Thursday 7 March 2019

The Secret Behind Hair Serums And Why You Need To Get One

Are you tired of frizzy and dry hair? No matter how many times you shampoo and condition your hair, it may never be enough to keep your hair safe. Once you step out into the polluted outdoors, dirt and other impurities will still find a way to attack your hair. Do you think shampoos and conditioners are not enough to improve your hair? Then you may have to resort to using something more to protect your hair.

The purpose of shampoo is to clean your hair from impurities. Conditioners are used to reduce the friction between the strands of hair. This will make it easier to comb or style your hair without causing damage to the hair follicles.  All of this will make your hair easy to manage but it won’t prevent more dirt and impurities from landing on your hair. You need to stop the dirt and grime from getting onto your hair which is why you need a hair serum.

Introducing the Hair Serum

Hair serums are either liquid-based or gel based. They have to be used after shampooing when your hair is still damp. They work by coating the hair follicles in a protective layer. This ensures that dirt and other pollutants don’t stick to the hair strands. Hair serums also have additional benefits like nourishing, moisturizing and anti-hair fall properties.

What Can it Do for Your Hair?

Hair serums will coat your hair in a protective layer. This means that the sun, heat, and pollution won’t be able to get into your hair follicles. This will also keep it safe from hair styling tools that can apply a lot of pressure and heat to your hair.

Hair serums have ceramide in them which will help moisturize your hair. These little guys bond to hair follicles to retain water and make dry hair smooth so your hair won’t break easily.

You won’t have to face the trouble of combing or straightening your hair to remove tangles. The smoothing effect of hair serums will loosen clumps of hair so you can easily style your hair.

Hair serums are loaded with amino acids which will improve the health of your hair. This serum will nourish the hair follicles and roots. It also strengthens the hair so it won’t get brittle.

Hair serums will give your hair an attractive shine. Unlike other products, you won’t have to wait for the results. Get that silky shine instantly because hair serums will start working on your hair the moment you apply it.

Hair serums have many useful properties for hair treatment. So it’s no wonder that they are prescribed by hair specialists to improve the health of hair follicles and reduce hair fall.

Kaya’s Hair Protein Serum is one such Kaya products that you can use to keep the dirt and grime away from your hair. It’ll also reduce hair fall and fix dry and frizzy hair. The Hair Protein Serum is a fast-acting product that helps with hair root regeneration. It nourishes the hair follicles so they become smooth and strong. This serum is enriched with basil, sugarcane, lemon, and apple extracts that will reduce hair fall and breakage.

If you want the perfect hair fall treatment, you must try to use hair care products that can work with each other. This will maximize the benefits for your hair. The Scalp Conditioning Oil, Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo, and the Deep Conditioning Masque from Kaya Clinic can be used before applying the Hair Protein Serum. These products will work together to provide thorough care for your hair. 

Drop in at Kaya to talk an expert and understand your hair problems. The in-house dermatologists at Kaya will suggest the best products for your hair care so you can flaunt smooth and shiny hair! 

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