin care routine during winter than the one you used in summer.

Valuable Tips To Combat Dry Skin This Winter

The following skin care tips ensure that you have a wonderful winter with supple and soft skin.

     You must dedicate time and make a proper routine to take care of your skin. You should start bathing in warm water instead of using water that is too hot. Hot water dehydrates your skin which can take away the moisture that is required.

     Make changes to your diet during the winter. You want to increase the amount of water that you drink during winters. You can easily become dehydrated without realizing. This is why you should increase the water intake and avoid other drinks such as coffee and sodas.

     You need an excellent moisturizer to take care of your skin on your body and your face. As you know the skin on your face is more sensitive and requires greater care than the skin on your body. But you need to ensure that you regularly moisturize both during the winters for best results.

You must be wondering with so many moisturizing creams and lotions in the market, which should you choose? Want to choose the best? Then choose Kaya’s products: Anytime Moisturizing Cream and Intense Hydration Body Lotion are your best bet! These are perfect for your winter skin care regimen as they provide the moisture that your skin needs during winter. You will begin to notice your skin is softer, tighter and your skin tone is even.

The Anytime Moisturizing Cream by Kaya is made with Shea and Kokum butter. These special ingredients give your skin the smoothness you need during winter by hydrating it. This everyday use cream ensures water retention is optimal. The Intense Hydration Body Lotion ensures your skin feels good all the time. Apply it daily and see the results for yourself. The moisturizers have a non-greasy formula as they absorb in your skin perfectly giving your skin the protection it needs during winter.

You can consult Kaya skin care specialists for a thorough examination of your skin if you want. They give you personalized answer to your skin queries. Kaya has expert dermatologists who ensure that you know how to take good care of your skin. As Kaya clinic has some of the best skin care products in the country, it is relieving to know that Kaya’s experts can help you find the solution that will work wonders for you.

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