Friday 22 March 2019

Bothered By The Presence Of Dark Underarm Hair? Switch to Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Body hair is one of the major concerns for many women these days. Waxing is a painful procedure and shaving causes razor cuts and discoloration of the skin. It’s time for you to consider laser hair removal treatment and say goodbye to all those waxing appointments once and for all!

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most commonly used hair removal treatments in many countries. This procedure uses a laser light that destroys hair follicles. For it to be fully effective, the treatment might take up to 3-4 sessions. Based on the hair and skin type, some people might need a few touch-up sessions. Laser hair removal is a painless procedure and does not affect the skin around the treated area.

Laser hair removal treatment might be an option worth considering if shaving, waxing, and epilation do not give you the desired results.

Is Laser Hair Removal Beneficial?

Laser hair removal is a painless procedure and also provides long-lasting results. It has a lot of advantages over other hair removal methods, such as:

Precision: The laser light targets and destroys dark and coarse hair. It does not affect the skin around the treated areas.

Long-lasting results: Laser hair removal is one of the most effective hairs removal procedures. After an average of five sessions, some people even experience long-term hair reduction!

Faster: Laser hair removal is a fast procedure, and a large area of skin can be treated at one time. The beam of the laser light just takes a fraction of second to destroy the hair follicles. Small areas like underarms can take up to 15-20 minutes to be treated.

Say Goodbye To Hairy Underarms With Kaya

Head to your nearest Kaya outlet to get smooth and hair-free underarms! Kaya has a team of expert dermatologists that will make sure you get the best hair removal treatment.

At Kaya, the treatment is carried out in three basic steps. First, the experts assess and understand the pattern of hair growth, your skin type and hair type in detail. Second, a patch test using the laser is done on a small area of your skin to check for reactions. If it goes well and there are no reactions, the experts design a treatment plan for you.

The experts at Kaya use a dermatologically tested, US-FDA approved laser hair removal treatment. The laser targets only the hair follicle and doesn't affect the skin around the treated area. Body hair grows in three phases - anagen, catagen, and antigen. Anagen is the phase where hair growth takes place. The treatment works by targeting hair in its growth phase. Not every strand of hair is in the same phase at the same time, that’s why multiple sessions are needed for this treatment to be fully effective. On average, you might need up to 6 sessions. A few touch-up sessions may be required for some people, as every individual has different skin and hair type.

Laser hair removal may be a bit pricey, but it is the most effective treatment for permanent hair removal. Once you get this treatment done, you won’t have to worry about those tiring appointments for waxing!
Kaya Skin Clinic is one of the best places to go for permanent laser hair removal in the country. Kaya offers laser treatment packages at affordable prices, and also offers discounts on additional touch-up sessions. Why wait any longer? Book an appointment for laser hair removal treatment at Kaya!

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