Friday 7 June 2019

Protect Your Skin This Summer with a Skin Care Routine

With every change in season, you need to change your skincare routine. If winters are all about beating skin dryness, summers bring their own set of challenges for you. Getting out in the summer heat exposes you to the extreme summer heat and UV rays along with all the sweat and dirt. Read on to get tips on how you can set a summer skincare routine to protect your skin from the harsh summer sun.

About Summer Skin Problems

The strong summer sun can put your skin to a tough test. The heat and humidity you get exposed to in summer clog the pores in your skin, making your skin prone to acne and breakouts, and skin damage from sun may lead to irritation and skin dehydration. Stepping out in the sun, whether it is to run errands or to head out for work, means you get exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays. The onslaught of summer strips your skin of hydration and makes it dry.

During summers, not only do you have to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun, but also from dirt and humidity. While it is not possible for you to control the environmental factors, you can definitely maintain a strict skincare regimen that keeps your skin vibrant, soft, bright, and healthy.

Summer Skincare Tips

     The most important step in your skincare regimen is applying a good sunscreen or sunblock. Use a sunscreen that comes with multiple different benefits. A good sunscreen lotion will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and prevent your skin from getting damaged. Many sunscreen lotions and creams come with moisturizing and hydrating qualities, doubling up as good moisturizers, as well. Kaya Clinic offers a range of sunscreen lotions, suited to every skin type. There are sunscreens for those with sensitive skin and even a sweatproof sunscreen, as well. Use from the Kaya sunscreen range to protect your skin from the hot summer sun.
     Use a good cleanser to rid your skin of dirt and germs from the environment. Especially if you use makeup on a regular basis, t is essential to use a cleanser for removing your make up and making sure your skin stays clean and clear. Kaya’s purifying cleanser is a good product meant primarily for those with acne prone skin. The brightening beads cleanser by Kaya is meant for everyday use and gives you a bright and radiant skin.
     Carry wet wipes with you to dab off all the sweat on your face and to keep your face free from dust and dirt. Use Kaya’s Refreshing Mattifying Wipes for acne prone skin or the Everyday Cleansing Wipes by Kaya to keep your skin clean and hydrated.
     Use facemasks to keep your skin well-hydrated and moisturized. If you have oily skin, you can use Kaya’s 5-Herb Instant Oil-Control Mask for clean, oil-free skin.
     Wash your face every time you get home. By washing your face, you get rid of all the dirt, germs, and oil that can clog into your pores and which can lead to acne and irritation.
     Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Consume lots of fluids and keep your diet focused on foods that are high on fluid content. This will give your skin a glow and make you look vibrant.
     If you have dark spots, exposure to the sun can make them become darker because of the excessive heat. Use a good spot corrector to deal with the pigmentation caused by exposure to the sun and heat.
     Finally, cover yourself with a scarf or a hat to stay protected from the direct harmful rays of the sun.

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