Monday 17 June 2019

Thinking Of Laser Hair Reduction? Here’s Why Kaya Is The Best Option Right Now

With over 100,000 happy customers, Kaya is one of the most popular skin and hair clinics, thanks to their excellent services that are supervised by a team of experts. Get laser hair removal done at Kaya because of the numerous benefits they provide, as well as being one of the best, most hygienic, and safest clinic for a Laser Hair Removal treatment.

Kaya has always been at the forefront of ensuring you get exactly what you are looking for. When it comes to laser hair reduction, it is no different. Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch is the body hair reduction procedure that is done with the help of a laser. Kaya uses a US-FDA approved Nd:YAG laser, the latest in laser hair technology, that has been found to be safe for every Indian skin tone and is suitable for any skin type. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or even sensitive skin, you get this treatment done to reduce the growth of unwanted hair in your body.

A woman getting Kaya Laser Hair Removal

Kaya Laser Hair Reduction Treatment Is For Everyone

Summer is here and there is nothing more you wish for than hairless skin. While there are numerous ways to achieve that goal, the best method to do so is to opt for permanent laser hair reduction as a long term solution. Kaya has been in the industry well over a decade and the number of happy customers just keep increasing, proving it to be the best place to get this treatment done. Kaya does its best for their customers by using the most advanced laser hair reduction technology so you get the results you deserve.

The laser treatment for permanent hair reduction is painless and ensures that all the ingrown hair, the result of waxing and shaving, is reduced. In fact, many customers have said that in-grown hair has completely vanished when they opted for laser hair reduction. Good news for anyone who has experienced pain when in-grown hair is removed.

The benefit of permanent laser hair reduction from Kaya is that hair removal is precise. The laser only affects the root of the hair follicle and destructs it while ensuring the growth is inhibited. The surrounding skin is not affected by the laser beam which is why your skin is left soft and smooth after a laser hair reduction treatment by Kaya. You can get hair-free skin even after a few sessions and the results are long-lasting. Kaya informs you of how many sessions you need based on their assessment of your skin and hair growth pattern.

Kaya’s laser hair reduction treatment saves you a lot of time. Each session of the hair reduction treatment does not take more than an hour for some large areas and small areas take only a few minutes to complete! Large areas such as your arms and legs may take up to an hour at most. The reason for this is that the laser works really fast to remove the hair follicles on a large area. Many people have noticed that hair reduction has been cut by 90% after only 6 sessions at Kaya.

Kaya Skin Clinic has a group of experts who handle the treatment which is why there is nothing for you to be worried or scared about. Your skin will be tested first to ensure that permanent laser hair reduction can be performed on it without any side effects. After which, Kaya’s expert dermatologists will give you all the details you need to know regarding the entire procedure. Kaya makes sure you understand everything about the procedure before it starts and before you start your hair-free journey.

Still unsure whether you want to get the laser hair reduction treatment done at Kaya? Then read the hundreds of positive Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews and see for yourself why it’s the best place! You can even opt for a free first consultation and you are eligible for a free trial of underarm hair reduction from Kaya. Why not avail the many benefits of Kaya today?

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