Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Why Q-Switch Laser Is The Best Therapy For Pigmented Skin

Getting a Q-Switch treatment will help you get rid of unwanted brown spots and pigmentation. But, after the completion of the procedure, you need to provide proper attention and care to your skin. This article will inform you about the procedure and its after-effects.

Skin pigmentation often leads to sun freckles, unwanted brown spots, and coloring of the skin, thereby creating a subtle difference in your skin tone. It’s mainly caused when the melanin pigment gets deposited under the skin layers.
Q-switch laser is often used to get rid of these blemishes. Many skin clinics like Kaya Skin Clinic offer this effective treatment. You can visit their website or go through a Kaya Skin Clinic review to know more about the quality of their treatments.
What Is Q-Switch Laser?
Q-switch therapy makes uses of several beams of laser that are focused on your skin. The laser then scatters the pigment around the skin, which is naturally re-absorbed and disposed by the body.
When Is Q-Switch Treatment Beneficial?
The Q-switch laser is appropriate for removing diffused and restricted pigmentation. This treatment is best used for small or big isolated color spots, acne marks, and skin rejuvenation. Reading a Kaya Skin Clinic review will give you a clearer idea about the efficacy of this treatment.
Pregnant women and individuals who have had a regular intake of Accutane for the last six months are advised not to undergo this treatment. Individuals who often complain of cold sores should also avoid this procedure.

Benefits Of The Procedure
When the procedure is being performed, the pigment color might intensify, followed by little swelling and even bruises. After the procedure, the treatment can reduce pigmentation by almost 75% and in some cases 100% success is also possible.
It might take more than a single consultation for some spots to completely offset the color. For women looking forward to getting this treatment, you can go through a Kaya Q Switch Laser review to know more about the benefits.

Usually, after the treatment is done, a red or brown spot may appear but this is temporary and can be treated if it persists. Proper skin care is very important for the treated area and also you should avoid sun exposure as much as possible.


  1. I have been to Dubai's branch of Kaya Skin Clinic for Q Switch Laser treatment. In my point of view the experience was quite good, as the process was not very painful. I thank the customer care executive because she took care of mine as this was something I was doing for the first time.

  2. The blog is quite informative! I was wondering what exactly is Q Switch laser treatment. I have never used any kaya products or services so far but this Q switch laser treatment sounds interesting at least i can get rid of pigmentation with this treatment. i will surely share my review if will opt for this treatment.

  3. In my opinion, Kaya's laser hair removal service is one of the best in India right now. I recently went to Kaya Skin Clinic Bangalore and sat for a preliminary sessions where the doctor guided me through the whole process. I went on to complete the sessions and now my legs are hairfree. It was a really great and satisfying experience for me. Kaya comes highly recommended!

  4. Even I have only good things to share about the Q switch laser treatment provided by Kaya. I visited one of their clinics in Kolkata and was impressed by the techniques they used. A great experience overall.

  5. In my experience, Kaya's Q-switched laser is one of the best solutions for uneven skin tone and getting rid of acne and blemishes. I went to a Kaya skin clinic in Bangalore recently for a 6-session treatment. Within the first four sessions, I started seeing a great difference in my skin tone, of course, to the better. The staff were respectable and did a great job overall. I'll recommend Q-switched to anyone who's ever had problems with acne, blemishes, and improper skin tone. Go for it!

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing this review. Wanted to know if Kaya Q-Switch treatment available in Mumbai?

    1. Hello Virti, glad that you liked this review post. An answer to your question - Yes, Kaya Skin Clinic offers Q-Switch treatment in Mumbai.

  7. I have done Kaya Skin Clinic Q-Switch treatment 2 months back and I am so happy that I took right decision.