Friday 7 September 2018

Keep Yourself Looking Blemish-Free and Radiant This Festive Season

This year’s festival season has started in earnest. Now, there will be a procession of celebrations and Poojas, with the wedding season also set to begin. So, you will be planning for many special occasions. You will want to look your best during this time, so let us look at a few products that could help.

For Blemishless Skin This Festive Season

You want to pamper your skin and hair in the coming months, to keep looking your radiant best. Maybe you have already started a regime of hair removal, pigmentation reduction, and facial therapies at a good skin clinic like Kaya.
You are now looking great, no skin dullness or dark spots, but you will want to keep it that way. The sun, dust and pollution can work against you, so here are a few tips:
     Yes, even in the cooler weather, you do need sunscreens
     Choose the sunscreen appropriate for your skin type
     Cleanse and moisturise your face regularly
     For oily skin use light texture sunscreens, moisturisers and other skin care products
     For dry skin, choose oil-based creams that will keep your skin from becoming dry and dull
     Wear protective clothing when you go outside. This is much easier in the winter
Want suggestions for some good products? Kaya provides an excellent set of sunscreen to suit every need, and a great nourishing skin brightening day cream

Kaya Sunscreens

Kaya’s set of sunscreens:
Kaya DailySunscreen: This is an ideal product for oily and combo skin types. With SPF 30, Ultra Bootstar rating of 5, and PA++++ this sunscreen provides the best protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It also contains Niacinamide, a skin whitening agent, so, it detans as well as protects your skin. A good option if you have post acne blemish.
Daily Moisturising Sunscreen: This is the sunscreen for daily use, for those who have normal to dry skin. Provides broad spectrum protection against both UVB ad UVA rays with SPF 30 and a 5-star Boots rating. It is formulated to protect as well as hydrate your skin.
Sweat-Proof Sunscreen: This sunscreen, with an SPF 30+ is a broad spectrum sunscreen, protecting you against both A and B UV rays. It has Aloe Vera to soothe and cool your skin, and keep it hydrated. This sunscreen is also enriched with Vitamin E, an antioxidant that prevents damage to your skin. Designed to last for upto 8 hours and will not be easily washed away by sweat. So use it while outdoors, while playing beach volleyball or indulging in other strenuous activities. It prevents sunburns and skin tanning. The compact packaging makes it easy to carry in your pocket and re-apply when needed.
Youth Protect Sunscreen: This is a broad spectrum sunscreen that provides full sun protection, against both UVB and UVA rays. This lightweight sunscreen also contains a potent antioxdant, Geranium extract, to prevent age spots or patchy skin.
Ultralight Aquagel: This is designed for acne prone skin. This gel-based formulation does not clog pores, it is easy to apply. With an SPF 25 and broad spectrum protection, this cream is good to use for oily, acne prone skin. It provides a cooling sensation when applied and give a matte finish instead of a shiny look.
Sensitive Skin Sunscreen: This fragrance-free sunscreen has been specially formulated by dermatologists at Kaya for sensitive skin types. This is a non-greasy, hypoallergenic sunscreen with an SPF of 15 and broad spectrum protection, so it also shields you against UVA rays. It can be used in all weather conditions.

Kaya Brightening Day Cream

This is a nourishing day cream and provides triple benefits. This unique formulation contains Azeloyl Glycine for skin whitening. It has SPF 15 sun protection,and also contains Vitamin A.
So, this fairness cream controls melanin production through Azeloyl Glycine. It acts as a sunscreen and also fights free radicals through antioxidants (Vitamin C). It is lightweight and just a small amount goes a long way. Gives you sun protection and makes your skin brighter, smoother and light-toned.
kaya Clinic provides a solution for every skin and hair care need. Use these sunscreens and Brightening Day Cream, to sustain your even complexion. Get flawless skin for this festival season and keep it that way for long.

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