Tuesday 2 February 2016

Is Laser Hair Removal Good for Baby Hair?

Are you annoyed by your untamed and fuzzy baby hair? Do you want to get rid of them for good? Bid adieu to the painful waxing and threading days, because laser hair removal might just be the right thing for you!

Ever wondered how celebrities have the perfect hairline, eyebrows, and skin? Well now, you can have it too! With laser hair removal you can get rid of your unruly baby hair to make your hairline and cheeks look more defined. It's painless, extremely safe, and highly customizable to meet all your needs. Waxing and threading facial hair are not just painful and tiring but also prone to side effects like ingrown hair, skin break-outs, blemishes, and bruising. Here’s why laser hair removal is a better option.


Laser beams target just the hair follicles and not the skin surrounding it. It is precise in its action. It kills the follicle and prevents it from promoting future hair growth. Targeting the hair follicle in each of its cycles ensures complete hair removal in the desired area.


The low-energy laser beam is systematically directed spot by spot on the areas that need to be treated, instantly and permanently disabling the active hair follicles with each treatment. Follow up sessions ensure more effective and long-lasting results.

Saves Money

It’s a long term investment which benefits the health of your skin. You end up saving the money which you would otherwise spend on products like creams, waxes, razors, etc.


For many people waxing is a lot painful than getting laser treatment done. With the use of cooling agents and numbing creams, doctors would ensure that you have a smooth and comfortable laser hair-removal experience.

If you’re prepared to undergo laser hair removal, then choosing the right clinic will ensure a successful hair removal experience. For that you need to research extensively. You can do so by reading reviews online of skin clinics. For starters, you can read Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews.

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