Tuesday 20 September 2016

Here's Why Kaya's Hair Laser Hair Reduction is Your Pathway to Beautiful Skin

Hair Laser Hair Reduction at Kaya Skin Clinic

Looking for a permanent solution for your body hair? Who doesn’t want to be showered with compliments for the pretty sleeveless dress that she wore to the recent party? You need smooth, silky, and hairless skin to pull off a short sleeveless dress in style. Kaya's Hair Laser Hair Reduction ensures just that.

Unwanted body hair has been an age-old enemy for women. While some women prefer long sleeved and ankle-length clothes to hide unwanted body hairs, others simply shave or wax off their body hair. Even when you wear fully-covered clothes, there’s always a chance of people noticing your body hair accidently. And what about that pretty sleeveless dress that you always wanted to wear? On the other hand, waxing and shaving needs to be done every month and aren’t permanent solutions.

Opt for Kaya's Hair Laser Hair Reduction, if you’re looking for permanent solutions. They use latest techniques under the supervision of certified dermatologists and well trained therapists ensuring smooth and soft skin without any signs of hair.
Kaya Skin Clinic's Laser Technology

Kaya’s 3 steps to a smooth skin
Kaya's Hair Laser Hair Reduction is a reliable solution to hair removal and they follow 3 simple steps in order to provide a smooth and soft skin:
  1. They first understand the type of skin you have. The experts also get to understand your hair type and make a detailed inspection of your hair growth.
  2. Then they apply their laser technology on a small section of your skin to test your skin’s reaction to the laser rays
  3. Finally under the watchful eyes of the dermatologist, their laser therapists perform the laser treatment and reduce hair growth right from their roots

This results in silky smooth skin, which you can flaunt by wearing skirts and sleeveless dresses. It’s a painless treatment and has no side effects in the form of forget about dark spots, rough skin, razor burns, and scars, which are common results of frequent waxing and shaving.

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