Tuesday 10 May 2016

Kaya Skin Clinic Delhi Saved My Skin From Pollution

The recent news about alarming levels of air pollution and the deteriorating air quality made me think about how it was also affecting my skin. So, after reading an impressive Kaya Skin Clinic review, I decided it was time I pampered my skin.

After the alarming pollution levels in Delhi, I decided my skin needed some exfoliation to get rid of the pollutants and dirty air particles. I read a positive Kaya Products review online that talked about the customized beauty treatments they offered. These treatments are performed with a number of effective ingredients to get real results.
My Experience At Kaya Skin Clinic Delhi
Kaya Skin Clinic has an efficient team of dermatologists and beauty therapist that offer the best of services. I made an appointment for a facial called the Kaya Antox Ultra Sheen Therapy. The facial was a relaxing experience and included three stages.
In the first stage, cleansers and rosewater were used to clean my skin after which it was exfoliated with different ingredients. After exfoliation and toning, a heating mask was used to de-clog the pores. The mask was followed by a combination of massage creams and mineral-enriched serums that revived the suppleness of my skin.
A Vitamin C-rich complexion mask and a moisture-restoring cream were used at the end of the procedure. As the facial massage ended, I walked out with a detoxed and notably cleaner skin than before. The deep cleansing therapy cleared my skin of all the unwanted toxic pollutants.
Apart from Ultra Sheen Therapy, there are a number of other therapies and facials that can be used to treat different skin problems. The best part is that these facials will be done using the ingredients that suit your skin tone and type.

Apart from rejuvenating skin and giving it a glow, facials also exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells. That’s why beauty facials have always been a part of my skin care regimen. After getting a facial done at Kaya, I feel it deserves full marks in this Kaya Skin Clinic Review.

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