Monday 16 July 2018

Kaya Dandruff Services That Can Help You With Dandruff Problems

One of the most common issues with hair is dandruff. It is one of the most common problems faced by people today. Maintaining hair is a task that takes a lot of time and effort. There are several factors around that can lead to dandruff issues.
One of the most popular hair and skin brands is Kaya. There are several treatments and products introduced by them that tackle hair issues like dandruff. Here are some of the best treatments offered by Kaya Clinic.
Natural Hair Rejuvenation with PRP
The PRP for hair treatment is known to be one of the safest hair loss treatments. It is a non-invasive technique that the plasma from your own blood since it is rich in platelets. It contains the growth factors that are needs to enrich the roots and rejuvenate hair growth. Blood is extracted and using centrifugal techniques, the plasma is made concentrated with platelets. This is the directly injected into the scalp. The process is natural and the results are swift. It is performed by the expert dermatologists at Kaya. The PRP process is FDA approved as well.
Kaya Clinic Hair Treatment

Intensive Hair Root Therapy
This is a treatment that targets the roots of the hair. The crux of the problem with dandruff lies in the roots. So micro injections filled with a cocktail of natural extracts from plants and other vitamins are injected into the root of the hair. This will trigger rejuvenation and regrowth of hair, preventing hair fall, thinning and more importantly, dandruff.
Hair Nutri-Infusion Therapy
This is a simple technique that is shown to have wondrous results against dandruff. A cocktail that can treat dandruff, using charged ions, are delivered through the skin by expert dermatologists from Kaya. The cocktail has all the vital nutrients reach the hair through the skin and promote good health of the hair.
Kaya 360 Hair Elixir Therapy
Taking care of your hair starts with the scalp. A scalp filled with dandruff will reflect the health of the hair too. The Kaya 360 elixir therapy take care of the health of both the hair and the scalp at the same time with its treatment. The therapy treats the underlying problems and resolves the problem. Deep nourishing oils, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrient extracts, and peptides are all used to energize the scalp at the roots of the hair as a part of this treatment. It is a hair thinning solution and also  prevents hair fall. The therapy also addresses breakage of hair, dull hair and dandruff. After the therapy, you will have smooth and shiny hair, devoid of dandruff. This hair treatment focuses of tackling all your hair problems at one go.
Kaya Root Regen Range
Hair problems need to be analyzed and then tackled to come to a permanent solution. That is exactly what the Kaya root regen treatments do. First, there is the diagnosis to find where the issue lies. Then customized solutions are curated to deal with the hair problems.
Kaya dermatologist experts have hair care solutions for all hair problems included dandruff. Based on the issue at hand, they select the nutrients that are needed to revive your hair to use in the treatment. Then, they are delivered at the root of the hair. This is one of the superior hair treatments you can find in the market.
Once the treatment suggested by them is completed, they also give you the products that you will need to maintain your hair. This is a holistic approach to treating unhealthy hair.
Kaya also sells some of the best products for hair fall and they have a positive effect on the overall health of your hair too. It is more important to maintain the condition of your hair. It is imperative to find the right products for hair fall that will help you keep your hair healthy and Kaya hair care is a brand that you must consider.

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