Thursday 22 February 2018

Body Care Regimen 30-Days Before Your Wedding Day

Every bride and groom wants to look great on their wedding day. It is an important milestone in their lives and there will be visual records in the form of photographs and videos for the occasion. These will be viewed for years down the line, by friends and family and different generations. So, looking good on the occasion becomes extremely important.
Plan your pre-marriage body care regimen long before your wedding. Six months before your wedding is a good time to start. But, a month before the D-Day is especially important. Take care that you have followed your long-term plan and start focusing on enhancing your looks in the few weeks before the event.

A Month Before the Wedding Day

This is the period when you should be focusing on short-term results. Enhancing your looks, choosing your dress and hairstyle, pampering your body and your hair so that they look perfect on the special day - these should be your goals in this period. Any weight-loss diet, special skin care therapies, and diets should all have been started long ago.
This is also a good time to begin using moisturizing and skin lightening products. Kaya White Protect Body Lotion contains niacinamide, a potent whitening agent. This body lotion is a 3-in-1 product - it hydrates your skin, reduces pigmentation, evens skin tone, and provides sun protection.

Four Weeks to Go

Consult your beautician and dermatologist. If you are prone to severe problems like acne, eczema and rosacea, this is the last chance you have to undergo any intense treatments and therapies. Go to reputed skin clinics.
Read Kaya Clinic reviews to pick effective treatments for your condition. Fix an appointment and go for a consultation. Some treatments might leave some effects on your skin that will require at least a week or two to heal. So, this is the best time for healing therapies.
It is also time to begin a short-term diet where you avoid caffeine, oily foods, and white sugar. This can help prevent onset of acne and other problems. A few weeks of depriving yourself from some of your favorite foods can help you be a glowing and beautiful bride on the big day.
Start going for regular facials and hair treatments now. Schedule weekly visits. Complete any intensive treatments during this week. This will give your skin and hair time to respond and reap the best benefits by the time the wedding day arrives.
Moisturize your skin to prevent dryness and dull looks. Use products like Kaya Daily Use Body Lotion. It contains mango butter and shea butter that help in moisture retention as well as providing nourishment to the skin.
Do not neglect your feet. Schedule pedicures along with manicures. Use a good foot cream like Kaya Elbow and Foot Care Cream to heal dry and cracked feet well before the big day. Kaya Foot Care Cream contains glycolic acid to heal rough and cracked feet. It also contains vitamin E to promote skin health.

Three Weeks to Go

Start choosing makeup artists and hairstyles. Try them out to see how they look and if they match your personality. Continue your regular facials and hair care regimen. Besides spa visits, use some natural homemade and tried remedies to enhance and maintain your looks.
Pamper your hair and body with oil and herbal baths. Let your fingernails grow; do not cut them short. Long nails add a touch of elegance to your hands. Nail polish or mehndi can highlight their looks. Keep them clean; apply nourishing oils like coconut or olive oil on them at night.
Use sunscreens and hydrating body lotions to protect your skin. Kaya Intense Hydration Body Lotion contains shea and kokum butter that help replenish lost water content and also replenish essential oils in the body. It locks in the moisture for 24 hours and keeps your skin soft and supple through the day.

Two Weeks to Go

You should have finished all shopping by now. Take a break from work if possible and stay at home to avoid exposure to the sun and pollution. Focus on planning the last details of your attire and hairstyle.
Avoid stress which can affect your mental and physical health. Take short naps and get a good night’s sleep each day. This can help you avoid tired eyes and stress lines and keep you looking healthy and glowing on the big occasion.
Follow the month-long regimen you laid out two weeks before. If you have been advised a special diet to maintain your weight or skin health, stick to it. Do not try any new treatments or skin care products at this time. If you develop any allergic reaction, you may not have enough time to recover.

A Week to Go

The day is fast approaching. Strictly follow any diets or exercise regimen. Go for a full body massage to rejuvenate yourself. If you are going in for a facial, schedule it three or four days before the wedding. Put the finishing touches on your looks, follow a healthy diet, and stay indoors as far as possible. Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.
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