Tuesday 23 October 2018

How Does Sun Exposure Cause Skin Ageing?

Ageing is a natural process, there are several intrinsic causes of ageing. However, many studies have shown that the major cause of the external signs of ageing is exposure to sunlight. It is the UV rays that cause the harm.

Why Should You Shield Yourself From the Sun?

The sun is the giver of light and life on earth, without the sun, nothing can survive. However, when you expose yourself too much to direct sunlight, it can cause a lot of harm.
It is the ultraviolet rays from the sun that are the culprits here. The sun’s UV spectrum consist of three rays that reach the earth’s atmosphere. UVA, UVB, and UVC. Fortunately for us, the ozone layer is still up there to filter out the UVC rays. However, the A and B rays still reach the earth’s surface.
UVB rays are short wavelength rays that have long been associated with skin cancer. UVB rays are more intense and also cause sunburn. UVA have a longer wavelength and penetrate deeper into the skin.

The Effects of UV Rays

When the ultraviolet rays enter your skin, your body has a natural line of defense in the form of the pigment called Melanin. This pigment is the chemical that gives color to your skin, hair and eyes. It also protects you by absorbing and dissipating the UV rays.
Too much sunlight drives up melanin production. This causes tanning and hyperpigmentation. When the amount of UV rays entering your body exceeds the capacity of the melanin to protect it, it causes further damage. It leads to pigmentation issues as melanin gets unevenly distributed across the skin, causing age spots, dull and dry skin
The UV rays also begin to breakdown structural proteins like collagen and elastin. Collagen in skin gives structure and firmness. Elastin makes the skin smooth and supple, the sign of a youthful skin. Together, these proteins give your skin shape, volume, and elasticity. When they breakdown visible pores, crow feet, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. The skin begins to lose its firmness, resulting in sagging skin, bags and folds. UV rays even have the capacity to damage DNA. The rays also cause Telangiectasias, a condition where tiny blood vessels called capillaries dilate and become visible under the skin.
The sun also increases the amount of free radicals in the body that causes cell damage and mutations, suppresses the body's immune system and reduces antioxidants. All these can together lead to skin cancer and other damaging effects.
The WHO published a report that outlined the dangers of too much time spent under direct sunlight. It concluded that around 90% of the visible signs of aging is caused by the sun’s UV rays. There are other independent studies conducted in many countries, across different ethnic groups that also prove this to be true. While dark skinned people are believed to have higher resistance to UV rays, they can also be severely affected by too much sunlight.

The Solution

The solution to this problem is not to hide yourself away in a dark room with all the windows shut and curtain pulled closed. The sun is the primary source of Vitamin D, and our body clock works based on sunlight, it is attuned to the rhythms of the sun. Just use sunscreens, wear protective clothing if you have to go out in the bright sunshine. If you want to enjoy the sunshine out in the beach or just standing under a tree in your garden, do it before 10 am or after 4 pm. Even then, wear sunglasses and sunblock if you intend to spend a lot of time under the sun.
Reverse the Signs of Ageing with Kaya Dramatic Renew Day Cream
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The Seven Signs of Photoaging
  1. Dull skin
  2. Open Pores
  3. Dark spots
  4. Patchy skin
  5. Sagging skin
  6. Dry skin
  7. Lines and Wrinkles
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