Friday 11 January 2019

Bid Dry Skin Goodbye this Winter with Kaya

The thief that steals your natural glow is just around the corner and its time to up your skincare game! During winters your skin needs special care and attention to stay ahead of the cold winds and hot showers that dry up the natural oils from your skin. You can stay on top of this by making sure your skin is moisturized and hydrated day and night! Here are some easy and quick skin care tips for you follow this horrid winter!

Winters and Dry Skin

Winter is coming and so is that dreaded dry, flaky skin. Winters bring with it cold, dry winds that can be rough on your skin. Your skin loses its glow and looks dull as the merciless winter winds strip your skin of water, moisture and natural oils. That’s why you need to step up your skin care routine during the winters. Besides, nobody wants an itchy, patchy, dry, flaky skin to ruin their day. To stay moisturized and hydrated during these tough times it is important to you use a good moisturizer day and night.

Skin Care Routine for Winter

You need to take extra care of your precious skin during winters because it’s left vulnerable to a lot of dust and dryness. Make sure you cleanse your face, moisturize and hydrate your skin throughout the day to reclaim your soft, supple skin. Even though some sun exposure during the winters feels nice and warm, it still comes with harmful UVA rays that are responsible for premature aging and wrinkles that damage your skin. Protect your skin from the sun by using sunscreens even during the winter.

Cleanse your skin on-the-go with Kaya Everyday Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing is an important part of your skincare routine. Sometimes using soaps and face-wash might just not be enough. Using a gentle cleanser like Kaya Everyday Cleansing Wipes will leave your skin clean and fresh any time of the day. These wipes are enriched with chamomile, aloe vera, castor oil, and glycerin, which combine together to cleanse, moisturize and hydrate your skin. On the plus side, it also does the job of a makeup remover.

Moisturize and Hydrate your Skin with Kaya’s Skin Care Products

Never skip on your moisturizer. During the winters, your moisturizer is your BFF and hydrating body lotion your sidekick! Kaya’s Anytime Moisturizing Cream is a light textured cream that leaves your skin moisturized throughout the day with its unique moisture-lock formula. It reduces water loss from your skin keeping it hydrated. The Shea and Kokum butter in the cream gives your skin the nourishment it needs. Apply the moisturizing cream onto your face and neck during the day and before you go to bed for soft and supple skin. You can also leave your moisturizer in the fridge overnight and use it the next morning to bring back some color on your cheeks making it look rosy and moisturized.
Only concentrating on your face is not enough. It is equally important to moisturize the rest of your body as well. Experts at Kaya Clinic suggest that using a good hydrating body lotion will protect your skin from dryness and leave it hydrated and moisturized. Kaya’s luxuriant moisturizer, Intense Hydrating Body Lotion will leave your skin looking fresh and hydrated throughout the day with its intense moisture-lock formula. Massage this hydrating body lotion onto your skin to get a soft and smooth skin texture.

Is Sunscreen Required during the Winter?

Yes, yes and finally, yes! The sun is still around in the winter and so are the UVA and UVB rays. You don’t get sunburned that easily because the UVB rays aren’t that harsh during the winters and it feels all warm and pleasant. Unfortunately, UVA rays are still around and that is responsible for premature aging and wrinkles. Use a moisturizing, broad-spectrum sunscreen for winters, like Kaya’s Daily Use Sunscreen SPF 15 that shields you from both UVA and UVB rays and also hydrates the skin without leaving you with an oily or sticky feeling. Apply the Daily Use Sunscreen after you’ve applied your Daily Use Moisturizer and Hydrating Body lotion. Make sure you apply a generous amount of sunscreen especially covering those areas of your body that are exposed to the sun.

Other than cleansing and moisturizing it is also important that you stay well hydrated by drinking a lot of water and adding watery fruits to your diet. This will help your skin balance the water loss and keep it hydrated. With Kaya’s Skin Care solutions and some lifestyle changes, you can keep skin problems at bay!

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