Wednesday 6 February 2019

Winter Skin Woes: Save Your Skin from Its Enemy

Winter brings along with it Christmas and merriment, and also various skin problems such as dryness, flaky skin, rashes, irritation, redness, and the list go on. With the weather change wreaking havoc on your skin, it is time to give it some extra love, care, and nourishment.

Winter vs. Skin - Who wins?

Winter, obviously! Maybe not. If you want to win this battle for healthy skin, it is necessary to put in some extra time and effort. Take these necessary precautions everyday to keep your skin flawless and beautiful. Here are some winter body care tips to combat various skin woes:
-          Keep yourself hydrated, inside out: Constantly keep a moisturising lotion with you while you are out and apply it every now and then. Apart from using a moisturiser, make sure you keep your body hydrated with a lot of water and the right kind of food to replenish moisture.
-          Use a sunscreen, even though you hardly see the sun: Harmful rays of the sun are even present in the winter, making your skin susceptible to sun damage. Always use a sunscreen or beauty products with built-in sunscreen to protect your skin.
-          Exfoliate and cleanse your skin regularly: One the major winter problems is flaky skin. Imagine welcoming Christmas with cracked, flaky skin. Ouch! Use an exfoliating scrub to remove the flaky skin. Avoid the usage of soaps as they lead to inflammation and dryness. 

Kaya: The solution to all your skin problems

Looking for that perfect solution for all your skin woes during winter? Kaya Skin Clinic is here to help you with just that. Kaya understands the needs of your skin and provides you with some of the best services. Their diligent services and advanced technology come together to provide you with one of the efficient skin care treatments and therapies. They have a plethora of products that treat and repair various skin issues to give you flawless skin.

Elbow and Foot Cream

The Deep Nourish Elbow and Foot Cream from Kaya is formulated with shea butter and coconut oil that softens rough skin on the feet and the elbows. It refreshes and rejuvenates sore and tired skin on your feet, and deeply nourishes the thick skin around the elbows and knees. This foot care cream effectively treats calloused elbows and cracked feet for soft, moisturized skin.
Soft feet

Daily Use Body Lotion

The Daily Use Body Lotion from Kaya effectively prevents moisture loss from the skin all day. Its shea butter and mango butter enriched formula nourishes your skin and keeps it hydrated. This Kaya body lotion softens your skin and keeps it moisturized for long intervals. It replenishes vital oils and gives you healthy looking skin.

Intense Hydration Body Lotion

Say goodbye to dry skin with the Intense Hydration Body Lotion from Kaya. Formulated with shea butter and kokum butter, it locks moisture in your skin throughout the day. With extreme weather conditions depriving your skin of moisture, this body lotion keeps your skin hydrated. Regular usage softens the skin and protects it from the harsh winter.

White Protect Body Lotion

Looking for that ideal all-in-one product that would moisturise your skin and reduce dullness? Look no further than Kaya’s White Protect Body Lotion. It protects your skin from the UVA and UVB rays while keeping it hydrated. It prevents skin darkening and evens out the skin tone. Formulated with SPF 13, it prevents sun damage and pampers your skin for a bright, radiant look. 

Kaya understands the importance of keeping your skin healthy and nourished during the harsh winter. Its wide variety of skin care products effectively treat your skin and keeps it healthy. Bid farewell to all your winter skin woes with Kaya body care and flaunt smooth, flawless skin.

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