Friday 29 September 2017

Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews - What You Say Matters

Statistics show that over 61% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product or service.
Today, consumers go through reviews before they purchase a product or use a service, and this is especially the case for hair or skin care products.
Over 6 out of 10 people buy a particular product or service after seeing positive reviews because customer reviews and ratings are most trusted by individuals.
These don’t only help customers make a purchase or choice, they also help sellers improve their standards and quality.
And this is why at Kaya Skin Clinic, reviews are of utmost importance. Every feedback matters, as this helps in improving the products and services, thereby generating ultimate customer satisfaction.
How Your Reviews Help Kaya Skin Clinic
While reviews help you in deciding whether to purchase a product or service, your reviews, ratings, feedback, and suggestions help companies in every step of its journey to provide the best for you.
The positive ones from the customers encourage Kaya Skin Clinic to develop new products and services for a beautiful you. The negative ones are extremely important too, as the experts take this in their stride and work towards rectifying and improving their products or services.
Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews On Some Of Their Skin Care Products
With over 100 outlets spread across 27 cities all over India, 20 clinics in the Middle East and several e-commerce portals, Kaya’s main objective is to deliver solutions for the flawless skin. Using the latest, cutting edge technology and a team of experts that are the best at their jobs, Kaya’s priority is you.
Blemish Control Formula
The Blemish Control Formula from Kaya Skin Clinic is your answer to active acne and post acne blemishes, dark spots and patches, marks and comedones.
It has a dual formula that is fast acting, targeting marks and blemishes that are caused due to acne and other skin problems. The active ingredients in this product are extremely effective and are used by dermatologists all over to treat acne and blemish and other skin related problems.
Blemish Control Formula has extracts like tea tree oil, burdock, macadamia, and chamomile, all of which help in unclogging pores, drying pimples, and reducing the size of pimples within close to 12 hours. It also contains tomato extract, which is great for lightening your skin and blemishes, ensuring a brighter and clearer looking skin in two weeks.
The Blemish Control Formula is a popular choice among many, and the reviews for this product have been great.
A 25-year old from Kolkata who has been using this product for over three months says that this product is a must have for all those who suffer from active acne blemishes as well as post acne blemishes.
Similarly, a 32-year old from Bangalore swears by this product, saying that the results were instantaneous and great.
After Shave Soothing and Hydrating Gel
Beauty care products and services play a big role in a woman’s life, and all around the world, you will find a number of products and services for for them.
However, at Kaya Skin Clinic, both women as well as men are prioritized. Here, you’ll find products and services for both men and women.
The After Shave Soothing and Hydrating Gel is a product for men. Shaving can cause your skin to get rough and irritated, and it is important that you take care of your skin post shaving. The After Shave Soothing and Hydrating Gel, with its alcohol-free, gel formula, hydrates and soothes your skin, leaving behind a cooling effect. It is non-greasy, so you will find that your skin looks fresh and energized.
A 35-year old working man from Bangalore says that it is important to use the After Shave Soothing And Hydrating Gel as it keeps him feeling fresh through the day.
A 47-year old Kolkata based engineer says that this product is great as it soothes the skin and prevents discomfort.
Brightening Serum Intense Clarify HD
The brightening serum intense clarify HD is packed with active ingredients like Waltheria Indica, peptides, vitamin C, and ferulic acids, which regulate and prevent the overproduction of melanin in your skin. Thanks to hormonal imbalances, exposure to the sun, and aging, your skin becomes dull and lifeless. The active ingredients in this product help revive your skin, resulting in a clear and blemish free complexion.
The product is sure to give you positive results, says a 27-year old from Mumbai.
A 48-year old woman from Kolkata says that this product has never let her down, and her skin is much better after using it.

Try these products yourself, according to your need. Don’t forget to write reviews about your experience!


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