Wednesday 28 September 2016

Refresh your skin in an instant; Try Kaya's Hydrate And Restore Facial

Lack of moisture or dryness can leave your skin looking dull and dead. It can also lead it itchiness, scaling, and cracking and you can prevent all these only when you ensure that you skin stays hydrated 24x7. Kaya Skin Clinic’s Hydrate And Restore Facial is one way of doing it.

Do you know that it’s actually good to sweat? It doesn’t only help by eliminating toxins and unwanted salts from the body but also keeps the skin moisturised. Lack of moisture is one of the major reasons for premature ageing and should be countered as soon as possible. Apart from a healthy diet consisting for a lot of fruits and veggies and a lot of fluids intake, Kaya Skin Clinic’s Hydrate And Restore Facial is what you need to restore your skin’s lost moisture. Read on to know about this highly effective beauty facial.
Kaya's Hydrate And Restore Facial

How does it work?
The facial starts with a process named hydra-exfoliation where jets of water is used to wash off dry and dead skin cells and uncover the layer of skin beneath that is smooth and soft.
After that you get a relaxing face massage with Hydra Nourishing Cream that has Enzymatic Wax. It soothes your skin and initiate the growth of new skin cells, thereby strengthening the newly exposed layer.
The cream hydrates your skin and gives it an instant brightness and makes it supple.
This is followed by a rehydrating mask on your face after a dab of a Vitamin C serum, a natural antioxidant. Final step is applying an ultra-hydrating mask that penetrates deep into your skin and hydrates even the driest of the skin cells. 

Kaya's Hydrate And Restore Facial

Who can avail this?
Anyone and everyone, who wants to hydrate their skin and make it look young and supple. It removes free radicals and keep their effects like dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines at bay. It is recommended for people with sensitive skin as well.
Kaya Clinic offers different facial packages from different skin types and you can choose one among them as well. Before choosing the most suitable facial you can go through Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews.

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