Tuesday 28 May 2019

Use Kaya’s Sweat Proof Sunscreen For Day Protection Against The Sun

There are a variety of sunscreens available for a variety of skin types. But, if you are one who breaks a sweat easily or if you are out in the sun exercising, then a sweat-proof sunscreen is what you need. Kaya’s sweat proof sunscreen is one such brilliant sunscreen.

When it comes to sun protection, you shouldn’t compromise. There are two types of sun’s rays that can easily damage your skin if you are not protected. The Ultraviolet-A rays can cause your skin to look older because it causes wrinkles and age spots. Ultraviolet-B, on the other hand, can cause sunburns and increases the risk of skin cancer. Use sunscreen to avoid getting affected by these two harmful rays. If you are looking for a solution to be protected when you sweat, then don’t worry because Kaya sunscreen has got you covered.

Why choose Kaya’s Sweat Proof Sunscreen

Do you want to eliminate all possible skin damage from the sun? Then choose from Kaya’s range of sunscreens. As Kaya’s skin care products are all developed by expert dermatologists, the quality of their products is always top-notch.
If you are one who sweats a lot and hasn’t been able to find the right sunscreen to match your condition, then look no further because Kaya has a sweat proof sunscreen. Here is why this product should be your first choice.

      Water-Resistant And Sweat-Resistant

This sunscreen does not wash off easily and so you can go swimming because your skin is protected. Even if you sweat profusely, you will stay protected if you apply this sunscreen on your face and body.

      Broad-Spectrum Protection

Kaya sunscreen protects you from both the UVA and UVB rays. As stated earlier, these tend to have a negative impact on your skin.

      Sun Protect Factor (SPF)

This sunscreen from Kaya Clinic comes with SPF 30+. This protects you during the summer as well when you are out in the sun for a long time. This decreases the chances of your skin getting burnt and the chances of getting skin cancer due to constant exposure to the sun.


Kaya sunscreen does not contain the chemical Paraben which is harmful to your skin. Paraben sunscreens tend to affect sensitive skin individuals and can even increase the chances of skin cancer. The reason is that they deepen the pigmentation in the skin which is harmful to your skin.

      For All Skin Types

Kaya’s Sweat Proof Sunscreen is suitable for all skin types. You can even use the sunscreen if you have a combination skin type. This enables anyone to use this sunscreen for the protection they need from the sun’s rays.

      Makes Skin Flawless

Kaya sunscreen contains aloe vera juice which helps to soothe your skin while protecting it at the same time. It comes with Tocopheryl Acetate which helps to keep tanning at bay and helps you retain your natural skin tone. The sunscreen moisturizes your skin too and makes it glow.

      No White Layer

When you are applying sunscreen, you must have noticed some of them leave your skin looking white. Your face looks like a mask. Kaya’s sunscreen never does this because it ensures the sunscreen gets absorbed and your skin looks amazing just as it should.

While there are lots of sunscreens that come under the Kaya Sunscreen range, you can opt for sweat proof sunscreen when you know your skin will be exposed to the sun for a long time. It is better to be safe than sorry. Kaya enables you to enjoy the sun and stay protected. Now, you can go out in the sun and have the best time of your life knowing Kaya has your back.

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