Friday 21 June 2019

Kaya’s Q-Switch Laser Treatment to Get Rid of Your Uneven Skin Tone

Is your body’s uneven skin tone hampering your confidence? Do you feel like you have to constantly hide the dark patches on your skin some way or the other? If so, then you should opt for Kaya’s Q Switch Laser Treatment that helps remove all types of pigmentation to give you natural and beautiful skin.

Pigmentation can occur due to a myriad of reasons. One of the biggest and most common ones being skin damage from the sun. While this can be avoided, what can you do about the pigmentation that is currently affecting you? If you feel like your life is being affected by the dark patches on your skin, then it is time to do something about it. Kaya’s Q-Switch Laser Treatment has been created to ensure you no longer have to worry about dark patches and spots anywhere on your body. The laser treatment ensures that hyperpigmentation is a thing of the past and this treatment is supervised by Kaya’s expert dermatologists, so you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

Kaya Q-Switch Laser Treatment

Q-SwitchLaser Treatment is a one-of-a-kind treatment that focuses on treating pigmentation. The treatment can effectively reduce pigmentation in small areas as well as in large areas. The best part about this treatment is that you can get back to work immediately which means you don’t have to time off from office or college. The Q-Switch Laser Treatment works on all types of pigmentation including dark spots, freckles, spots due to skin damage from sun, and acne spots. This makes it a versatile treatment option available for every skin type.

The Q-Switch Laser Treatment is a safe procedure as it uses the Insta Clarity Laser, the latest laser technology for treating all types of pigmentation. The laser only targets the patch that needs to be treated while the other area of the skin is not affected at all. The laser is more effective than peels and products that are used to treat this problem. You should ideally use other products that your dermatologist recommends after the laser treatment to ensure your skin remains healthy.

A lady with laser treatment

Kaya Products To Prevent Further Pigmentation

The laser treatment alone is responsible for treating the hard to reach areas. However, the regular use of skin care products ensures that your skin is protected from harmful rays of the sun and your skin does not get pigmented again. The following Kaya products help you maintain your gorgeous complexion and ensure you get the best results from the laser treatment procedure.

Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex

This is a night cream from Kaya that is suitable for all skin types. It is a hydrating cream that absorbs in your skin and contains phytic acid and azelaic acid. These two work as tyrosinase inhibitors that help to further improve your skin and reduce pigmentation.

Kaya Brightening Day Cream

This cream acts like a Kaya sunscreen because it comes with SPF-15 UV protection. This day cream ensures maximum sun protection so you can step out in the sun confidently without the fear of getting tanned. This day cream has extracts of Vitamin C which improves and further smoothens your skin all day long. The cream comes with azeloyl glycine which lightens the areas that have darkened due to pigmentation.

Kaya Brightening Night Cream

This night cream from Kaya clinic is perfect to take care of your skin through the night. The night cream is formulated to give your skin a smooth finish so you can go to sleep knowing your skin is hydrated and healthy. The formula gets absorbed into your skin beautifully and helps lighten all areas of your skin.

 Kaya Brightening Serum

This serum helps rejuvenate your skin so that it remains flawless through the day. It contains extracts of waltheria indica which help to even out your skin tone. The antioxidant, ferulic acid, further ensures that you have beautiful evenly toned skin. The Kaya serum is weightless and helps to lighten your darkened areas by getting absorbed right into your skin so that your skin’s dark spots are prevented from returning.

If you want to know more about Kaya’s Q-Switch Laser Treatment, then you can book an appointment and get all your doubts cleared from Kaya’s experts. Your skin will be examined and the right course of action will be recommended to you from Kaya’s experts.

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