Thursday 14 September 2017

4 Laser Hair Reduction Myths Debunked

Laser hair reduction involves the use of laser technology to reduce hair growth permanently. A beam of laser light is made to target hair follicles to reduce hair growth from the roots.
Laser hair reduction is increasingly becoming popular as more and more women are looking for permanent solution to body hair. However, there are many misconceptions and myths around laser hair reduction. These myths are discouraging women to consider laser hair reduction and go through the painful process of waxing every month.
Let’s look at some of the myths and facts about laser hair reduction:
Myth 1# Laser hair reduction is painful
Laser hair reduction was painful in the past. That’s where this myth came from. Laser hair reduction has improved nowadays and it isn’t that painful if you do it from a certified facility. But there will be some minor discomfort that you’ll feel.
Kaya Skin Clinic is one place which is popular when it comes to laser hair reduction. It uses US-FDA approved advanced laser technology to help remove hair painlessly.
Myth 2# Laser hair reduction isn’t suitable the Indian skin
There’s no particular skin type or tone on which laser doesn’t work. The machines come with different settings and are effective on all types of skin.
Kaya Skin Clinic uses advanced Nd-YAG laser technology that has been specially formulated for Indian skin. Read Kaya Skin Clinic reviews written by Indian customers who are satisfied with the result.
Myth 3# Laser hair reduction offers permanent solution
If any clinic is making you that promise, beware. Laser hair reduction helps reduce hair growth permanently. It removes all your unwanted body hair permanently. But there is a chance that the follicles might repair themselves and hair regrow in the future.
Touch-up sessions are required to control hair growth completely.
Myth 4# Laser hair reduction is expensive
Laser hair reduction treatment isn’t exactly cheap. However, if you add up the money you’ll spend on waxing in the future, laser hair reduction is definitely cheaper. Also, you’ll be saving a lot in terms of the time spent too.

What matters is the place you get your treatment from. Choose a clinic like Kaya Skin Clinic for effective results.


  1. Woah, this was informative. Always thought laser treatment would be painful. Also read a Kaya Q switch laser reviews the other day. Might give that a try.

  2. I was searching for a few kaya skin clinic hair removal reviews earlier and i found this particular blog. Quite an interesting topic and would be useful for someone who wants to try this treatment.