Wednesday 3 August 2016

Youth Excell by Kaya: The road to Fresh, Glowing Skin

Had it with products that promise to improve skin health, but prove totally ineffective or even make matters worse? Try Youth Excell by Kaya, developed by leading dermatologists, that makes your skin look truly bright and youthful.
Youth Excell by Kaya for fresh, glowing skin

Taking care of my family and working for 6-7 hours took a toll on my overall skin health. To make matters worse, I had to step out into the sun at least twice a day, for my job. Gradually my skin started losing its lustre and suppleness. I was 24, but my skin definitely looked more like a 40-year old’s.

My friend noticed this and recommended Youth Excell by Kaya. I’m not the kind for elaborate and expensive skin healing procedures, which is why I just loved Youth Excellence. Come to think of it, it was kind of like having a spa in a bottle. 
What Makes Youth Excellence Special?
The skin is a living, breathing entity. And, like anything that lives, it has the ability to reverse the damage it takes from free radicals and stress.
Kaya Skin Clinic’s Youth Excellence targets the stem cells in order to increase the skin’s ability to regenerate skin cells. It uses extracts from Argan tree stem cells, which boost the skin’s capacity to regenerate. 
Youth Excell by Kaya

The end result is tighter, radiant, and youthful skin.
This dermatologically tested, safe, and hypoallergenic comes in three forms:
       Derma Collagen Intense Solution
This is the easiest way to restore skin; it’s rich in collagen that fills up the skin cells. This solution forms a shield over your skin by acting as collagen, consequently improving elasticity and hydration.
       Derma Stemness Reviving Serum
Derma Stemness Reviving serum contains Argan stem cells; together with liposome technology, it reaches the deepest skin cells to improve your skin’s ability to regenerate. As a result, this oil-free extract leaves your skin looking rejuvenated and firm.
       Derma Stemness Benefactor
The last entry on this list is a smooth, velvety cream that contains both stem cells and Argan tree oil. Its job is to improve regenerative capabilities and engineer a safe and protective enough environment for the skin cells to thrive.
These three products can completely transform the way your skin feels, giving it that youthful look every woman craves.

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