Monday 14 August 2017

Laser Hair Reduction Vs Waxing - What Should You Do?

Living with unwanted hair is a common problem women around the world face. Waxing is painful and something that many women don’t want to deal with.
Unfortunately, most women are tired of visiting the salon every month to get their body hair removed. Laser hair reduction offers a permanent solution. So, is it a better solution? Read on to know more.
Everyone understands what waxing is. It works by ripping the hair off your skin without affecting the roots. Hot wax or cold wax is applied on the skin and a cloth or strip of paper is placed firmly on it. It’s pulled in the direction opposite to the growth of hair. The wax comes out with the hair.
Laser hair reduction
In the case of laser hair reduction, a gentle laser light is made to target your hair follicles. This reduces the growth of hair from the roots.
Waxing or laser hair reduction - A thorough comparison
Ask any skin expert and they’ll say that laser hair reduction is a better option since it offers permanent results. Waxing leaves your skin hair-free for a few days while laser ensures hair reduction right from the roots. Moreover, there’s no side effect involved in laser therapy if you do it properly.
Laser hair reduction - Know your options
Kaya Skin Clinic’s Hair Free Gentle Touch Permanent Laser Hair Reduction has been designed specially for Indian skin. It makes use of advanced US-FDA approved laser technology that targets hair follicles without affecting the surrounding areas. A certified laser therapist will test your skin and understand its hair type and growth pattern. Initially, a small area of your skin will be tested to check skin sensitivity. The entire process is conducted under the supervision of certified therapists. Read Kaya Skin Clinic reviews to know more about this process.

On average, six sessions are required for permanent hair reduction. However, the hair growth pattern differs from person to person. This means that there is a chance that you might need more than six sessions. 

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