Monday 31 July 2017

6 Sun-Damage Facts You Need To Know

It’s a known fact that too much sun exposure damages your skin. Knowing some facts about sun damage can help you stay protected. This can mean the difference between having healthy skin, and getting sunburn, or worse, skin cancer.
1.     Sunscreen and vitamin D
Our skin synthesizes vitamin D when it’s exposed to the sun. However, that doesn’t mean exposing your skin to the sun for long hours is recommended. A few minutes under the sun is all you need to get the daily amount of vitamin D. Also, wearing sunscreen doesn’t stop your skin from producing vitamin D. All it does is protect you from harmful UV (Ultra Violet) radiation. Moreover, consuming milk, eggs, and fish can boost vitamin D levels.
2.     Technique of applying sunscreen is important
The way you apply sunscreen is important. Applying two coats doesn’t mean you’re multiplying the sun protection factor (SPF). Apply ample amount on all areas that are exposed to the sun. Apart from this, reapplying every two hours is important. This ensures that you’re protected all the time.
Base tan doesn’t offer the required protection
Base tan usually has an SPF of 4. That’s not enough to protect your skin from sun damage.
3.     Umbrella’s don’t protect from the sun
An umbrella isn’t enough to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun when you’re on the beach. Both the sand and water are good reflectors of UV rays. That means you’re still prone to sun damage, even if you’re under the umbrella. So, ensure that you always have sunscreen on.
4.     Sunscreens are safe
Many people think that sunscreens aren’t safe. But there hasn’t been anything linking health issues with the usage of sunscreens. In fact, it’s been proven that sunscreencan protect your skin from harmful effects of the sun, including skin cancer.
5.     Broad spectrum sunscreen
When buying a sunscreen don't just look for the SPF number. SPF offers protection against UVA. Make sure your sunscreen gives protection from both UVA and UVB. To do this, you’ll need a broad spectrum sunscreen.
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