Friday 12 February 2016

What Skin Care Regimen You Should Follow To Treat Hyperpigmentation

Do you spend your nights and days worrying about the thick, seemingly incorrigible blotches on your face? Hyper-pigmentation can scar not only your looks but also your mental health. If you are affected by this condition, it is time for you to take action and get rid of those dark patches. Here’s how you can do that.

Melanin is the substance that determines the color of your skin. A rise in the amount of this substance in your body is the cause of hyperpigmentation. You need a vigorous skincare routine to reverse these signs of high melanin content in your body.

1.     Cleanse Your Skin Mildly

Face wash products that claim to help you get rid of your hyperpigmentation are often too harsh. It is best if you just use a mild face wash that will cleanse your skin well and get rid of dirt from the surface. Be sure to gently pat dry your face after every wash.

2.     Use A Sunscreen

It is very important to protect your pigmented skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen before you step out each day, and ensure that your pigmentation is not exacerbated.

3.     Choose A Skin-Lightening Night Cream

Your skincare regimen would be incomplete without something that provides skin-lightening treatment. Opt for a night cream over a day cream as the chemical contents of a day cream can react toxically to the sun.

4.     Increase Your Vitamin C Intake

This measure is absolutely necessary for your skincare regimen to work. Vitamin C spurs the production of collagen under your skin, which plays a key role in making your skin healthy and restoring its natural color.

If your usual regimen does not seem to work, you may have an advanced skin problem. In that case, consider consulting a skincare expert at a trusted clinic who can help you. If you choose to visit a particular skin clinic like Kaya, read a few Kaya Skin Clinic reviews before you visit them.

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