Thursday 27 December 2018

Get Rid Of Stubborn Pigmentation Before The Year Ends

Here’s holiday season again, before we even know it. This means more get-togethers and meeting all those family members. Activities best reserved for such occasions, as we wind up the old year and get ready to begin the new one. Naturally, you’d want to look your very best and nothing less. Definitely, having any kind of skin dullness or a patchy look on the face can severely affect your confidence during this period.
You’ve probably tried all possible ways to get rid of a ghastly pigmentation- now it’s finally time to turn to the experts and see what they have to say. Anything from uneven skin tone that makes you confused about your complexion to dark circles that make you run through your concealer faster than you’d like- Kaya has the solution to all your stubborn pigmentation woes.

What Kaya has to offer?

Kaya Clinic has long been standing in the Indian and Middle East market as skin specialists that offer you a long-lasting and effective treatment for any kind of skin or hair problems. So of course, your search for that elusive even complexion ends with Kaya.
Specifically, the Kaya Chemical Peel treatment. However, before we jump into that, let’s look at pigmentation. It is essentially not a bad thing since your skin turns to pigmentation as a form of protection against the carcinogenic elements in the UV rays of the sun. However, over time this defense mechanism goes into overdrive- for a lot of reasons- diet, age, and overall health. Of course, on the outside, it manifests in the form of dark spots.
All of these things can together be said to constitute the different signs of an aging skin or some form of melasma. However, the only way to know which is to get it checked. This is why Kaya is a reliable and trusted source to turn to. With more than enough dermatologists working together with beauticians, there’s no skin problem you can’t find a solution to.

Kaya Chemical Peel Treatment for Pigmentation

The Chemical Peel

Let’s get to the actual product and service that will help you with your issues. A chemical peel is a mixture of multiple mild chemical solutions to be applied on face, neck, and hands. It’s applied and once dry, peels off. It helps with everything from age spots or patchy skin to tanning problems.
Of course, the chemical peel takes off a thin layer of the skin as well by causing blisters. The new layer of skin is fresh, cleaner, and much more enriched leaving you looking rejuvenated. It’s a simple procedure which causes mild tingling and lasts no more than 10 to 12 minutes- and because it’s Kaya, you know it’s being performed by a trained and certified professional. The face is treated both before and after treatments and your clinician will advise you on what you should take care of post-treatment.

Types of Peels

There are three types of chemical peels offered by Kaya. They all differ in chemical composition and treat specific issues.
Superficial Peel uses a very mild acid which gently exfoliates only the thinnest topmost layer of the skin. It treats mild discoloration and reduces the appearance of rough skin.
Medium Peel goes slightly deeper and touches the middle layer of the skin as well. This would best target skin tanning since it targets and removes damaged or destroyed cells. Even freckles and age spots can be reduced.

Deep Peel is a peel chemical peel that goes past the middle layer even and targets fine lines and shallow scars, even freckles. This chemical peel treatment is only done once and shows dramatic improvements in all skin types. 

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