Tuesday 17 July 2018

Finding the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

Losing a lot of hair is a big problem. If you're actually going bald and are considering a hair transplant, do some research on the many clinics that offer this procedure. Make sure that the clinic and the surgeon carrying out the procedure have a good reputation and can provide the best service in a safe environment.

How to Determine If the Hair Transplant Surgeon Is Good

When you make the decision to opt for a hair transplant to cover your baldness, you need to spend some time doing substantial research. Remember that hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, so you need to find a good surgeon with a good support team, in a clinic that maintains the highest standards.

The Clinic Should Offer a No Obligation Consultation Up Front

You should not be able to fix your surgery appointment over the phone the first time you call the clinic. They should ask you to come for a consultation first. When you go for the consultation, a doctor should examine your scalp, analyze the possibility of getting enough grafts to cover the bald patch and then advice you if you are an ideal candidate for hair regrowth by hair transplant.

Discuss Your Preferences and Expectations

The surgeon should ask you what results you expect, and how much coverage you want. He should inform you of the realities. Remember, the hair to be transplanted will be taken from your own head. The surgeon is limited by how much hair you have in your donor region. After understanding your expectations, he should tell you what can be done and the realistic results you can expect.

Your Medical History and Some Tests

The doctor should also note down your medical history, any regular medications you are taking, any allergies you have and if you have previously had any allergic reaction to an anesthetic. He should enquire if you have any blood clotting issues. If you do not know, the doctor should recommend tests to determine factors like blood clotting time.

Should Be Able to Clearly Explain the Procedure

The surgeon who will perform the procedure should tell you the hair transplant method (like FUE Transplant or FUT Transplant) that will be used, and make you understand how it works.

The Surgeon Should Have a Fine Reputation

Check if the surgeon is a member of a reputed international hair transplant surgeons organization, Search for client testimonials at the clinic’s website, find and read online reviews about the results of the hair transplant procedures carried out by the surgeon. Ask the clinic how many surgeries that surgeon has successfully completed.

Ask to See Before and After Pictures

The surgeon also needs to be an artist, to be able to imagine and plan out optimal placement of the hair grafts on the bald area so that it provides the best possible coverage and looks very natural.
Look at the clinic’s albums with photos of patients before and after the surgery. See how well it has been done, and how natural the transplanted hair looks. Ask to see some client testimonials.

The Team

The surgeon should have a good support team of anesthetists, nurses, technicians and so on. The team should also be trained in emergency procedures to respond quickly in case something goes wrong.

The Clinic and the OT

The clinic should have a great reputation for its services, and the OT should be clean, hygienic and well equipped not just with the equipments for the hair transplant but also with emergency equipment. The facility should be maintained to the highest standards in quality, hygiene, and safety.

The Cost

Hair Transplantation is an expensive procedure. Do not be lured by advertisements of hair transplants performed for very cheap prices. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you have done good research about the clinic and the surgeon and they have a very good reputation, the procedure will be expensive. But the cost is worth it to have a better chance of good results.
Getting a hair transplant is a big decision that should not be taken in a hurry. Kaya Clinic is a well established chain of skin and hair care providers. They have maintained high standards in all their treatments and their products. Kaya Clinic uses Follicular Unit Extraction for hair transplant. Search for a reliable Kaya hair transplant review online.
When you go for a consultation at Kaya for hair loss, they don't immediately suggest you go for a hair transplant. They perform a scalp examination and if your hair loss problem can be remedied by a non-surgical treatment, they will tell you so and recommend a course of treatment. Only if your baldness is severe and there is no other alternative will the doctor recommend a hair transplant, that too if you are an ideal candidate.
Enquire about Kaya hair transplant cost. Kaya Clinic allows you to pay per session. They also offer a financing plan to help you pay for the procedure in easy EMIs.

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