Friday 5 February 2016

Kaya’s RegiMen Range: The Ultimate Skin Care Products For Men

Imagine looking at the mirror and seeing a dry, fatigued face after a hectic day at work. Are stress and pollution making your skin look dull? Read this article to know how to take better care of your skin.

Contrary to the common belief, soap and water is certainly not the best skin care routine for men. Also, borrowing your girlfriend or wife’s face wash isn’t the cure all you think it is. Like Women,men need to take care of their skin and require products that cater to their skin specifically.

With an increase in awareness about the different skin care demands and requirements of men, there has been a surge in men’s products over the last decade. But opting for any skin care product won’t do the trick. You need a skin-care regimen that’s simple, quick, and effective. Kaya’s RegiMen Range certainly fits the bill. Read on to find out more. 

What Is The Kaya RegiMen Range?

The RegiMen Range, from the house of Kaya, is a skin care range for men that is effective and effortless. The range comprises of two different products with two different implementations. One is a skin energising cream and the other is a multi-purpose skin revitalising cream.

Skin Energising Cream

Filled with beneficial minerals, the RegiMen skin energising cream boasts of a non-oily formula that helps revive and recharge dull and fatigued skin by reducing the ill effects of environmental stress. Suitable for all skin types, the skin energising cream is rich in cylindrica root extracts, which provide long-lasting hydration and moisturisation for your skin. Containing multi-mineral energiser and Vitamin E, the cream also stimulates cell renewal and improves skin texture. We know avoiding the sun is difficult, but it’s important to avoid the side effects of UVA and UVB. That’s why this SPF-15 skin energising cream is worth trying.

Multi-action Skin RVTLZG Cream

Apart from being an effective sunscreen, the multi-action skin RVTLZG cream also acts an anti-aging cream. It ensures you have an even skin tone and reduces the fine lines that are caused by aging and environmental stress. Protecting collagen and elastin in our skin cells from damage, the cream, which is infused with Proteasyl-Botanical complex, also improves elasticity and the firmness of the skin. Regular exposure to sunlight and pollution may cause your skin to become dull and develop dark patches. With Niacinamide-Vit B3 as one of its vital ingredients, Kaya’s multi-action skin RVTLZG cream also helps enhance and lighten your complexion.

How To Use

Using the Kaya’s RegiMen Range is as easy as it gets. Just apply the cream to your freshly cleansed face and gently massage in an outward direction.

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