Friday 24 August 2018

Hair Growth Phase And Male Pattern Baldness- How PRP Treatment Can Help

Male pattern baldness is a common problem. If the baldness becomes acute, then hair transplant can be a viable option. However, when you have severe hair loss, you can approach a hair care clinic to see if other hair loss treatments are available to slow down the hair loss and encourage hair growth too.
Hair Growth Phases
Hair growth in both women and men goes through stages. However, the hair growth on your head is not synchronous. That is, all the hair does not go through the same phase simultaneously. A certain percentage of your hair might be in the growth phase, another percentage might be in the transition period, while yet another percentage of your hair might be in the resting phase. The three main phases are Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.

This is the growth phase. Hairs in this phase are actively growing and the hair shafts become longer. This phase can last for many years, from 2 to 5, or even upto seven years. The longer this phase lasts, the longer your hair.
This is the transition phase. The hairs in this phase stop growing, the hair follicles shrink and detach from the skin. Yet, the hair does not fall out. This phase lasts just for a few weeks.
Telogen is the resting phase,. During this period, the detached hair follicles remain in your scalp, but new follicles appear beneath these dead ones and grow. Telogen can last for a few months.
This is actually part of the resting phase. As the new hair follicles beneath the old and shriveled follicles begin to push up, they eventually the eject old dead hair roots. So, hair shedding occurs during this period. Then, the new hairs enter the Anagen phase.
Androgenic Alopecia
In Androgenic Alopecia, a derivative of testosterone, a hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT, affects hair follicles. Usually, DHT plays a role in the development of males, making their voices deeper, stimulating hair growth in the face etc. However, in men who have a family tendency towards Male Pattern Baldness, the DHT targets hair follicles and destroys them. It also shortens the Anagen or growing phase and lengthens the Telogen or resting phase. As these changes in duration increase over each hair growth cycle, new hair and hair growth gradually slows down, leading to baldness. Before you begin to go obviously bald, you can try hair treatments, like PRP therapy for hair.
Kaya Hair Care - PRP Treatment for Hair
Kaya Clinic PRP uses platelets extracted from your own blood to treat hair loss. PRP therapy is considered by many to be the best service for hair fall.
What are Platelets?
Your blood is composed of different components -  red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. Platelets are not whole cells, but cell fragments with no nuclei. They are jagged in shape and their main function is to seal breaks in blood vessels, in order to stop bleeding.
Platelets also contain numerous growth factors that stimulate cell growth. This is what makes them so effective as a hair thinning solution.
PRP Therapy for Hair
In PRP therapy, 20 to 25 ml of your blood is drawn into vials. These vials are then placed in a centrifugal machine and spun at high speeds. This separates the plasma and platelets from red blood cells. The plasma that is rich platelets is then removed and then once again agitated using the centrifugal machine, to extract a higher concentration of platelets. These platelets are used for the PRP Treatment.
In PRP for hair, the scalp is first stimulated to awaken the wound healing process. A topical local anesthesia is applied to prevent the patient from feeling any pain during the treatment. Then the prepared platelets are injected along the thinning hairline at small intervals. The treatment is repeated over a period of several months for the best results. Within a few months, you will begin to see the results, as hair fall reduces and new hairs begin to grow. This is because the growth factors stimulate hair cell growth and also lengthen the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle.
Hair growth cycles happen around 25 to 30 times over your life, ensuring continuous hair growth. Unfortunately, certain conditions like Androgenic Alopecia interfere with this cycle, shortening the growth phase and stretching out the resting or Telogen phase. Treatments like PRP therapy help by stimulating healthy hair growth and lengthening the growth phase of hair.

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