Friday 19 May 2017

4 sure signs of damaged and undernourished hair

Whether your hair needs treatment or not depends on how healthy it is. Knowing the signs of damaged hair can help you to choose the best treatment.
Hair health is something that shouldn’t be ignored. There are many signs to tell you whether your hair is healthy or if it needs some TLC? By taking care of damage, you can have hair that’s the object of everyone’s envy.
1.     Spilt ends
One of the most obvious signs of unhealthy hair is split ends. Wrap a few strands of your hair around a pen or a finger. If you come across strands sticking out, that means you have split ends. Unfortunately, the only solution to split ends is a hair cut.
2.     Lack of shine
Healthy hair cuticles are able to reflect more light than unhealthy ones, and that’s the reason why your hair shines, and that’s how it’s meant to be. If you have dull and lusterless hair, it’s time you spend some time keeping your hair healthy. Include omega 3 acids in your diet. That helps your hair shine.
3.     Too many tangles
Too many tangles can be a pain when you’re combing your hair. That also is a sign of bad hair health, since when your hair is healthy, the strands will lay flat and slide with each other.
P.S., use a hair brush with nylon bristles as opposed to plastic combs. This prevents hair breakage.
4.     Less bounce and more frizz
If your hair is strong and elastic, then you don’t have to worry. Hold a strand of hair between your fingers and pull it. If it doesn’t stretch and breaks easily, that means your hair needs treatment.

Try out Kaya Hair Health Boost System to treat dull and damaged hair. This course of this therapy depends on your hair type and condition. It works by reducing breakage, energizing your hair roots, nourishing your scalp, and restoring your hair back to health. What you get in the end is stronger, shinier, and thicker hair. Going by Kaya Skin Clinic reviews from their customers, this is one of the most effective treatments available to bring your hair back to health and keep it that way. 

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