Friday 22 January 2016

Five Hair Removal Mistakes You Should Avoid

Using hair-removal techniques is something we do quite often, but that doesn’t reduce their bothersome effects. Do you have to go through a lot of pain, skin irritation, and agonizing blisters every time you remove hair? Then this could mean that you are doing something wrong.

Hair removal isn’t an easy affair, especially when it is a ritual that you have to get done with hurriedly each day. It is one of the most painful procedures we go through every time we set out to tackle that unwanted hair. But you can make it less unpleasant by being more careful and avoiding some of these frequent slip-up.

1.     Sun Exposure Before And After Waxing

Exposing your skin to the sun can turn it sensitive, lowering your tolerance level. This can considerably increase the pain you experience while the strips are being ripped off your skin. Such a mistake will cause your skin to get inflammation, contract blisters, and acquire hyperpigmentation.

2.     Using An Old Razor Or One That Belongs To Someone Else

These razors accumulate a lot of bacteria that will cause a nasty infection called folliculitis at the level of your hair follicles. This must be avoided at any cost, or you could sterilize your razor for a few hours with an alcoholic solution before shaving.

3.     Shaving Without Moisture

Dry shaving is a major cause for bad skin irritation and burns. It is important to administer the razor on hydrated skin as this will lessen the harshness of the blade with each graze. Hydrate your skin with cool water during a bath and shave when wet. Do not use foamy solutions while shaving.

4.     Wearing Cosmetics After Shaving

Cosmetics contain chemicals that can further irritate your already sensitive skin. Applying chemical products such as lotions and perfumes can aggravate the burning sensation and cause more discomfort.

5.     Waxing Right Before Your Period

Your body becomes quite sensitive about a week before your period. You should, at any cost, refrain from waxing or undergoing laser hair removal treatment at this time to avoid experiencing extreme pain.

If your shaving or waxing sessions are painfully uncomfortable each time, you could find a permanent solution at a skincare clinic that offers laser treatment. You could read about, say, Kaya laser treatment to build your knowledge on how it is done.

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